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  1. Apparently my pictures migrated from Facebook to here. For our show, no haze or other atmospheric effects were used, there are enough particles in the air for the light to reflect off of. For our fixtures, we only used them on weekends where there was no snow or rain, bring them in each night. For next year, we are currently planning on keeping them out all season using the Clay Paky Igloo Domes. Elation, Showtec, Tempest, and other brands make similar water resistant enclosures. As for which light to use, we demoed the following fixtures before deciding on the Clay Paky Sharpy (which uses a 189watt 5r lamp): High End Systems Showgun, Clay Paky Sharpy, Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700, Elation Platinum Beam 5r, High End Systems Shapeshifter, GLP Impression 240xl, Martin Mac III Profile, Martin Mac 2000 Wash (with beam kit), and the Martin MH3 Beam. Out of all of them, the Sharpy performed the best while using the least amount of power. It easily outperformed the Elation Platinum Beam and was a bit brighter than the MH3. I have paired up Sharpys against Chinese knockoffs in the past and there really is no comparison, you would need at least a 15r lamp if not a 35r lamp in the Chinese knockoff to compare against the Sharpy. Also, at least with the Chinese knockoffs I used, having the light go to the same position after a decent amount of use seems to be impossible, as they loose their positioning quite quickly. For using beams outside, also be aware that very saturated colors such as deep magenta, deep blue, or red will not show very well, stick to lighter shades of color and straight white. The prism effects also do not show very well. For those of you looking to rent fixtures, here are my recommendations to rent both Sharpys (or equivalent) and waterproof domes to go with them (varying location throughout the country). Remember that when renting lights, not only does it get very expensive very fast (average of 175$ per week per Sharpy and 200-250$ per week per water resistant dome), but liability insurance is almost always required. http://www.prg.com/ https://www.mainlight.com http://www.vls.com/ http://www.banditlites.com/ http://www.ag.tc/ https://starlite.com/ I hope this helps those of you looking to purchase or rent moving head fixtures in the future for your shows. Feel free to ask me any questions you have! Happy Holidays! -John Strycharz
  2. Unfortunately, no. All of the sequences are in Vixen 3 and Madrix 3. However, I can share those files if people would like me to. -John
  3. I guess it's better late than never. There are roughly 80,000 lights, 64 universes of DMX control, about 5000 pixels, sandevices pixel controllers, a mix of LOR, Lynx and Renard AC controllers, all controlled by Madrix triggered from Vixen 3. The track list is as follows: Gula- Deadmau5 Carol of the Bells- August Burns Red Amazing Grace(Dance Remix)- Yule What Child is This- Trans Siberian Orchestra Wizards in Winter- Trans Siberian Orchestra Thanks -John https://www.facebook.com/WethersfieldLights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tSNPfoCmu0
  4. I have used Madrix and GrandMA2 with Lightorama and other software for 2 years now. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions, i'll try my best to answer them. -John
  5. Well, this may be an over complicated way to control them, but its what I'm using. First off I use a dmx-midi converter that receives dmx signal from a enttec dmxpro (signal from LOR) and runs the midi to Madrix(for my LED displays) and then the same setup for light factory(for the intelligent lights). I then output a dmx channel that corresponds to a Midi note that triggers a scene or bin witch stays in synch with the music using a midi clock(1 block on for every beat 1,2,3, and 4) from LOR. The DMX output comes from another enttec dmxpro to my intelligent fixtures (2 so far more hopefully). I will link the programs, dmxpro, and dmx-midi converter bellow. I hope this helps -John http://www.lightfactory.net/?mPath=1 http://www.enttec.com/index.php?main_menu=Products&pn=70304 http://response-box.com/gear/decabox-dmx-to-midi/
  6. So I am going over the other options besides LOR for programing and was wondering if using a GrandMA would help. I would use lightorama to send DMX signals to the GrandMA to trigger cues/scenes and also Madrix for my pixels. I want to have a entre show each night and not have a song repeat all night so I need the fastest way to program a high number of channels and fixtures fast. Any input is appriciated. I will link the consol for refrence. Best regards John http://www.malighting.com/en/products/control/control/ma-lighting/grandma2-light/120112-grandma2-light.html
  7. If you just want one color than a simple flood light will do just fine (with an LED bulb). If you want it to change colors (rgb), than either the cosmic color floods or something like the aether from diylightanimation. You could also use one of the floods that ray sells like this one. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/10W-RGB-DMX-flood-light-DC12V-input/701799_550394253.html Hope this helps.
  8. The good part is that my neighbor across the street us up high on a hill so I have a great area for my lights to be aimed at. I have already asked her and she said it would be no problem. I would also limit the pan and tilt of the fixture so it would not go onto any of the neighbors houses.
  9. What do you think about adding 4-6 of these into a christmas show? I was going to add them on the overhang above my door and use a few haze machienes so that the beams could be seen in the air for a cool visual effect. These would need to be placed into a waterproof enclouser. Do you think it would be a good idea? Suggestions? A link to the fixture is bellow . Thanks John http://www.claypaky.it/en/products/sharpy
  10. If you are going the diy aproach (I am assuming you are) than the e682 is the way to go. Of you were looking at a comerical approach than the High End Systems Axon media server would better suit you. Hope this helps.
  11. Just for refrence, here is a link to the lighting TSO used in there 2007-2008 show. http://livedesignonline.com/concerts/trans_siberian_orchestra_2008_0101/ For your large trees, I would use something like this with a waterproof enclouser. http://www.usedlighting.com/15969/martin-mac-600-wash Hope this helps. Regards, John
  12. Correction there are 3032 channels
  13. I used madrix and about 400 pixels to achieve the effect.
  14. I finaly got arround to filming one of the songs and uploaded it to youtube. 16 channels of the blue ground grid were not working but everything else was perfect! There are about 2000 channels and almost 100,000 LED lights. Happy New Year!
  15. I am running renard and LOR together and what I did was load the dmx firmware onto the renard boards and then I just run them the same way I would run LOR controllers with small crossover adapters in the controllers.
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