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  1. pokietech34331

    W7 and USB dongle

    Hi E1 I am running W7 and for the life of me I cannot get the hardware utililty to see the USB dongle. I have re-installed the software ,tried different ports, tried manual setup ect ect ect. I tried The disc that came with the dongle but it didn't work either.I have tried the USB-485 with booster dongle and the standard tiny dongle and neither will work.Is there any software that is for W7 as the disc supplied does not got up to W7 only vista.Also W7 wants to install its only software. Not sure if thats a problem but I am at my witts end with it.Any help or suggestions would be greatly recieved. Thanks in advance David Kingaroy QLD Australia
  2. pokietech34331

    Christmas in Queensland Australia

    Hi I saw it some where in the web. I did copy some of it but It is made all by hand with led lights and a lor controller. Took about 3 weeks to design, blow up to scale, drill and hot glue in the led's. The quickest bit was programming it lol merry xmas David:D
  3. Hi E1 Here are 3 video links of our lights in AU. Sorry for the poor videoing I am no good at it. Merry Xmas everyone
  4. pokietech34331

    2.9.4 software and mp4

    Hi E1 Does LOR 2.9.4 play mp4 videos as it doesn't see it when I attempt to find an mp4 video? cheers David Australia
  5. pokietech34331


    Thanks heaps Steven. Will go and try them out on the weekend. Cheers David
  6. pokietech34331

    Storage for lights

    paultoole wrote: O.M.G. :shock: want to share some of those wonderful things over here
  7. pokietech34331


    Steven wrote: Thanks Steve , But dont forget that the led's are common +ve therefore only 1 +ve output from the module is used and the other 3 are -ve or common to all points on the module. This means to me that only 1 colour would light up I think. cheers David
  8. pokietech34331


    Hi E1, I have a few dc lor modules and this year I want them to run LED strips. Problem is the strips are common +ve, and have R,G,B as -ve. I have put all the modules into plastic boxes and use female rca connectors with the centre as +ve. All the led's I use have a rectifier at the begining of the string just in case I reversed the polarity on one of the rca plugs.My question is can I still plug the ribbons into the modules +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve and they would still fade,shimmer ect? many thanks David
  9. pokietech34331

    What's New in S3...

    Hi E1 I tried to look at the video but no go. What is a swf file, what do I need to see the video? thanks David
  10. pokietech34331

    Sharing my 2010 Sequences

    pm sent thanks heaps
  11. pokietech34331

    Show your face

    My wife Sonia and me David from Kingaroy Queensland Australia Attached files
  12. pokietech34331

    Water Fountains

    Come over here to QLD Aust. we have soooo much water here we have fountains everywhere..........under house, over house, over roads, through roads, everywhere!! we got to try and laugh about it or else we would shrivel up and die. (no pun intended) cheers from "Sunny" Queensland David
  13. pokietech34331

    2010 display in Kingaroy QLD Australia

    pokietech34331 wrote: Here is another link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tz6EWZGJvc Cheers David
  14. Just a short video of our display. Sorry for the poor videoing Cheerd David http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qkKHGSzJ1M
  15. pokietech34331

    Stuck channel - DC controller

    Hi Andrew, Hope it all goes well, its been pouring up here in Kingaroy too, we have had oner 3 inches in 2 days so I understand your problems. I had a dc controller that did the same thing. I found that it was the output transistor that has gone short circuit. I unsoldered it out and took it to our local tv repair shop and bought another 1 and put it in. I actually had about 4 that did that and found that it may have been too much of a load on it. Hope that helps mate. If you need any more help "PM" me with your phone no. and I will call you Cheers David Kingaroy QLD AU