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  1. Hi guys, I finally received the comm chip from LOR, popped it in and voila... I am back on track. Turns out that original comm chip was bad. Thanks for the guidance everyone and happy lighting.
  2. Adventure is my middleeeeee nawwmwnwndoqwbd... Maybe that was a bad idea idea
  3. TJ AHHH!!! My Multi is at my dads soooo no voltage checking this eve :-( I did receive a message back from LOR support and they are of the opinion that it is a bad comm chip. When plugged in for approx 10 minutes the transformer gets warm as well as the 5 volt regulator. LOR will be shipping me a replacement comm chip but in the meantime I still want to test voltage -- will post results. Dave - thanks for the reply. I have run into that issue before and now always plug both legs into known good power.
  4. Thanks TJ, I will check voltages when I get home and post. LED is oriented correctly -- double, triple checked.
  5. Hi guys, I have had this controller for awhile but JUST got around to assemblying it. I got it built but have NO status light and if I do a search with the HW utility I receive a comm error -- drivers are loaded and other controllers working fine with this Laptop also, fuses check out good and all connections are seated properly on the board. Any advice?? Thank You
  6. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! the LOR community is AWESOME and this is exactly the voice of reason I needed. I was really hung up on trying to get everything in place by T-day and couldn't get past that thought. Again, thank you for kick starting the epiphany. Logicon
  7. I have been SO busy this year that I haven't had ANY time to think about setting up a display let alone even start to sequence anything. :-( Couple this dilemma with a new house/location and I am freaking out...no time, there's time, I can do it, no you cant... HARRUMPH!! Just a few words of encouragement please.
  8. Thanks fo the info JB, maybe I will look at purchasing something rather than trying to build it myself.
  9. Hello all, I have been trying and trying to find a how-to regarding making my own LED light curtain. I want to throw a bunch of LEDs together attached to some type of cloth or rope and be able to show video on it. Please tell me if I am crazy, or if this can be a DIY project. I realize that I could just use a projector to get the same effect but projectors are not really built to be outside in the Iowa winters or even summers for that matter. ANY guidance is very much appreciated. Logicon
  10. I am SURE this has been mentioned before but...does anyone have LOR working with Linux? I am a huge proponent to open source software and would love to see LOR ported to an OS like Ubuntu or Mint. Ideally, LOR would install/run natively rather than using WINE or VirtualBox etc. Anyway, I LOVE LOR and will continue using it no matter what. Thanks for listening and sorry if this is a repeat inquiry.
  11. Ernie, A million thank yous to you and the rest of the members helping me sort through this. I really appreciate your knowledge and time. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. Ohhh, and I may have a few more questions in the future. Again thank you.
  12. Thanks gentlemen. So, If I am reading this correctly, all that I "should" need to do is ensure that I have a discharge path on the same circuit as the prop. Cant I just use a resistor rather than a C7? Should I be using two C7's? And finally, where are the C7(s)/resistor placed...prior to OR after the prop? I believe that I may be guilty of over-thinking this but I have never controlled anything other than lights and for some unknown reason I am having a issue with getting my head around this. :?
  13. Ok, after reading the pneumatics guide for beginners and looking at different controllers I still have a few questions. It appears that most if not all of the props within my friends haunt are AC driven sooo... 1) If I have a 110/120 VAC 11 Amp solenoid can I use my LOR box to trigger this without any further modifications? 2) What are the hurdles that I may need to overcome when powering AC props/cylinders/solenoids with LOR controllers? Sorry for being such a pain but I want to be 100% sure about this endeavor before I start hooking up potential box killers.
  14. Thanks for the links and insight. I will keep everyone updated on our progress.
  15. Hello all, I have been using LOR for about 3 years and am excited at the thought of incorporating my controllers into a home haunt that some of my friends run. I know virtually nothing about air cylinders etc and am hoping to get some rock solid guidance from ye wise sages. Does anybody have experience controlling kickers, low boys, can poppers etc etc?? If so, I am in need of some advice and direction when it comes to having LOR control these things. The aforementioned friends are NOT controlling within a DMX universe so I am assuming that DMX would not be required but could be used. I know that this is not a lot of info to go on but I am REALLY a noob when it comes to air. ANY help is much appreciated
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