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  1. A great spot for tips, and ideas but beware, they can be a little harsh at times if you don't do your homework. Don't expect anything to be handed to you. Those in the LOR know tend to want you to learn it yourself.
  2. You say they do not work. How so? Nothing at all, random lights? Need more specifics.
  3. I would like to add this to the show as well Sarge. Thanks in advance Mwhite7097@aol.com
  4. Checking the Export Macro Channel worked. Upgraded to the latest LOR Version and it exports with the Macro Channel checked for you. I guess I should upgrade more often but didn't want to just before we go live. It was pretty painless with Brian's guidance.
  5. Thank you for your help. Things are running smoothly now.
  6. After importing my new channel configuration to add CCR channels to my main sequences, I now need to export my SS sequences to the Sequence Editor but when I try to open SS, I get sent to the SE with a dialog box that says "unknown file extension". When I try to open SS from my desktop, nothing happens at all. Help please. It was working fine yesterday. Now it like its not there at all.
  7. In the configuration setup, what should be checked besides "Export Macro Channels"? Smooth Ramps or Export Raw Color Values? In the tutorial, it said to leave these alone. They are currently unchecked. Thanks Brian
  8. I will check that. I do have S4. The thing I am confused about is after exporting to the sequence editor, they play fine. When I take that LMS sequence and copy/paste to my regular sequence, that's when it gets garbled.
  9. I have exported my SS sequence into the sequence editor and it will run fine from there. I have the CCR tree set up and it looks great. When I copy it and paste to the show sequence with standard lights, the CCRs are all scrambled. If it plays fine as a stand alone, what am I doing wrong? I checked the configuration and everything looks ok. At my wits end.
  10. Yes I will change the order of the CCRs. I had given them what I thought was sequential order until I found out that "10" is not after "9" but after "0F". Odd way of doing it but not difficult to change. I am putting the CCRs at a much higher designation as I plan to add more 16 channel controllers every year. Oilmoney, I was doing 3 networks because it was suggested that any more than 6 CCRs with many morphs on a single network might cause some lag. I do have available USB ports and high speed adapters so I figured why not configure this way now and avoid any lagging problems. Some of my controllers wouldn't work with the high speed adapters so I am leaving them on their own network, if that makes any sense. Thanks for your help folks.
  11. I would love a copy. I haven't used this song yet over the last few years. Mwhite7097@aol.com
  12. Shawn I would love to have the 12 Days of Christmas and Linus and Lucy sequences. Most of my CCR sequences are done and were bought or created by pasting from purchased sequences. I also would feel weird about sharing sequences that I didn't create. Those 2 songs were going to be left out of the show this year because I would not have time to do them as I am in full set-up mode right now. It would be great to be able to have them in. You can email to Mwhite7097@aol.com. Thank you in advance.
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