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  1. I think you misunderstood me. My issue was NOT whether you were using it in your sequence or not. That is totally fine. It was the way you went about ACQUIRING the song. Circumventing the actual purchase of the song and downloading it for free via the site you used, THAT is what I had a problem with. "Getting a jump on the sequencing" does not justify making a pirated copy of the song. Sharing a YouTube video is NOT a violation of ASCAP either. If it were, music labels would NOT be posting their artist's songs on YouTube for the world to see and share! It is NOT a file sharing site! And if piracy and stealing was more to do with "profiting", tell that to the people who have been sued by the music industry for sharing pirated music. It has very little to do with "proffiting" and EVERYTHING to do with stealing from the music industries! ANY time a song is copied and shared with someone, even for "personal use", you are stealing from the music companies. Why do you think they are now working with ISPs to flag the sharing of copyrighted music EVERYWHERE! It's happening NOW! http://www.dailydot.com/news/copyright-alerts-system-six-strikes-primer-guide/ and http://www.dailydot.com/news/copyright-alerts-system-launch-six-strikes/ Besides, I'm NOT gaining anything from this. I'm just giving the artist, whom I know personally, some exposure.
  2. I HIGHLY do not recommend doing this, as it it PIRACY and stealing! If ASCAP found out you were doing this, they would stomp on you so quick and hard! I've been told FIRST HAND by a friend in the music industry that you do NOT want to mess with illegally copied/shared music. ASCAP likes to make examples out of the small "innocent" guys out there, and you could LITERALLY lose your home over it! They are VERY serious about his kind of stuff! My friend was VERY blunt, frank, adamant, etc. about the whole topic! If they knew people were sharing music with their sequences, they'd shut the whole Christmas light show industry down! NO JOKE! And "fair use" does NOT apply to sharing/pirating music! Be VERY careful what you do, and DEFINITELY don't publicize what you are doing! HOLY COW!
  3. Just found a REALLY awesome song to use for Halloween shows and thought I'd share it with you. You can download it on iTunes! Just search for Clay Layton in iTunes. I'm actually going to be contacting him (his dad is a client of mine) to see if he could mix up a shorter version, say about 2:30 or 3:00 min long. This song has LOTS of cool sequencing potential! Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNgfkXgr3BE
  4. You don't need the band's permission to use the audio if you are using it for your own personal use in your light show. It's called "Fair Use", and personal use, this in your video, is covered by it! Make the video public!
  5. Here's a video of my Jack-o-Lantern arch this past Halloween! On Halloween night, I had 15 teenagers dancing on my porch to it! LOL
  6. BrownOut wrote: In that case, just start with the video file. So all other features (chase, twinkle, fade, etc) will work but Beat and Tapper Wizard?
  7. Well, since I don't use the Beat Wizard or Tapper Wizard (I find they are NOT very accurate. Yes, even when I'm doing the tapping) this isn't going to be an issue for me. So, I guess the question from jimswinder still stands. Can't you just swap out the MP3 file with the video file when you're done sequencing? Wouldn't this eliminate the need to copy and paste the entire sequence into an new one with the video file?
  8. So where do I make the selection between full or windowed?
  9. I answered one of my questions. Both WMV and AVI videos DO work in LOR! YAY! Now I just need to know if the video pops up in a "window" when the sequence is played during a show....
  10. Ok. I have Sony Vegas, and use it regularly to edit the songs I use in my sequences. So, I'm good there! If I understand correctly, what you are saying is that I need to load a video file instead of an audio file when I'm creating a "New Musical Sequence"? Does it HAVE to be a .wmv file? Can it also be an .avi file? And to get around the loss of LOR features when using a video file I can just sequence to the MP3 version of the audio from the video, and then copy all the sequencing to the video file sequence. Do I have that right? Sounds pretty easy! My other question is this: When the show is up and running, and the sequence with the video starts, is the video playing FULL SCREEN on that second monitor, or in it's own "window" on the second monitor? Will there be any need for me to adjust the "window" size or, again, does it automatically come up FULL SCREEN? And, YES, I know the projector, or whatever, has to be on all the time.
  11. Nurples wrote: This is normal... Currently you can only have one channel per pixel. When you add another channel to the same pixel, it will be overwritten. Thanks for the info. I hope the update fixes that, because it's WAY ineffective/inefficient in it's current incarnation.
  12. I'm wanting to have a video projection synchronized to my music in my show this year. The video will have characters talking on it, so it needs to be sync'd with the music. How can I incorporate a video into my light show using LOR and have everything timed right? I've seen others do it, I just want to know how it's done.
  13. Count me in as a Beta Tester as well! I was trying to use the visualizer for the first time today, and realized that when you draw over one channel it covers it up so you can't see the one below it. This is quite a problem as I will be having floods overlapping and covering parts of the house that have lights, etc. Am I missing something here, or is this normal?
  14. heystew wrote: That TOTALLY makes sense to me. I just needed someone to clear up the fact that the basic LOR controls could be used to control a DMX device (using iDMX of course). THANKS a TON!! Now, all I need to know is what kind of yoke light is suitable, and what manufacturer folks usually go with. I also want to know how they hold up in below freezing temps in an enclosure. That would be nice as well. Oh, and do you guys bring in your yoke light every night so vandals don't run off with them?
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