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  1. Id love a copy also. fisch420@hotmail.com
  2. could you also send me a copy, THANKS!! fisch420@hotmail.com
  3. ok so I was playing around with the servodog last night, i don't know what it even is I updated the id on servo dog and now I can only find 1 controller on hardware unit id's, and it's named weird What did I mess up in servo dog to do this. I'm lost and NEED help. show is suppose to start tonight!!
  4. Here is the message I get when trying to open unknown file extesion I also tried to open it with word pad and change the version, but I didn't see anything about which version it is and it wouldn't let me open it in XML editor.
  5. I tried to upload it, but it wouldn't let me can I send it to you?
  6. If I send someone a S3 file can they convert it to a S2. I'm running 2.9.4 and I can't seam to open the file someone has sent me. Any help would be great!!!!!
  7. Thanks Bob. That worked out good. What the new things 3.0.2 has over the older version?
  8. I was using version 2.7.6 Then I downloaded 3.0.2 I don't have a licence to use that new version. I tried to reinstall the older version and it wouldn't let me. I just get a message that I am using the newest version. Does anyone know how to reload the older version?
  9. I also agree, with my purple ceramic C-7's, it's very hard to see the shimmer. A speed control would come in handy,
  10. To Answer your question: My favorite would be Reflections of Earth!!
  11. PaulXmas wrote: That's the kind of job I'm looking for!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I sign up?
  12. George Simmons wrote: Oh, I've done that also, took me 30 min to untangle the 15 ft of extension cord from the blades of the snowblower!!
  13. While giving the grass a final cutting for the year, I kinda forgot about one of the Halloween decoration extension cords. Has anyone of you done this before? Attached files
  14. Can you take a pic of the mini trees on in the dark, and post it. What's the length (top to bottom) of the wrapped with lights portion of the easels?
  15. timmy wrote: I wish I had 4 channels left!!! LOL
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