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  1. No.Still not fixed even after a reload of 3.8.0. I really liked that tool and want it back. Maybe 3.9.0 will fix it but I'm not putting much faith in it as it appears tehere is very little concern that my version of the software comes with very little support.
  2. Well I've cleared the area and it still doesn't work on my programming computer and my show computer.
  3. I downloaded the latest software 3.8.0 and the chase tool is not working. Is anybody else having this problem?
  4. I just found the problem. If you are running Norton 360 or other computer protection> I just had a popup from my Norton advising of a mass injection web attack and in the description it says lightorama .com/support matches the signatiure of a known attack. It shows it as a High Alert.I think before I tuen off Norton to download this file Lightorama should run a scan on their software and server.
  5. seems like there is a serious problem with this release. I too have tried 7 or 8 times to download the file and it stops before it is complete. Was the software even tested or is it corrupt.
  6. There was another no other number just the one I quoted and there was no other identification attached to the part. I do have a multi meter but it is not a Fluke and the one I have may not be sensitive eenough to provide auch a small reading. T o the electronically challenged it is frustrating when there are part substitutions that are not shoen on the substitution list provided. The transistors are also a different number last digit on the assembly drawing is 2 and the ones provided end in 3. If i had done this wwhen I was writing Tech Bulletins for a Military Contractor I would have been fired.
  7. The kit parts list calls up capacitor "CO"maekd as 104. The only small capacitor lest is marked K5M. Is thiis the same part?
  8. Does anybody know how to put S3 software onto a second computer when the original was purchaed as a download?
  9. I have the hino 5200 but had too much trouble getting the heat shrink tubing cassette for it so I also have a Brady BMP21 and most electrical supply houses have the heat shrink cassettes for them. Both units work really well.
  10. Has anyone heard when more PC 16 kits are going to be available. They have been showing out of stock since Christmas
  11. Just checked pay pal and the order is pending waiting for lightorama to confirm shipping.
  12. Just the pay pal information, and it confirmed my order but there is no update on shipping status.
  13. Dan Made a statement in his update page that he is not honoring. If you make a policy you should stick to it. Obviously someone in purchasing was not going their job to follow up with suppliers when shipment dates were missed. I will be making a phone call tomorrow to find out why my shipment date was missed
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