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  1. I am going from 224 to 304 channels this year. Are there any issues I need to know about when the channel count gets this high? My computer is a 1998 XP. 1MB RAM.
  2. Could I get one also? tigermike82@hotmail.com
  3. Reversing did not fix. Is there a picture of which part is the triac? I am handy with a soldering iron.
  4. I have a CTB16 and 1 channel stays on at maybe 20%. It fades up and down fine and it turns on and off when called for but it never goes to zero. Any help?
  5. I have 6 songs. I cut them to 2 to 2.5 minutes a piece. Someone said too short of a show and people get bored. I think the exact opposite. Who really wants to sit in front of a house in a running car with 3 kids for over 30 minutes? Not me. I want to see what you have done for 10-15 minutes and move on to another display.
  6. Yes, unit ID is set. It worked during testing. All I have to do is unplug it from power and the controllers downstream work. Plug it in, all channels come on and no LED status light and nothing downstream works.
  7. All channels stuck on, no LED status light and all controllers hooked up after this one will not work unless it is unplugged. Any help?
  8. Be careful. I bought lights from a very popular vendor only to find that the lights seem to twinkle when dimming. It is a common problem even with full wave "fully dim-able" led's. The vendor said he had never heard of the problem but the topic is discussed here often. I ended up having to make snubbers to get them to work properly.
  9. I don't know if this is possible or not but you asked and I will offer. I rebuilt my mega tree this year with LED's so my old one is available. 16 channel white, 12 channel spiral, and 16 channel red. It is in Kansas city, you would have to pick up today or tomorrow. It is still mounted to the pole and is 14 feet long. Forgot to mention it is free for the taking.
  10. MikeA

    First time poster!

    I hope it was not the Whole House transmitter from LOR. If it was, return it ASAP and search the forum for better transmitters. I use a Mobile Black box and have been 80% happy with it.
  11. MikeA

    First time poster!

    Sharing sequences is legal. Sharing audio is not. What songs are you looking for?
  12. There is nothing like having 100 vehicles show up for your show. How about 10,000. Avoid the media.
  13. Remember, some don't sequence to the beat. They don't even know what beat is. So being off by a second or 2 or spot on probably won't make a difference.
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