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  1. I did not see it, checked junk. Could you try again?
  2. Can I get the LMS file for the tree? tigermike82@hotmail.com
  3. Do you have this for a 16 string CCR tree?
  4. That's because you are using 4.3.36 which requires firmware 1.04. I am using 4.3.18. Anything after 4.3.34 requires the new 1.04 firmware. Learning as we are going. Yes, they are working and I am happy.
  5. Problem solved. It must have been loaded from the factory with the newest firmware 1.04. I am using 4.3.18 by your recommendation and it needed older firmware 1.03. Thank you for responding. Go Chiefs!!
  6. Nope, still found "1 unit, 30 - Unknown Device ??"
  7. Ummm...I was experiencing problems It won't recognize the unit as a pixi 16
  8. I did all dip's in off, I also updated the firmware
  9. I am stuck at step 12 it found the unit, I changed it to #30 and it says "Unknown Device" How do I make it know it's a pixi 16?
  10. I do not use SS yet. I don't want the learning curve right now. Maybe next year but this year getting the 16 CCR's running is all I can handle. That and completely changing my layout to accommodate the 16 CCR tree.
  11. I have a 16 CCR tree I want to set up for Halloween with just scary images and such to play on a loop with no music. Does anyone have something like this?
  12. I know but this computer is not online and has been running my lights for 10 years.
  13. I got 4.3.18 to work so I'll just go with that.
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