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  1. I am having some unique issues with my lights. I have all my lights plugged in correctly. When I am testing my lights, I will turn on Unit #1, channel #3, the lights plugged into Unit #3, channel #1 turn on. When I turn on Unit #3, channel #1, Unit #3 channel #1 come on like they are supposed to. I also have it when Unitl #1 channel #1 turns on, Unit #3 channel #15 turns on. What is going on!!!! Just a note, I have one network connection that may be loose.
  2. I have one sequence when I run it with my mini director it gets way off, but when I use my PC it's good. Any ideas?
  3. I don't think they are. I just got them on the last sale, but they look almost identical to the ones I got last year.
  4. I have a couple issues. I had some bad network cables. Fixed that today. I found two of my controllers, the LED's were not lit. I also notice a smell. I brought one of the controllers in to the garage and the fuses are intact, but I noticed the label on the power supply is melted. I had tested this one prior to installing it in the enclosure. I didn't test afterwards, everything went together very well. I noticed the same smell in the other enclosure. Unfortunately that one has three controllers in the enclosure and is pretty committed to its location.
  5. I played with it last night. I have a couple of new cable issues, but I also have one new controller that I tested prior to mounting it in the box that doesn't seem to work at all. I have another that the LED doesn't work, but looks like the controller works, and finally, I either have some programming issues or I marked cords wrong.
  6. So if I have one messed up cable in the group, will it mess it all up? The first three controllers are connected using the same cables I used last year.
  7. OK, I took my laptop out and plugged it directly into the 1st controller with a network cable I know works. Nothing changed. Then, I disconnected that controller from the rest. Used the Hardware utility and then the controller connected. As soon as I connected the rest of them, the LED just kept blinking.
  8. I have 9 controllers. I use the minidirector to play the show. I ran a test show and the music plays, but the sequence wont run. I checked the first controllers and last in the series. They all have blinking lights. I haven't gotten to the middle controllers yet. Any idea what would cause this?
  9. I want my nativity to stay lit once my show is done. I stop my show around 10pm, but I want my nativity to stay on until midnight or later. I am thinking of doing this with the triggers. I have a couple questions. If I want show 1 to keep repeating, do I need the circuit closed the entire time? Or does it just need a short connection and it will continue until a change? I am worried about burning it out if I keep it powered too long. Next is powering the director. If it stays powered all night will that hurt it?
  10. Things have turned out pretty good. LOR is sending me a new 8 pin socket to replace the one I broke. I found a solder bridge, and I hadn't cut the triac pins on the bottom. They were touching the low powered heat sinks. I then just took some more time and hit the solder joints that looked questionable. Retested everything and I now have three of the four controllers up and running. Thank you to LOR and everyone for the help!
  11. OK, I have ordered the license. Now, can I install S3 and keep my other version still on my computer? I just want to make sure I don't have any issues with using the new software.
  12. Does anyone know, can I just renew my current license? I want to upgrade to S3. I was up to date until the new version came out.
  13. OK, not sure if it was divine intervention, or just luck, but I tested the lights again tonight. Now they all work. One of them, had both the 8 and 20 pin Dip not tight. The one that popper the breaker worked perfectly tonight. I will still need a replacement 8 pin socket, will contact LOR tomorrow. So, here is my next question. I don't really want to make up outlets just for testing before I mount them in the box. I used my voltage meter tonight and they seemed to work, except one. I have one channel that does not power like the others. When all the others at 100% give me 122volts, this one gives me 20volts. Any ideas? I am also interested in testing methods. I have thought of making a board with 16 C-7 lights on it and have clips or spade plugs on the cords. I would really like to know what others are doing.
  14. Let's see if I can add more information. 1) Call/write to LOR and ask for a replacment 8pin plug.. Do you have a de-soldering bulb? Solder Wick? Solder Wick looks like copper braid, sold on a small spool.. place it on the solder pad, heat it with the pencil, the braid should suck up the solder, allowing you to remove the 8pin plug. I emailed them and am waiting for a reply. I have an have already used my de-soldering iron. 2) The Unit that pops the breaker.. does it blow as soon as its plugged in? Which side, banks 1-8 or 9-16? Does it blow the boards fuse or trip the house breaker? Are you absolutely sure you plugged the correct spade lugs onto the correct tabs? Black -> Hot White -> Neuterals Green -> bolted together/grounds? If it trips the house breaker, it tells me the cord is shorted, or the tabs the cord is plugged into are shorted to ground.. If you can isolate which side blows the breaker (banks 1-8 or 9-16), you will have to take the board out of the case (if it's already in), turn it over and reeeeeally inspect it for solder bridges (solder traces that are shorting out multiple pads) on that side of the board.. at least it'll be isolated to that half.. You will need a magnigying glass and strong, bright light to look over the board. I used the correct lugs. I first just plugged in the left side. Nothing happened. Then I plugged in just the right. Then I plugged them both in. It instantly popped the house circuit breaker. I did not try it a second time. I used my magnifying lense to look at the solder joints. I did not see any issues. (not sure I know 100% what a "Bad" joint looks like. 3) For the one that worked, but wont now.. any blinking LED at all? Once a second? 2-4/sec? Nothing at all? Have you downloaded the Troubleshooting Guide? http://www.lightorama.com/Documents/Kit_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf Go to the second page, third bold line down: Board is powered and not connected to PC but LED does not light at all When I first plugged it in, (Both Sides) the LED blinked. Tonight, nothing. I checked all the lugs. I got 120v on each side at all the neutrals. When I 1st plugged it in, LOR is reeeeeeally good about standing behind their kits, fixing/replacing them in warranty.. I've found none better!! I probably cant help before Halloween, but if you cant get it fixed, I can probably swap one of my boards for one of yours to fix for Christmas. I have always heard of the excellent service at LOR. I have found this year, they are pretty slow to reply. I have emailed three questions to them. Each took to the end of the next day to get a reply. The question I am asking now, is the same I asked last night. They did not get back to me today. That's why I have asked three different forums. I have no doubts about the quality LOR puts out. I have total faith in them. Wish I could say the same about me. I will work on getting High Resolution pictures, but it may not be until Sunday.
  15. I ended up assembling my controllers this year. 1 of four are working. I broke the 8 pin plug on one, one pops the breaker when I plug in both sides, and the last one powered up last night, but tonight, it wont. I have no idea where to start. I really wished I would have bought the controllers assembled. If anyone has any ideas to help me, I would greatly appreciate it!
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