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  1. Hi All, I really like the idea of a E1.31 network so I've been researching what I would have to do. I'm revamping my show next year so now is a great time to make the transition. To run an E1.31 I would need to set all my LOR controllers to DMX mode, then run cat 5 from my computer to a switch. From the switch I would run a cable to an E682 to control my 16 string pixel tree. From a different port on the switch I would run cable to my LOR cmb24s. Is that correct? If I use 5v pixels, will the E682 power them or will I have to add a power source? Does the power source connect to E682 or directly to the strings. Thanks all!!
  2. DUH!!! I knew when I posted this it would be something silly like that... Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
  3. Hi All, I purchased 2 CMB-24Ds in the sale last week. I tried to add them to my current channel configuration so I can move things around, but I can't figure out how to add them. I can add 16, 32, and 64 channel LOR devices, but I can't figure out how to add a 24 channel device. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Everyone! Planning to go to smart pixels next year and I'm trying to decide between CCP and the DIY route. Has anyone used the DC-MP3 board to control a show with an E1.31 universe? Thanks!
  5. Man, no edit.....I used them in 2011 will use them again in 2012. There!!!
  6. I used them this year. They looked pretty good. Sorry I forgot to make a video but I'll be using them again this year.
  7. I left mine out inside a tupperware container. I live in the desert so moisture isn't a huge problem.
  8. I hope this isn't a stupid question but is there a way to start playback from the visualizer screen? When I go back to start the song in the sequence editor I miss the first couple of seconds of playback. I'm working on an older laptop without a lot of spare screen real estate. Thanks!
  9. Look like it was all in great shape. Thanks again!
  10. Everything arrived on Saturday. Thanks!!
  11. How did you build those? What did you use to mount the board? Thanks for the info!
  12. Sorry if that sounded like "sour grapes". I don't mean to come off as rude. I like LOR and I'm grateful Dan gave us a heads up about up coming hardware. For me, I've got a MP3 Director now and I'm just trying to budget the controller buys this year. Once again, sorry if I came across strong in my last post.
  13. No updates? Hmmmm.....I guess it's not quite ready for primetime.
  14. Can we get some info on the changes coming to the new MP3 director? Thanks!!
  15. Great info!! And thanks for the pics and links to a power supply!
  16. aaron wrote: Not dumb at all...I'm in the same position and can't wait to hear the answers you get.
  17. rwertz wrote: MAN!! You guys are going to make me spend more money!! I guess I'll have to work this out. Looks like my "small steps" into RBG this year are turning a bit bigger. :shock: Now to convince the better half!
  18. rwertz wrote: GREAT!! But can you configure it to act this way though tracks in S2. It would be great to be able to switch between control of the string and control of the bulbs in a single song. Can it be done?
  19. I guess one of the other major issues for me would be trying to program over 300 RGB channels....If S2 can group them together for at least some of the time, I might be able to deal with it. I can barely handle the 48 channels I currently have. I'm not a good sequencer!! HMMMMM much to ponder.
  20. I like the bulbs, but I thought they would need the controller. Paul: I like the looks of the strips, but if I order the amount I would need to run my roofline, I would need 64' (20 meters) which would cost $157. For about $50 more I could get a dual string CCB and cover the same space with more control. The question is do I need more control I guess. How many feet do you have? How many sections are you broken into?
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