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    I wanted to do something special for my family. My brother was home from deployment which meant we'd all be together for Christmas. I learned about lighting software by researching online and chose LOR due to their good customer and user support base... and annual sale prices! I decided on a simple 10 ft mega tree synched to a few songs and surprised my family with its 'grand opening' on Thanksgiving night. You see, we had a lot to be thankful for as we anticipated the start of the Christmas Season.
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  1. I've had this CCB for maybe a year and a half and it's never been used in a display (trying to get familiar with how rgb works and all). I was planning on using it as a last minute addition to the Halloween display this year, and I probably still will, but it has a minor issue. In one of the bulbs, the green light is barely coming on. It is responsive to all commands, just not bright. Not too big of a deal, but it drastically changes some of the colors I'm trying to achieve. In HU, I tested it to see what percentage of r and b was needed to make a fully lit g make a white bulb. I think it was somewhere around 20-30%! Is there a possible simple fix to get the green light to be as bright as it should be or will it need to be shipped for repair? Thanks!
  2. I really appreciate your suggestions. I haven't been online much so I didn't see your posts until today. I have not done anything with my controllers yet. One board is being used in the display and the other is awaiting my decision to attempt to repair or to contact LOR. This may become a snow day project. I will have to decide after practicing on something Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your reply. I don't think this will be an easy fix either. I had to use this board to finish setting up, it just has to be at the end of the chain. I will contact LOR about it, but it might have to wait until take-down day. I don't really want to have to dive into the rat's nest of wires since I've already done it twice in the last few days.
  4. I had 2 controllers which needed a new cat5 port. I had trouble getting all the solder out on both and also had 2 pins break off and were 'stuck' in one of the controllers. After several people tried various ways to desolder and open the holes, we finally got them open by using a heat gun and heating small screwdriver type punch tools. One controller's new port is working and the other is not. The nonworking port is the one that had the pins stuck in it. After soldering the new port in 3 times and it still didn't work I found that 2 of the green board connections (top 2nd and 4th from left, looking at the underside of the board) have been partially stripped. This is definitely not anything I can fix, but I wondered if anyone may know how to do it or if LOR can fix this. The board itself still functions and I'm still going to use it since I do have 1 cat5 and the other smaller port to daisy chain. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  5. Is there a way to run DMX from the MP3 Director unit? I'm not looking to run rgb devices, but actual dmx stage lighting units. Thanks.
  6. With my previous post I did not mean to offend you. I should've clarified a little better. I started this thread after searching the forums for info and didn't find anything, which I was very surprised by since this forum is very active and its members are very creative. I didn't know to use dogpile, so I thank you for that suggestion. The next time have a question I will use it first before posting a new thread. I research my questions first and if I cannot find answers, I ask. I'm sorry I offended you.
  7. Ok, thanks! I did use the search function and it brought up almost nothing. I can't imagine that for as active as this forum is and as creative as its members are that no one thought this (fountains) up before me or posted about it! I will have to try your search method next time.
  8. So are they battery operated lights? I can't imagine it would be easy to run that many extension cords to the pasture to plug sheep into the wall! You don't happen to know anyone I could but about 100 lambs from would you? Thanks for the links (and the entertaining video). I figured there was info around these boards somewhere, I just didn't know where to look.
  9. I'm thinking about some things to add to my future project list and this came to mind. What is needed? Use a small body of water or are buckets sufficient to recycle the water? What do I need to know about water pumps/amps/ water pressure, etc. LOR network vs DMX universe? Are DIO or servos needed to control motion? I'd like to make various kinds of fountains, controlling their height/swaying or spinning. How can these be made at a quality that gives a good bang for the buck? How do you make spinning fountains without twisting the hose? Of course, adding lights to them is no problem; got that covered Although tips on waterproofing them might be helpful. Any info would be helpful! Thanks!
  10. BOOYA!!! After how much research, I finally found more specific instructions for my fogger's dmx remote timer: http://www.americandj.com/pdffiles/FS-DMXT%20Remote%20Timer.pdf Boy was this helpful! My fogger is now responding LOR's DMX signal (via DMXKING ultraDMX micro)!!!!!!! It was a matter of learning this is a TWO channel device, NOT one channel like the directions said, and learning what dmx intensity to program into LOR for which channel. Now if I could only get the fogger to stop when I click stop in SE! Nonetheless, I can now at least work with this. Now please excuse me while try to find my way to my alarming smoke detector....
  11. A few things come to mind, hopefully one will help you. I get a lot of those msgs myself and sometimes I'm not sure why. Sometimes all I have to do is unplug the usb and put it in again. Are you plugging it in to the same usb port? That does matter, but auto configure will look in other ports for it. Another thing I'd try is closing HU and reopening it with the dongle plugged in. HU will tell you if it can't find the dongle when you open it. If you have Sequence Editor open and it is using the port (control lights is checked on) HU will not be able to access it. So closing SE might fix your port issue, if it doesn't, try rebooting HU. Hopefully this helps you! Keep us posted so we can help you get your display up and running!
  12. I thought there was a way to do this, but I haven't figured it out. I have a song which goes directly into the next song on its album, but as a single file, it stops a bit abruptly. I was wanting to add the second song and cut all but the first second or two out of it so my song doesn't sound chopped at the end. I have Advanced license, so is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  13. Ok, so after doing some research to find out if this machine is a 1 or a 2 channel unit, I have found the remote timer for sale, stating it would turn the unit into a 2 channel dmx unit. This is different than the directions that came with the fogger, which came with the very same remote timer! Ugh! Go figure! So it says channel 1 controls fog output (density) and channel 2 controls interval duration. How do I program an interval into SE? I'm thinking channel 2 is the one I want to be on when I want the fogger to fog. And if I want 100% fog output 'intensity' do I set the intensity (channel 1) for 512 or 100 in SE? I think I'm finally getting a little closer to getting this all figured out. Boy those instructions were horrible....and incorrect!
  14. My pc and lor both see dmxking. I have tried all possible network settings and lor finds it every time, including non-enttec settings. So I'm not sure why my fogger is not responding to the signal. Like I said in my previous post, I'm going to see if I can get it working with mydmx since the fogger was manufactured by the same company. Maybe it's the channel setup? I've not had the chance to sit and play with it yet....
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