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  1. All of my current sequences are either shared from here or purchased. If my life depended on setting my own timing up I would be dead. (The beat wizard is no help to me) I....just...can't....do....it. So, with that said, all of the sequences that have been sent to me or I have purchased have been severely modified for my display or 'gutted' as I just really need the timing. Some day I hope I can nail the timing and know what it feels like to create my own 100% all me sequence. I've always felt a little small about using other peoples work and now reading this thread makes me feel like a complete worthless "parasite" because I'm using other peoples work, truth be told. My shortcomings with creating my own sequences have kept me from using CCR's as well.
  2. I was going to shut it down but all the neighbors still have their lights no. I didn't turn my on until Dec. 10 though. I have a controller that needs to get sent in for repair though
  3. Will run it that weekend. Who knows when I'll be able to tear it down. I Am scheduled to work 7 days a week starting 12/27 until Easter .
  4. Is that at your main location in E-town? I definitely know it's not the Biglerville location
  5. I won't even mention how long it's taking to build a Holdman Star......Hint: It wouldn't be practical to measure it in weeks
  6. I've considered this as the next step, but honestly, I will not have the time to do it. I'm trying to get time off of work so I can even put out my regular display. Working 70 hours a week over 3 jobs has me stretched too thin. If I knew for a fact that getting the same transmitter that George has will work, I'd rather do that. I'm now sure what the difference between the CZE (mine) and CZH (His and others) really is.
  7. I jokingly have said I should have bought a whole house turd instead of this. The transmitter is essentially on a 2nd floor window sill as we have a bi-level home. See the windows above and to the left of the door. That is where it is.
  8. For what its worth, I have the CZE-05B and it cannot match the performance of my now dead MBB-V6000 even though that was in mono. It took a telescoping antenna for the V6000 to reach the road. The CZE-05B has the rubber ducky one and it barely goes 20 feet past my front window. I'm hesitant to buy a CZH-05B with the rubber antenna for fear of the same problem. Why would I see an improvement with the "H" over the "E"?
  9. Thanks, I was afraid this would be the answer. Can anyone else reaffirm this?
  10. Does the sequences need to be run by a PC/Laptop or could the MP3 director be used?
  11. Yes, tried booting the pc up that way days ago. FYI, the external HD was connected to this pc as well. The flash drive was sitting on top of the pc case.
  12. Raid-1 config. Machine won't boot of course. Can't access the drives using a dock either. The one drive is unreadable and the other is in RAW format. When I get more time, I need to see if I can convert it.
  13. My Raid setup went south, plugged my WD passport in to my other pc and it can't be read and finally put in my flash drive that had last years stuff on it and that is corrupt now as well. 3 strikes, I'm farked.
  14. So, I'm assuming a bad triac...Especially since a snubber worked this whole time until 19 hours ago..
  15. Similar issue came up for me tonight. A couple of years ago I had trouble most of my LED lights doing the same thing and a very kind soul from the board sent me finished snubbers and I employed them with great success. I'm at work and my wife calls me and says the one peppermint stick is on. I ask her to go out and see if the snubber is on it. Sure enough it is so I ask her to grab the spare snubbers and try them. She tries 7 others and none of them turn the peppermint stick off. So I tell her there is a Glade plugin still in the box hidden in the closet. Try that one out. She plug the Glade plugin in and the peppermint stick goes out instantly. No Idea why the snubbers failed to work after all this time but the Glade plugin works. FYI, the plugs are elevated 6 inches off of the ground.
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