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  1. I would love a copy of the smooth crimminal if you are willing to share.Thanks so much partell@sbcglobal.net
  2. Thanks for all the help guys! I have my singing face up and running.I have Thriller almost done wish I had other songs but I guess this will do.
  3. Excellent information! I have not run a show in 5 years .I sorta over did it and burned myself out.The last year I did it we had a ice storm and it was the first year for the huge mega tree with LEDs .The weight of the ice was pulling everything down.I noticed around christmas the LEDs started doing a weird flicker thing on the mega tree when it was spinning.I am not sure if water was playing a factor or the LEDs I had did not like the constant off and on? The rope lights you mentioned Sax can they handle all the effects? And did you order the extra plugs from them? Thank you guys so much for all your help
  4. Thx I think I have a good idea how to start.
  5. You guys using led or regular rope lights? Thx
  6. . Thanks Doug !I run a small business myself and we are working 6 days a week also so I can relate.
  7. I would do the framed delites if I could get it soon. Bummer Anyone with a thriller sequence with 7 channel pumpkin?
  8. Other question any good place to get Cuttable rope lights? Thx again guys for all your help
  9. Does anyone have any pictures or videos of the design of the face? Thx
  10. I know this has been probably been covered a hundred times.I normally do christmas shows but going to try halloween out this year,but running out of time.I am looking for some solid advice on making a singing pumpkin face out of rop lights. I assume this is the best route? I see people making the frames out of PVC? How many channels are needed? Any good places to get materials ,lights etc ?Does anyone have a pictures of making one? And would anyone be as nice to share a Thriller sequence for it? I know this is a lot to ask but any help would be awesome.This would make a lot of kids in the neighborhood happy! Thanks Bob
  11. I was wondering what type of box do you use .I have been told that the plastic box would be okay ,my concern was the high power heat sinks
  12. I am thinking about ordering the 16kd build it your self kit from LOR I know you have to order the plugs seperate but I noticed that they do not offer a box to install the board .I know they sell the plastic box for the ctb16pc .I was wondering if anyone had any advise on this or a model of a box that this board would fit into with out to many mods. I would just buy the ctb16pc kit ,but i kinda want to stick with the same board as the show time controller i ordered. I also was wondering if I could use the showtime starter set i ordered as guide if I had any trouble with the placement of anything, I assume its the same board?If anyone has any advise that be great.
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