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  1. Sorry, but I thought I answered all the pm messages but every thing except the singing tree quartet has been sold
  2. Well, all I know is that there all sold and I listed them Saturday afternoon Thanks for your reply
  3. I have singing tree quartet on coro , talking Santa and Rudy on coro, and all wired and framed ready to go 8- Gen3 LOR controllers with 2 Dangles each (to attach cat 5 cable) used only 2 seasons These were built by LOR and warranted by them Complete Mega Tree kit sold by Christmas Light Show Approx 200 C9 Strobes on C9 SPT strings and never used spares Red and White Candy Canes that could be used to attach in the ground or made into spinners Bethlehem Star W/ Lights 5 - 30" LED Snowflakes Incandescent....
  4. The controllers I looked at the LED's were solid green but it was raining to hard to stay out there too long last night and check out tall of them so tonight when I got home I started the show and all but 2 were working again but the controller was solid green but after spraying the cat5 contacts to make sure there wasn't corrosion I noticed my LOR 50W floods weren't working and the lights hooked to that controller weren't working if I unpluged the cat5 going to the controller from the floods and the lights started to work now I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the floods i sw
  5. Just rebooted the computer and that didn't work any other things to try?
  6. My show and lights have been on and working great for a week and tonight the lights quit blinking and flashing.........I checked and i have power to the controllers my pixels are working but all the led lights that are controlled by CTB16PC units aren't working and I have 10 controllers and can't figure out how all stopped working at the same time .The show is playing on t he computer and I can hear the music on the car radio but NO lights and I don't k now know where to go next .......could it be the USB485B went bad also I'm using both cat5 ports on the unit know and have 2 feeds one to ea
  7. Yes .........And I made sure that the com listener is on ....Going to check out my cat 5 cables
  8. I did exactly as you said and it worked guess I'm just slow in understanding this stuff, anyway I have E131 configured............thanks Now I have another issue using this might sound crazy but when Itry to play the show from enable schedule or on demand all I get is the video for the sequence (use LOR with my sequences to project a video) BUT all that comes up is the video and no sequencer and the LED's and the pixel tree don't light...More help sure would be appreciated Thanks again Jim
  9. I did select none and checked e131 then selected my channels and when I save I still get the adapter conflict seems like something is not saving or over writing what I do........I didn't have this problem with windows 7.could it be a Win 10 issue
  10. I had to replace my old computer and now I have a Win 10 machine ...I installed LOR ver 4.4.4 pro and I am trying to set up E 131 for my pixel tree which uses 37 universes ....there are 32 string of 50 pixels when I go into net. preferences to set up DMX I choose none for the adapter and select 1.31 and proceed to set up my universes and I change the address for each controller but when I say to apply I get an DMX adapter conflict ,,,,,,,it says 2 universes are using the same adapter Universe 1 and universe 2 are using the same adapter A80082fy ..........I didn't have t
  11. Great.........Mine are LED Would you please send me a copy of Rockin around the Christmas Tree............I sure would appreciate it My email is gmerd@zoominternet.net
  12. Hi: Do you happen to have Rockin around the Christmas by Brenda lee?
  13. This year I have had probably the worst time separating the vampire connections and I also used and flat head screwdriver to get them separated, a few were so hard that one of the male plugs came out of the socket. I was wondering if dipping the male ends in die electric grease or Vaseline before connecting the would make them easier to separate them........Any thoughts on that?
  14. If it isn't too late I sure would love to have a copy If your still sharing........thanks in advance Gmerd@zoominternet.net
  15. I was wondering if you would do a 4 tree quartet for me to the song "You make it feel like Christmas" by Gwen Stefani
  16. I purchased 4 used ells and checked them out and they worked, I also updated the firm ware and set them to run at 115 speed but I started the show last night and have seen a very noticeable lag especially in the singing trees I had been using ells before but not these, can anybody help? I checked out everything I could think of and I'm stuck...
  17. Thanks for the reply, One last question what is the approx spacing between the cans? I'd like to do that project for this Christmas but I'm afraid I might OD on caffeine to get enough cans to do my front yard LOL. I think coffee only comes in plastic containers now, do you think the effect in those plastic containers would be the same as the taller coffee cans that you have?
  18. Not to hijack this thread but what are the props in front of the arches that look like stage light floods? I really think they look cool.
  19. Change the 0 to 1 so it reads see if that helps
  20. I liked what I saw so far ..so that means we won't have to draw the stuff in visualizer using your utility?
  21. Thanks for the replys.....Guess I'll just stay tuned in and listen to you guys ........One more question would the 20W that jim is doing that much brighter than the 10W you have? Just from seeing double watts I would think so but maybe there are other things that come in to play also
  22. I just started reading this thread......So is the remote control flood not as good as the one that scubado recomends or is it because its only 10W? Sorry for the dumb questions ....just trying to understand all this. and find a low cost solution
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