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  1. I purchased 4 used ells and checked them out and they worked, I also updated the firm ware and set them to run at 115 speed but I started the show last night and have seen a very noticeable lag especially in the singing trees I had been using ells before but not these, can anybody help? I checked out everything I could think of and I'm stuck...
  2. Thanks for your uplifting comments ..........I also do plan to get a camera for security and maybe a good attorney if needed (LOL)
  3. No I changed my mind about selling.....I'm going to give it 1 more try
  4. gmac

    LOR Light Linkers FOR SALE

    yes there sold
  5. Shutting down my display and I have 3 LOR Light Linkers of which 2 haven't been used I had them as spares but never needed them asking $225 for all 3 and I will pay shipping to the 48 continental states.
  6. I've been fighting this crap for a while now and this latest development was the straw that broke the camels back ( It's a saying in our part of the country) Can't prove who it was but I have my suspicions .....there have been a few small instances in previous years that I blew off but just can't do it anymore ........Would love to just move but the wife doesn't want to....... So this is just how it is.........
  7. With Disgust, Frustration, and Sadness I post this. But I can't put up with the neighbors complaints putting signs in my yard saying my lights suck and now vandalism and thievery. In less than a week, I've had my cords cut some props stolen and this morning we went to put up my pixel tree only to find someone stole my 12' ladder that was in back of the house. Probably so I couldn't finish putting it up (Just guessing on that one) So...... I would like to get rid of all my stuff so I don't have to put it away after Christmas I will leave it up and running hoping not more gets stolen in case someone might want to see that everything is working..I live on the outskirts of Youngstown, Ohio ......that's in the NE section of Ohio. Items I have include: 16 gen3 controllers........32 string pixel tree complete W/ Brians globe for the topper 10 home made gumdrops pixel controlled complete with everything needed to assemble. 20' Mega tree with 7200 led lights made into super strings of red, white, green lights, rotating star and base that's sold by CLS. 12,000 ft of extension cord...........singing tree quartet coro style W/ LED lights, 4-50W LOR Floods, 85,000 led lights mostly made into super strings of Red, White, Green.............300 strobes already in c9 stringers...........12' Spiral tree with 20 spiral strings with star 6 30" LED Snowflakes Bethlehem Star used for on the roof with (can also be used with its own controller) Manger Scene with all LED lights. And other items too numerous to mention No reasonable offer will be refused.......Let me know it interested.
  8. gmac

    Help with LOR 50w RGB Floods

    lcc file sent to your email.......Guess I'm getting tired ...........Just having one of those days Thanks
  9. gmac

    Help with LOR 50w RGB Floods

    Sorry for the confusion..... ID 0D only lights ABC don't light when I run the cat5 cable from the controller to it but if I run the cat5 cable from the controller to flood 0A then 0A only lights BCD don't light Mean while I'll bring in b & c floods and check then out again
  10. gmac

    Help with LOR 50w RGB Floods

    How do do that? Email it to you or is there a way to send it the the forum?
  11. I have a issue with my floods ..........I have 4 50w floods they each are labeled 0A 0B 0C 0D in my sequences and all are set to channel 1 I ran cat 5 cable from my gen 3 controller to 0A the daisy chained the others with cat 5 and when the sequence plays only 1 (This one coming from my controller) flood lights and I even ran the cat 5 cable from the controller to the 4th flood (0D) and when the sequence plays only that ones lights ABC don't light............I tested all the cat5 cables and each flood has power going to it ...........Can't figure it out...... They all worked when I checked them out in the HU when I got them Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong..........Any help would be appreciated
  12. Sent a message to you with my email ........Thanks
  13. I was hoping someone could share sequence I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Thanks in advance
  14. gmac

    Introduction and quick question

    You might want to look at this FM Transmitter, is less money than what your looking at and quite a few guys on this form use it and really like it and say it works well. https://www.amazon.com/CZH-CZH-05B-Wireless-Broadcast-Transmitter/dp/B01JS39622/ref=sr_1_20?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1477436300&sr=1-20&keywords=Fail+safe+fm+transmitter
  15. I realize this is an old post but when I click on the link I get Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Is there any way I can get the viz file??Thank You