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  1. The workaround is a Windows operating system thing. If the workaround doesn't work it is a Windows operating system issue, I don't see how superstar could effect things. In other words, if the operating system is not even trying to launch superstar then it indicates that Windows never recorded the "Use this app for .sup files"
  2. I tried double clicking on a .sup file on a computer with the current release and it failed to open the file. The LOR installer should create a program association with each file type and the Windows operating system stores this association. Either the LOR installer failed to create that association, or if you ever open a .sup file with another program it could cause Windows to stop having that association. I will ask Mike to check into the program/file association in the LOR installer. Until then, the work around is to do the following: 1) using file explorer, find a .sup file and right click on it and select "open with" in the menu that pops up 2) click on "more apps" and scroll down to the bottom of the list of apps 3) click on "look for another app on this pc" 4) go to Program Files (x86) / Lightorama and select SSEdit.exe 5) make sure "Always use this app for .sup files" is selected and click on Ok This will create the association in the Windows operating system and you should be able to double click on a .sup file and it will launch superstar
  3. You are probably using an older version of SuperStar. There was a bug where if you have imported a gif or other image file and you are still in the "large" grid mode then superstar saves the sequence as a .supe file. Superstar saves a file as a supe file whenever the license level does not support the number of channels in the sequence. The bug happened because the code thought you had 64 ribbons because you were in large grid mode. There are two solutions: 1) make sure you are in "normal" grid mode whenever saving a sequence. 2) download the latest version of the software
  4. Yes, you can change it so pixel 25 starts at the other end in the visualization and the sequence will still play the same. In other words, the morphs will still play in the same direction, you do not have to re-sequence anything.
  5. I am not authorized to say when releases are to be done. But I can say that it will be in the next release, and it will be in both S4 and S5.
  6. The S4 Sequence Editor supports playing one intensity data file from SS and one from SE and it will play them at the same time, BUT, they have to be controlling different props. For example, you could have the SE intensity data control the 16x50 megatree and have the SS intensity data file control any other lights you have, but if they both try to control the same lights they will interfere with each other and the lights will probably just flicker. Note that even if one of the intensity data files just sends "all off" it will interfere with the other intensity data file. Note that in S5 you can mix and match and overlay motion effects and superstar effects and they do not interfere with each other.
  7. There is no tutorial on moving an image around the screen. But there is some information in the help files and there is also PDF of a PowerPoint presentation on doing animations. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs" Scroll down to the bottom and you should see a link that says "SuperStar Matrix Animation" Also, if you email me at brian@superstarlights.com I can arrange to remote into your computer and show you how it done.
  8. Realize that the only code I changed had to do with converting 6 channel star sequencing to an RGB star. I'm not sure I understand your 2nd test case. It might be easiest if I remote into your computer and you show me exactly what is happening. I will email you.
  9. In the screen shot you show, I assume that is using S4? And I think you have sent me your visualization before, but I don't remember the name of the visualization. Can you tell me the name, or attach it to your post and I can test it as well.
  10. Jim, Dennis, It took me longer than expected, but I think I have it working for all cases that use a layout that puts each star in its own row or column. I will not be able to cover the case where the sequencing grid is laid out to look just like the star. Send and email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can give you instructions on how to get the SSEdit.exe with the fix in it and you can test it out.
  11. Thanks for the files. I will be able to look at this on Monday. Hopefully I can fix whatever the problem is within a day or two.
  12. Using different controllers is not a problem. In S5, What superstar does is look for 6 channel star commands, and if they exist, then it looks for a prop with the word "star" in it. If a star prop exists then it converts the 6 channel star effects into effects at the location of the star prop. But it assumes the green sequencing grid for the star is laid out the same as the 200 pixel RGB star that I use. Does the rgb star prop that you are using have the word "star" in the name of the prop? When you use the 12 Ribbon CCR tree and the RGB 270 node star and load in a superstar sequence, does superstar display a message saying it is converting the star effects?
  13. Glad that k6ccc has a prop you can use. Once you have a prop you should be able to do the following: 1) select all of the motion effect row for your tree and star 2) right click on the selection and select "insert superstar effect" 3) after superstar launches, click on the File menu and select "Open" and open your sequence 4) superstar should display a message saying it is converting the 6 channel star effects into white effects that will be on your RGB star 5) when you play the sequence you should see the 6 channel sequencing on your RGB star. All of the effects will be white and will look as if it was the 6 channel star. The only other thing is that superstar is hard coded to assume you are using the standard 200 node star. So what happens is that only the first 5 stars of your 270 node star will have effects on them. K6ccc, what happens when you do the above steps on the 270 node star prop that you have for S5?
  14. Thank you K6ccc for testing this and keeping me honest. I went back and looked at Matt Brown's reply to my email and I think I misunderstood his reply. What he said was that the .avi files are not necessary for "show playback" which I was thinking meant playback to the S5 computer screen. But I can see now that he meant the .avi files are not necessary when using "playback files" to play to your actual lights.
  15. That file is created by the S5 sequencer using data that is passed from superstar. I asked Matt Brown (the programmer for the S5 Sequencer) and he says that those .avi files are necessary when playing the sequence to your lights. But for what it is worth, they are not used when playing the sequence to the S5 computer screen. So as K6ccc says, yes, those files are necessary and do not delete them.
  16. You should not be getting the channel map error. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can arrange a time for me to remote into your computer and see first hand what is happening.
  17. Are you saying that it is working now? The idea is that by building it piece by piece you can more easily make sure that the grid does not exceed 360x360.
  18. Did you get that error even when just doing 2 arches?
  19. This is not a license issue. Superstar has a grid size limit of 360x360. In cases like yours, I would do the following: 1) create a new group and name it "Arches". 2) Start out just adding 2 arches to the group and set the arrangement to "horizontal stack align bottoms" or "horizontal stack align tops" 3) save the group and the Preview and do "insert superstar effect" on the group named "Arches". Confirm they are laid out end to end in one long row 4) add the rest of the arches and do "insert superstar effect" on the group and confirm it lays out in one low row. As long as the row is 360 pixels or less it should work 5) create another group called "firestick1" and set the arrangement to "vertical stack". You should be able to arrange the firestrick with a start at the top 6) do the same for firestick 2 through 5 7) create a group called "firesticks" and set the arrangement to "horizontal stack align bottoms" and add all the firesticks to the group 8 Do "insert superstar effect" on the firesticks group and make sure it is laid out how you want 9) make another group and name it something like "everything" and set the arrangedment to "vertical stack" and put "arches" and "firesticks" in the group 10) do "insert supestar effect" and confirm it is laid out the way you want. Note that the above is just a suggestion, you can lay it out differently, but the above serves as an example of how you can create groups with different arrangements to stack things however you want.
  20. This is indeed confusing. I was confused as well when I made my first reply. I just tried it and this is how it works: In S5 when you specify the "Starting Location" as "Bottom Left CCW" it means the starting location of the addressing of the strings. The starting location of the sequencing grid is in "Motion effect start (0=back, 1=left)" In your case you have it set to "0" so it is starting the sequencing grid in the back. Change the setting to "1" to make it start on the left. Note that this setting effects the sequencing grid for superstar and for the motion effects that are generated by the S5 sequencer.
  21. If you are using S4 and you have imported a visualization then the first string should be the same as you defined it in the visualization. If it is not behaving that we, attach the visualization file and I will take a look at it. The visualization file will end with .lee and should be at: c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor
  22. If you want to sequence them all together such that you can view them at the same time then you would actually need the 80 CCR license. However, you only need a licence for the biggest group of props you plan on sequencing. In your case you could sequence the tree separate from the strings on your house and then the 60 CCR license will work. Especially if you are using S5 it is very easy to sequence things in pieces.
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