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  1. Problems setting up superstar

    Are you seeing things upside down in the sequence editor, or on your actual lights? If it is upside down in the sequence editor, it is not necessarily a problem. The order of the things in the sequence editor may or may not match how your actual lights are. If you are seeing things upside down on your actual lights, click on the Tools menu and select "Layout" and there is a "Location of Controllers" setting. It can be set to "Top" or "Bottom". If your controller is at the bottom then select "Bottom" or if your controller is at the top of the tree then select "Top" and then export the sequence again. If that does not fix it, post to this thread again.
  2. Sorry about that, this is a really bad bug that I introduced in a recent release. The bug is in the error checking that is done when superstar is launched by the S5 sequencer. And the bug happens with most previews that superstar sees as being horizontal. The error checking code thinks there is a problem but there is not. The bug has been fixed in the next release. Send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com and I can give you more details
  3. Error opening sequence on SEr after export from SS

    Usually this happens if an effect extends beyond the end of a song. Go into superstar, go to the end of the sequence. If there are any effects that go beyond the end of the song delete them or shorten them. Then export the sequence again. If that is not it, let me know.
  4. Clipboard Not Working

    Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a time to remote into your computer and see what is happening.
  5. Clipboard Not Working

    Are you doing the following: 1) launch superstar 2) click on the Edit menu and select "Load/Save Clipboard" 3) select some effects 4) click on the "save Clipboard to File" button At what point does it give an error? What is the exact text of the error? What version of superstar are you running?
  6. Flame effect

    I'm all for using superstar to create a flame effect, but you might also consider some of the simulated flames you can buy at Halloween stores. They are basically an orange light and a fan that blows upward on sheets of plastic that wave around and reflect the orange light.
  7. Timing map

    Doing from top to bottom, or bottom to top would make sense. Or you could try left right. The point is that if you do it in some kind of order there will be some parts of songs that you should see some kind of flow. Realize that the different freqs are exactly that, different frequencies. And if there is a particular note in a song that is prominent it will tend to hit a few frequencies the strongest. But realize that in music, each note has harmonics also and so it will trigger a bigger range of frequencies than you might expect. Nevertheless, in many of my sequences for 10 seconds or so I will put the same theme on all 12 ribbons of the tree, and then use the default freq assignment which assigns them low to high evenly. And you will see patterns flow across the ribbons when you do that. You should be able to see similar kinds of patterns flow across your light display. For example, look at 3:05 - 4:00 in this video of "Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen".
  8. 16 CCR, 160 CCR, and 320 CCR licenses have been added to the online store! The 16 CCR license makes it so you don't have to get the 24 CCR license to do sequencing for 12 and 16 CCRs The 160 CCR license allows for exporting sequences of up to 8,000 pixels or 24,000 channels The 320 CCR license allows for exporting sequences of up to 16,000 pixels or 48,000 channels Note that to be able you use the new licenses you will need to download the latest version of SuperStar which is version 4.3.24 If you are using an older version of SuperStar and you purchase the 16 CCR license, your software will show that you are using the 8 CCR license. And if you purchase the 160 CCR license or 320 CCR license using an older version of SuperStar, the software will show you using the 80 CCR license because that was the highest license the software was programmed for.
  9. Vu Meter

    In the visualizer, there is a list on the right side. Select "fixtures" so the list is a list of fixtures. Double click on the totem that is reversed. In the "fixture properties" dialog box, click on the superstar button and select 'reverse order' click on ok, save the visualization in superstar click on the file menu and select "import visualization" The totem should be reversed on the sequencing grid.
  10. Modifying Images

    The others have made good comments. I will echo what B.Y.R.G. said, to set the color of a pixel in an image, do shift + mouse click on the pixel and the color of the pixel will be set into the color controls.
  11. Vu Meter

    For a vertical layout Superstar puts the effects at the top of the sequencing grid, for a horizontal layout it puts it at the left end of the sequencing grid. It could be that you have the sequencing grid for some of the rows mapped to the actual lights in the opposite direction of some of the other rows. To check things, bring up the scene dialog box so that you are in scene mode. Then click on the squares of the sequencing grid along the end that you are interested in. And observe what lights light up in the visualization.
  12. Superstar Instant Sequence questions

    jerry72, I took a look at the visualization. It turns out that the "force superstar row/column" feature only works if the fixture is in a Prop. The fence line fixture is not contained in a prop so it is not working. There are two ways to fix this, you can create a Prop and put the fence line fixture in it. Or you can add the fence line fixture to an existing prop. For example, you could add it to the tombstones prop. Also, note that when using the "force superstar row/column" feature you must put a row/column in the prop. But it is optional to put it in the fixture. If you do not put a row/column in the fixture then it will get placed relative to the row/column that you put in the prop that contains the fixture.
  13. Yes it will. It turns out that the bug where it wants to save as an encrypted file only happens if you try to save while you are in "large" grid mode. The bug concerning the frame numbers of animated gifs happens all the time. That is, first time you open the gif it will default to frame 1, and it will use frame 1 regardless of what you manually set. Next time you open the gif it will default to frame 2, and it will use frame 2 regardless of what you manually set, etc. If you send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com I can give you more information.
  14. Vu Meter

    Yes, you are correct. It currently always appears at the top. The theme that you should use is "1 pixel", "2 pixels", "3 pixels", "4 pixels", or "5 pixels". If you use "1 pixel" then you should use a speed of 1.0 If you use "2 pixels" you should use a speed of 2.1 if you use "3 pixels" you should use a speed of 3.1, etc.
  15. Superstar Instant Sequence questions

    When using "force row/column" it only works well if you use "force row/column" for all the props. I know it can be difficult to get it set up the way you want. If you email you visualization to brian@superstarlights.com then I will take a look at it.
  16. Vu Meter

    In the instant sequence dialog box there is a "VU meter"option, it is the last selection in the list of "movement" options. Do the following: For TCM 1 select "vu meter" For TCM 1 select "rapid fire" for the trigger type In the "Row Assignments to TCM (Theme, Color, Movement)" section, select TCM 1 for each row that you want to use as part of the VU meter. For any other rows, select "none" Click on the "timing map" button. In the timing map dialog box, select at least 3 "freqs" for each row that is being used as a VU meter. Instant sequence should now make the rows you have selected look like a VU meter Sorry that it is sort of complicated to get things set up. But it does give you flexibility in how it works. The more "freqs" you select for each row, the more active that row will be to responding to the music. If you have further questions let me know
  17. Super Star Software / Pro License

    Purchasing a superstar license allows you to export sequences, and it will do that regardless of the sequence editor license you have. In other words, superstar will export just fine with your "Basic Plus" license. The issue is how many controllers you will be using. The "Basic Plus" license allows the sequence editor to play to 4 controllers. So if you had two 16 channel controllers and two CCR controllers then the "Basic Plus" license would work fine. If you will be playing to more controllers than that you will need the "standard" or "advanced" license. The standard license will play to 8 controllers, the advanced license will play to an unlimited number of controllers. You only need the "Pro" license if you are going to use the Pixel Editor.
  18. CCB Configuration in Superstar

    After importing a visualization into superstar you will be in "visualization mode." In "visualization mode" superstar gets all the unit ID and channel information from the visualization. So as long as you defined the unit IDs and channels correctly in the visualization then superstar will be configured correctly also. The other issue is how the trees get laid out on the green sequencing grid in superstar. I just made two trees like you described and put them side by side, then I imported into superstar. In the import visualization dialog box select "vertical". Then in superstar it laid the trees side by side on the green sequencing grid. It makes it easy to do morphs vertically and horizontally on the trees. Give it a try, if you have further questions let me know.
  19. CCB Configuration in Superstar

    No problem asking the question, I'm not aware of a tutorial that covers making a mini-tree in the visualizer, do the following: Launch the Visualizer Click on the "Tree Wizard" button, it is the 9th button from the left at the top Click somewhere on the screen In the Tree Wizard dialog box there is a drop down list labeled "Type of Channel Bundles / Fixture". In that dropdown select "CCR Edge to Center/Center to Edge" For "Pixels per Bundle (CCR/DMX Pixels)" select 10 Set the options at the top appropriately depending on if it is a 180 degree tree, first bundle on the left etc. Click on Ok A dialog box will pop up that has 3 options, use the default which is the top option. Double-click on the Prop in the Prop list on the right side of the screen In the Prop Properties dialog box click on "Wizards" and run the channel wizard Save the visualization Launch superstar click on File and then "Import visualization" If you have further questions let me know.
  20. Insert second SuperStar effect

    Sorry to take so long to respond to this. Please try this again with the most recent release, there is a good chance the bug is fixed now.
  21. 4.3.22 has all the new SuperStar features!

    Thanks for the comments. As you say, enabling the "layer priority feature" can change how an existing sequence looks in some cases. Note that existing sequences default to having the "layer priority feature" disabled so that they will play back the same way as they did in the past. Also, note that even with the "layer priority feature" enabled you can set effects to be "transparent" and then it will play back the same way as in the past.
  22. Version 4.3.22 has the most recent SuperStar code and includes the features and bug fixes mentioned below. Please download and give it a try! New Features: Added Preferences dialog box, Added Layer Priority Feature to the Preferences dialog box Added Transparent, Semi-Transparent, and Solid in the Effect dialog boxes Added "Move or Scale Selected Effects..." dialog box (accessed through the Tools menu) Improved Image Group Modify dialog box so that moving text actions has the same interface as the other Group dialog boxes Added speed control for twinkle and shimmer in the scene and morph dialog boxes Added Silhouette Mask feature to images Added ability to change and create folders in the Load/Save Clipboard dialog box. (Also, Theme clipboard files are now in the System folder.) In the Manipulate Image dialog box, added the ability to increase or decrease the brightness of and image In the Morph Group Modify dialog box, added "Shorten/Lengthen Tails" option If your license level does not support the number of channels you are sequencing then the sequence must be saved as an encrypted file and the encrypted file can only be opened from the computer it was saved on. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the number of rows in the Timing Map for Instant Sequence was being set to 3 Also, the code was not seeing when the number of rows changed, and after the number of rows changed the Timing Map typically did not match the actual number of rows. Fixed a bug where if it is a CCR wedge tree with lots of strands and it is counter clockwise, the code thinks it is clockwise and the order of the strands is reversed. Superstar was using an audio centisecond length that was 40 centiseconds less than the real centisecond length.
  23. The price of the SuperStar license levels have all been reduced! In addition, existing holders of a SuperStar license get a free upgrade to the next license level. All you need to do is re-register your software with your existing license key and you will get the upgrade. Also, a new 60 CCR license level has been added. Here are the old and new prices of the license levels: old price new price 2 CCRs 49.95 29.95 4 CCRs 99.95 49.95 8 CCRs 199.95 99.9524 CCRs 299.95 199.9540 CCRs 399.95 299.9560 CCRs N/A 399.95
  24. Thanks for reporting and showing me these. There is indeed a bug there, I will look into fixing it next week.
  25. When it saves the sequences as an encrypted file you should be able to open it and use it the same as a normal file. It should not be doing what you are describing. Also, when importing an animated GIF it should be loading the image that you specify. Please send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can do a remote session and try to figure out what is happening. I am available for the next hour, if you have some time right now we can get this figured out right away.