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  1. Preview Problems

    The sequencing grid width limit of 64 is a superstar issue. I should be able to increase that limit but it is not simple to do and I probably won't be able to have it done until after Christmas. Again I apologize for the limitation, it is an issue with superstar, not the sequencer.
  2. Hard way and easy way

    If you want to use copy/paste into a pixie16, then first make sure you are using the latest version which is v4.3.14 because there were some bugs in copy/paste in some of the recent versions. You can then create a Pixie 16 controller in your Sequence Editor file. When exporting from superstar, choose Legacy format, and uncheck "include macro channels". This is because pixie controllers do not have macro channels. Open the exported file in the Sequence Editor and you should be able to copy/paste all rows from the exported superstar file into the Pixie 16 controller that you added. If you want to use intensity data, you need to do the following: 1) make sure the com listener is running, the com listener is running if you see the little LOR light bulb at the bottom right of your screen. If you don't see it, go to the list of LOR programs and run "Control Panel" 2) launch the Sequence Editor, click on the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Network Preferences. Click on Advanced, For the network that is running your pixie controller, click on that row and a dialog box should pop up. In that dialog box, on the right side, select "enhanced" You should now be able to run the intensity data
  3. Superstar freq chart dissappears

    Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you as well.
  4. Superstar freq chart dissappears

    You are correct, I just tried it and only the top 3 timing lines get saved. I actually forgot that it behaves that way. There is no way to get it to save the other frequencies. Sorry, you have to re-generate them each time.
  5. Matrix Creation

    It took me a while to figure it out as well. Glad you got it to work!
  6. Shifting a sequence

    Click on the Edit menu and select "select all" Then use the "nudge" button to nudge it .05 seconds at a time until it is where you want it.
  7. understanding STAR instant sequencer

    Try selecting Freqs for the Star row that appear to be active for other rows. You can also try selecting "All Freqs" for the star row. Try different themes as well. I would suggest "Two segs" or "1 morph full length"
  8. Matrix Creation

    It looks like the timing map got messed up. Do the following: 1) Bring up the Instant Sequence dialog box 2) Click on the Timing Map button 3) In the Timing Map dialog box click on the "Set Freq Spectrum" button in the lower left 4) Go back to the Instant Sequence dialog box. Make sure there is a TCM set for each of the 8 rows. 5) Click on "Sequence All" and all of the rows should receive sequencing
  9. Matrix Creation

    There are no tutorials on this. I looked at your visualization, all of the strings in the visualization use pixels 1-25. You want to create a visualization that uses pixels 1-100 of each string. I had to play around with this for awhile because the matrix wizard does not allow specifying a pixel length for the strings so you have to create only one of the 100 pixel strings at a time. I would think that you would want the controller to be in the left middle of the matrix and have the strings snake up and snake down from there. So to make the top string do the following: 1) launch the visualizer 2) click on the matrix wizard button 3) click once to start a rectangle, move the mouse and click again to mark the end of the rectangle, the matrix wizard dialog box will open enter a name such as "Top String" Start Matrix At - Bottom Left Consecutive Pixels Run - Horizontally, Snake Pattern Number/Type of Pixels - DMX Pixels Wide - 25 High - 4 Lights - Size - 6 click on Ok 4) In the New/Existing fixture dialog box, select the second option You have now created the top string, to create the bottom string: 1) click on the matrix wizard button 2) click once to start a rectangle, move the mouse and click again to mark the end of the rectangle, the matrix wizard dialog box will open enter a name such as "Bottom String" Start Matrix At - Top Left Consecutive Pixels Run - Horizontally, Snake Pattern Number/Type of Pixels - DMX Pixels Wide - 25 High - 4 Lights - Size - 6 click on Ok 4) In the New/Existing fixture dialog box, select the second option You now have the bottom string. Move the strings and resize as necessary to get them to form an 8x25 matrix Double click on the Top string matrix, set it to Universe 1 Double click on the Bottom string matrix, set it to Universe 2 We are not really going to use the universe settings, you just need them to not be the same thing or you will get an error when superstar imports the visualization Save the visualization launch superstar do your sequencing Export to Sequence Editor Now you can copy/paste from the exported sequence to your Pixie controller that you have in your destination sequence, and the effects will take on the Pixie controller addressing. I wish there was an easier way, but the above does work. Attached is the visualization that I made using the above instructions Test3.lee
  10. Matrix Creation

    Are you playing it to your actual lights? Are you saying that only 25 pixels work on your actual lights?
  11. Matrix Creation

    Superstar defaults to "CCR Mode." In CCR mode you have a limited number of CCR layouts, and the layouts assume 50 pixels per ribbon or string. To do other layouts you need to make a visualization in the visualizer and then import the visualization into superstar. However, the visualizer does not support 100 pixel CCR strings. So to work around this you must do the following: launch the Visualizer Use the Matrix Wizard or Tree Wizard to make a matrix or tree using 100 pixel DMX strings If you need help with this let me know. Save the visualization launch superstar click on the File Menu and select "Import Visualization" do your sequencing in superstar click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor" launch the sequence editor Insert a Pixie device and define it to have 100 pixel strings, in your case you can insert a Pixie2 device and it should behave the same as a CCR2 controller. Open the sequence you exported from superstar Use copy/paste to copy the exported sequence into the Pixie device, when you do this the sequence will take on the addressing of the pixie device
  12. 16 pixie ccr tree lights out diagonally

    Glad you got it working!
  13. 16 pixie ccr tree lights out diagonally

    Check the Pixie devices you have added to the Sequence Editor, expand one of the strings and scroll down. After you hit pixel 50, check to see if there are 7 gray macro channels. I don't believe the Pixie devices have the macro channels in them. Now launch superstar, click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor." In the "Export to Sequence Editor" dialog box there is an option to include the macro channels. If it is selected then deselect the option and export the sequence. This time it should not have the macro channels. The point is that the source has to match the destination when doing a copy/paste. If the destination does not have macro channels then make sure the source does not have them either.
  14. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    As you say, when playing the audio file from the Sequence Editor the kids say "Merry Christmas" at about 12:59.80 And when you play the audio file from SuperStar the kids say "Merry Christmas" at about 13:00.60 I opened the audio file in wavepad and in wavepad "Merry Christmas" is also at 12:59.80 That indicates that SuperStar is not doing something correctly. However, I also found that if I saved the audio file using wavepad and opened that file in superstar then superstar played "Merry Christmas" at 12:59.80 So as a workaround you can try saving the audio file again using wavepad.
  15. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    I see the discrepancy now. I am looking into it.
  16. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    I played the file in SuperStar and in Sequence editor, and for me, the bass drop is at 13:65 in both of them. Where 13:65 means 13.65 seconds. What version of the sequence editor and superstar are you running?
  17. Thanks for reporting this. I duplicated the bug and have fixed it. The fix will be in the next S5 release. Also, the bug was not related to the message about not being able to undo the effects.
  18. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    Check and make sure you have "Paste by Time" selected in the sequence editor. The "Paste by Time" option is in menu that pops out when you move the mouse to the left side of the sequence editor screen. If you already have "Paste by Time" selected, let me know
  19. Smooth effect - Rays display on background window

    Yes, this is a bug in superstar, sometimes things get drawn outside of the grid and they don't get erased. A partial workaround is to click on the View menu and then click on the resolution that has a check mark by it, and the screen will redraw and at least some of the stuff will get erased.
  20. The price of the SuperStar license levels have all been reduced! In addition, existing holders of a SuperStar license get a free upgrade to the next license level. All you need to do is re-register your software with your existing license key and you will get the upgrade. Also, a new 60 CCR license level has been added. Here are the old and new prices of the license levels: old price new price 2 CCRs 49.95 29.95 4 CCRs 99.95 49.95 8 CCRs 199.95 99.9524 CCRs 299.95 199.9540 CCRs 399.95 299.9560 CCRs N/A 399.95
  21. SS sequence two output devices

    Also, there is now a "Move or Scale Selected Effects" option in the Tools menu. Load the 12 CCR sequence Do SaveAs an save it to a new name like "8CCR sequence" Click on the Edit menu and select "select all" Click on the Tools menu and select "move or scale selected effects" select "scale" Set the source width to 12 and the dest width to 8 and click on OK Save the sequence
  22. SS sequence two output devices

    dibblejr may be planning to tell you this, but realize that if you assign two controllers the same unit ID they will both respond to the same commands.
  23. instant sequence for STAR

    You can try unchecking "Extend Length of Effects" and the effects will become more responsive to the music, but more blinky There are several tutorials on Instant Sequence. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs" the superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for ones that mention Instant Sequence
  24. instant sequence for STAR

    The screen shot is of the superstar program launch the visualizer program open the visualization delete one of the star fixtures
  25. instant sequence for STAR

    On the right side of the visualizer screen there is a list, you can make it be a list of fixtures or a list of props. Click on "fixtures" to list the fixtures. Double click on star fixture 1 or star fixture 6 and delete it. Its up to you to decide on if it is most appropriate to delete the first or last one. Also, you will want to double click on the remaining star fixtures and make sure they are assigned to the correct network, unit ID, and channel.