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  1. Even with the most recent release which is 4.3.26 the visualizer does not support 100 pixel LOR strings. But there is a workaround. Create your strings as 100 pixel DMX strings. You can then import them into SuperStar, create your sequence, then export it to the Sequence Editor. In the Sequence Editor you can add a Pixie device that has 2 strings, each of 100 pixels. Then you can copy/paste the exported 100 pixel DMX strings onto the 2 Pixie strings. Note that in S5 this will all be addressed. But in S4 that is what you need to do.
  2. SS Keeps crashing - Could use some Advice

    Breeze emailed me a copy of the sequence he was using. To duplicate the crash I simply opened the sequence and clicked on the "Play All" button and it would crash. It turns out the bug happens because pixels in the scenes in the sequence extend beyond the 16 ribbons. This is a bug I found myself back in December and the bug is fixed on my computer and the fix will be in the next release. But until then, the workaround is to do the following: 1) launch superstar 2) open the sequence 3) click on the Tools menu and select "Layout", and change the number of ribbons to something larger like 30 4) click on the "scene" button on the toolbar. In the "Scene Setup" dialog box there is a list of the scenes. Click on top scene in the list. Erase any pixels that go beyond the 16 ribbons, then click on the "Modify" button. Do this for each scene in the list. 5) After erasing all the pixels that go beyond the 16 ribbons you can set the layout back to 16 and the sequence should now play without crashing Also, "Breeze" says he is a newbie, but the sequence he sent me is very good! Keep it up, and sorry you ran into this bug!
  3. SS Keeps crashing - Could use some Advice

    Crash bugs are my highest priority to investigate and fix. The fact that you are using the demo version is not related to the bug. The demo version executes the exact same code, the only difference is that you cannot export your sequence. What version are you running? Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a time to remote into your computer and see what is happening.
  4. SuperStar Questions - New to SS need some help

    In the long run you will want to go with S5. But for this year if you are comfortable with S4 then stick with S4. I am not authorized to say when S5 will be released, but you can use the beta now. The beta has bugs but it is functional and you could start using it now.
  5. SuperStar Questions - New to SS need some help

    In S4 there are to use Intensity Data from SuperStar do the following: launch SuperStar Open the sequence Click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration". In your case since you are using E1.31 controllers you would click on DMX and then set the first Universe you are using, and the type of addressing you are using. Click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor". Select "Export in New Format (as intensity data)". Then select "Add Intensity Data to existing sequence" Click on Ok and when the file select dialog box comes up, select the sequence that you want to add the intensity data to. Launch the Sequence Editor Open the sequence that you added the intensity data to. You should see your main sequence and at the bottom you should a blue row that represents the intensity data exported by superstar. As for the purchased sequences, when you purchase them from my website at www.superstarlights.com you will get the .sup file and you can modify the .sup file if you wish and then you can export the sequence so long as you have the appropriate superstar license. If you do not have a superstar license then you can export the purchased sequences so long as they have not been modified. This is because the purchased sequences are special files that can be exported by any license level including the free demo version, but only if you have not modified them. If you modify them you can export them only if you have the appropriate superstar license.
  6. Trying to understand the licensing for SS

    Yes you can.
  7. RGB Arches controller location

    Sorry about that, what you are observing is a bug. The screen does not always "clean up" after itself. Whenever this happens, the workaround is to click on the "View" menu and click on the "screen" line that has a check mark on it. Doing that will force the screen to redraw and the spurious lines will go away.
  8. RGB Arches controller location

    Glad you got it working!
  9. RGB Arches controller location

    Hmmm, not sure why "Arch_1_line_4_50PixelArches.lee" is not working. It is working for me. I would be happy to remote into your computer and see what is happening.
  10. RGB Arches controller location

    Attached are two visualizations. Copy them to: c:/ (your LOR folder) / Visualizations / Editor The first one puts each arch on a separate line on the sequencing grid. And the layout should match the CCR layout you are using except that there is a controller between 1&2 and a controller between 3&4. Note that the sequencing grid mapping is the same, in other words, you do not need to change your sequence. The reversal of the pixels for some of the arches is handled by the software. The second visualization has all 4 arches mapped to one line on the sequencing grid. For future sequences you may want to use this visualization. It is easier to do a morph across all 4 of the arches. When you import this visualization into superstar be sure to set the sequencing grid "max length" to 200 and set "horizontal" Arches_4_lines_50PixelsPerLine.lee Arch_1_line_4_50PixelArches.lee
  11. RGB Arches controller location

    What Universe and channel are you using for the arches?
  12. RGB Arches controller location

    If I understand correctly, you have already done some sequencing using CCR mode. And for the Layout you have set 2 CCRs, "horizontal", Arch, and Half. And the problem is that the CCR mode Arch layout assumes the controllers are all on the right or the left and there is no way to specify a controller being in the middle. Unfortunately there is indeed, no way to specify the controller is in the middle. Also, in CCR mode it makes a 25 pixel line on the sequencing grid for each of your 4 arches. In other words you have a sequencing grid that is 4 lines tall. Since you certainly want to keep the sequencing you have already done, what you would want is to make a visualization that will give you 4 rows, but has the controller in the middle. Let me know what unit IDs you are using and I can make you a visualization.
  13. RGB Arches controller location

    SuperStar has two modes, CCR mode and Visualization mode. CCR mode has a limited number of layouts. To do a layout that isn't covered by the layouts in CCR mode you need to import a visualization. Launch the Visualizer Click on the File menu and Select New Specify a grid of something like 800 x 400 pixels Click on the Arch tool Make the first arch with pixel 26 on the right and pixel 50 on the left. Make the second arch with pixel 1 on the right and pixel 25 on the left. Make the third arch with pixel 1 on the left and pixel 25 on the right. Make the fourth arch with pixel 26 on the left and pixel 50 on the right Assign appropriate unit IDs to each arch. Save the visualization Launch superstar Click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization" In the "import visualization" dialog box specify the sequencing grid "max length" as 100 specify horizontal Click on OK You should see the visualization on the screen. And the sequencing grid should be one line of 100 green squares. You can now do morphs on the one line and see them on your 4 arches If you have further questions or need further help send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a time to do an online session.
  14. The forum member that goes by the name "default" has created a very good tutorial on creating a preview to match an existing visualization. I don't know it it would answer all your questions, but it should answer many of them. Myself and Matt have reviewed the video and suggested a few modifications. I just sent him a message asking if he has finalized the tutorial yet. And he can answer here in this thread as well as to if he thinks the tutorial applies to your situation.
  15. I would be happy to do an online session to assist. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and we can arrange a day and time.