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    Lrg Assembly Tech/Electrician

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    Outdoors and Landscaping,fishing,camping, cooking/baking,traveling,music-all kinds even that christmas stuff:)helping others
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    Stopped by someone local useing LOR and started asking him questions.Then with the hhelp of internet and lots of research I purchased my first controllers 3 seasons ago.
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    Christmas hands down!

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  1. darrel schweissinger

    Light em up sequence

    Opps!!! here is my e-mail dschweissinger21@gmail.com
  2. darrel schweissinger

    Light em up sequence

    I'd like a copy of Light Um Up also. Really great sequence! And Thank You....
  3. darrel schweissinger

    Craig Marshall

    I had the pleasure of meeting with Craig at the Chicago Mini 2010 and hear him share how Grateful he was just for that day. Craig spoke passionatly the love for the holiday's and the projects he was working on. He made merntion of the secret one's still in developement without disclosure and drew attention & excitment from the ones listening! He was in my eye, a truely caring, selfless person that really just wanted to give back to the comminity for the blessings he had so freely recieved. And now I get to carry on his spirit by lighting my yard,home and neighborhood with the many products of his labor and love. Thank You Craig and may the "LIGHT" be with you and all your families. You will be missed but not forgotten.:shock:
  4. darrel schweissinger

    Beat Wizard Demo

    That was a very good example of software tools at work in the the program Bob, is there any more like it?
  5. darrel schweissinger

    Anyone buy LEDs from these guys?

    LAurie at Reindeers, very good product and the price is right if yoou catch her at the right time.Cheers!
  6. darrel schweissinger

    DIY kit builders

    circus4u wrote: Yes, great idea and can use futher on what I do. I flip the light duty sinks over and this makes for a level platform over the capasitors and transformer. I now have a nice and level work space and removing the center lead will make the job much easier. Thanks!
  7. darrel schweissinger

    DWTS Light Star....

    After reading this, I'm going to try coming up with using the two different sized LED snow drop tubes. I brought out what Steins had (6 - 36 inch & 12 - 24 inch) tubes last season at 4.99 & 3.99. These are pure white and should be interesting in seeing what I can come up with. Thanks for the post and getting new ideas going!
  8. darrel schweissinger

    LOR Spring Sale .... disappointment

    Yes! Thank You Dan,with a little planning and lots of luck many made it to the checkout with a bill. Your company rocks and looking forward to the summer sale.............
  9. darrel schweissinger

    Got My Order In

    ny_yankee_25 wrote: there messing with you. They are not for sale. Dan said it will not be preorderable until later in April or Mayish thanks, that's good to know was thinking of looking into something like the CCB's
  10. darrel schweissinger

    Got My Order In

    Thought I read into all this last year getting ready for this special day and OH WELL! Great opertunities keep coming my way. Love getting to know these controllers inside and out.....no short cuts this time.
  11. darrel schweissinger

    Got My Order In

    I must not be doing things correctly as I had everything ready to go and hit pay-pal at 2 mins after and everything gone.So I opped for the CTB16kit,got the 3 that were need. See what the summer sale brings about? Where are the CCB's being listed? I have not seen them any where on the store pages. Am I looking in the wrong places? HELP!!!!
  12. darrel schweissinger

    CDI Pre Sale Update

    Thanks again Paul for your timely manners.
  13. darrel schweissinger

    Tutorials for updates

    You have a very good point there, great idea and one I will follow in the future.
  14. darrel schweissinger

    Tutorials for updates

    Hi, my computer guy once suggested to me. Go in there and play around alittle, just don't deleate what you don't know your deleating....LOLThat was one of the best things he has ever mentioned to me...
  15. darrel schweissinger

    Tutorials for updates

    Thank You, have the update download and installed. NOW! just have to learn of the new features and have a blst with some programing and sequencing.... Again, thank you!