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    Lrg Assembly Tech/Electrician

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    Outdoors and Landscaping,fishing,camping, cooking/baking,traveling,music-all kinds even that christmas stuff:)helping others
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    Stopped by someone local useing LOR and started asking him questions.Then with the hhelp of internet and lots of research I purchased my first controllers 3 seasons ago.
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    Christmas hands down!

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  1. Opps!!! here is my e-mail dschweissinger21@gmail.com
  2. I'd like a copy of Light Um Up also. Really great sequence! And Thank You....
  3. That was a very good example of software tools at work in the the program Bob, is there any more like it?
  4. LAurie at Reindeers, very good product and the price is right if yoou catch her at the right time.Cheers!
  5. circus4u wrote: Yes, great idea and can use futher on what I do. I flip the light duty sinks over and this makes for a level platform over the capasitors and transformer. I now have a nice and level work space and removing the center lead will make the job much easier. Thanks!
  6. Yes! Thank You Dan,with a little planning and lots of luck many made it to the checkout with a bill. Your company rocks and looking forward to the summer sale.............
  7. I made the mistake on thinking I could add heat sinks, fixed now and working with no damage done. Thank You!
  8. I am having problems with my Floods hooked up to my CMB16D, all the led'd are coming on. When I first tested the boards after soldering them, they worked well by them selves. Now that I have them mounted in flood cases and wired in to my cmb16 controler, I can not get just one color to lite individualy. Is my controler the issue? I have been reading some threads on cathode vs anode and it appears that the controler is( -) swithed or controled and (+) is always on. I'm not sure what the floods are and how to fix the issue if that makes any sence. Can anyone help!!!! thanks in advance
  9. darrel schweissinger wrote: Thanks Bob, I'll try that. Does that get rid of it from the squence edit page so I no longer have to look at it? Yep! to amswer my own ?, just went there and did as you suggested and it's now gone! Thanks again and I should mention for the sale this weekend. No more waiting as I purchased three controllers and the software. you guys are awsome!
  10. bob wrote: Thanks Bob, I'll try that. Does that get rid of it from the squence edit page so I no longer have to look at it?
  11. I'm confused/inexperainced on wheather or not one can erase a musical sequence loaded in the saved files for (editor musical/sequence file page)?:? Can someone help me out please as I'm new to the LOR software and what you can and can't do in the saved files pages. I've been playing around in it for a little time now before buying the Advanced license which I did this weekend now. All ready to start my programing and would like to get rid of some of the files I no longer want to use. Thanks for the help!
  12. Duke, Thank you for the inspiration you bring to us all, or at least to this new-b of Christmas animation. "I am so glad I read thru all 3 pages of post before asking for anything from your dispaly. I have many things to do and build before the next season starts. I'm learning that that is a part of the "WHOLE" of it all. As we come together and share one anothers HOPES,DREAMS and INSPIRATIONS. It's much more then just lights and music. Much,much more!!! God has blessed us all with a gift, I'm glad to be a reciever and participent of it. I believe for me, this new journey has a personal attachment on me. I can't even begin to imagine someone like yourself that has such a wonderful display and so much time an efforts put into it. Hey Duke! how much for the Santa in the window??? It would be very diffucult to put a price on something that brought so many smiles on all those children's faces as it does mine. What inspires me is that you continue to keep it up and running in spite of your lifes difficulties just to give back to our communities and to keep the "Spirit of Christmas" on going. I hope things work out for you and your family's and I will put you all in my prayers. I may be accross the pond but I would like to help out in any way you feel I can be of service and support to your hopes and dreams.
  13. I agree , it would be nice to know where people live. I like to take trips to know where and knowing where some of us live would help me to get to know where with purpose if you all know what I mean. I'm not apossed to internet chatting, but it sure is more meaningful when you have the sense that you could just drive a short time to meet and talk over your ideas at lunch or dinner or just to get together.
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