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  1. Hello, I've been an LOR subscriber for a while now but got out of the decorating as all kids are off to college. I have enough gear to put together a 4-6 room haunted house which is what I did for years. The gear includes pneumatic pistons of all lengths, pneumatic fittings, triggers, smoke machines, decorations, lighting, sound, strobe lights, etc. I also have 7 LOR 16 channel controllers. Everything I have has been used but is in working condition. The only item that won't go with the sale is my compressor. I would like to get $1,000 AS IS. There is well over $4,000 in all gear.
  2. Thanks Bob. Truly a huge help. Please keep the video's coming. Bryan Chandler, AZ
  3. I just came back to the forums from the abyss, and had someone reach out to me because they saw I was in their area. Great feeling to know that you have others in your area that area as nuts as you and may be able to lend a helping hand.
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