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  1. Ok I think the disappearing previews occur this way: Computer A: Open S5 Sequencer Computer B: Open S5 Sequencer Computer B: Copy a new preview, modify it Computer B: Exit, Sequencer Computer B: re-enter Sequencer, see that the previews are still there, exit Sequencer Computer A: Exit Sequencer Computer A: Open Sequencer, new previews don't exist Computer B: Open Sequencer, previews are now gone
  2. Hmm, could there be an interaction if there are two computers sharing the directory and each one has sequencer open?
  3. Of course I try to reproduce it and won't repro
  4. I also sometimes lose previews. I think this is what I did: Opened S5 sequencer Copied a preview Modified preview Copied preview again Modified second preview I didn't open any sequences I exited the program When I went it again later the previews were gone.
  5. Ethernet Issues

    I'm with Mr. P, that tree is going work!
  6. With long names you can't see the entire name of sequence in a show. I'm pretty sure this is not a new bug with the new format of ".play" it is more important to see the full name if you are trying to make sure that you referencing the correct file.
  7. Scheduler and Serial Port HELP PLEASE

    Go to the LOR Network preferences. For the LOR networks configure the serial ports to "none".
  8. The setup is two computers sharing LOR directories via Dropbox. Computer 1: Start Sequencer, open a sequence Computer 2: Start Sequencer, open a different sequence Computer 1: Copy an existing preview, call it "test preview" , modify the preview, save it and close "Manage Previews" Computer 2: Open "Manage Preview" and look for "test preview", it isn't there In another test, if Computer 2 didn't have Sequencer running when the new preview was made it works as expected arnold
  9. Ethernet Issues

    You should be able to use the pixel editor or the run a show with just the pixel tree on the computer that only has Ethernet and the not serial. You've verified the that computer can talk to the controller and pixels w/ the hardware controller so we know that you have the basic connectivity setup. When you were testing, were you using Pixel Editor or were you running a show? If you were using Pixel Editor make sure you have "control lights" turned on. It's an easy mistake. The next place we need to look is the prop definition for the pixel tree in the your preview. Can you share what that looks like? The channel configuration here needs to map the configuration that you setup in the network preferences. arnold
  10. Ethernet Issues

    Just ignore that error if just want to test the pixels. Click OK and go to the Pixel console.
  11. Being original.

    My wife who is our primary sequencer will empathize. While she has done a couple of sequences from scratch (Her Muppets 12 days of Christmas I think is awesome) but she much prefers taking an existing sequence, using the timing and pretty reworking it completely. She might try doing a sequence from scratch again if the S5 timing generators are better. Here are some of videos from last year. arnold
  12. Ethernet Issues

    It is possible to run a test. I would set the LOR network serial ports to "none". You will only be able to drive stuff on the E1.31 (DMX over Ethernet). I just tested this and works.
  13. Ethernet Issues

  14. Ethernet Issues

    I would swap string on output 16 with another output (e.g. 15) see if the problem follow the output or the string. The other thing you can do is use the AlphaPhix test util on the board to see if the string works with local control. That will rule out hardware versus configuration issues.
  15. Ethernet Issues

    Then make sure you configure the DMX screen on the network preferences on the control panel. It should look like what Mr. P posted earlier.