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  1. Ran into an interesting news article in our local paper demonstrating another use for Christmas light shows. Keep in mind that the Santa Ynez Valley is pretty small, so I had already heard the news, but then I saw it on the front page. Anyway, here is a link to the Vimeo video and to the newspaper article. http://www.santaynezvalleystar.com/ https://vimeo.com/150450454 Congratulations to Egan and Rachael. Mikey
  2. I saw ItsMeBobO offering to solve all of the Papagayo questions. So, here goes. My ultimate goal is to animate the mouth parts (sounds like a mosquito) of my Olaf and Singing Christmas Tree wire frames to enhance my LOR-based display. In all of the rummaging around I have done in the forums, etc., I haven't found any mouth models with only 4 parts. The wire frames I have have pretty simple mouths, but only four parts. So, how do I model these and make them usable in Papagayo? I would rather not have to spend $300 for Anime Studio PRO. Are there other solutions? Of course I want something simple because my real goal is my Christmas display, not how to work a software package one time. To complicate things, I chose to download the new 2.0b1 beta version of Papagayo. I have played with it and it seems intuitive and easy to use. I was very quickly able to go through and sequence one of my songs using the provided mouth models. Problem is I don't see any posts that reference the new version. Now I want to go to the next step. Any ideas? Mikey
  3. First, I started with a "painter's pole" that extends. It has an attachment on the end for a variety of tools. So I got a 6 foot aluminum tube that fits the pole and cut a notch so it would lock into the painter's pole. On top of that I added the Christmas Light String Hanger Tool from Christmas Light Show.com. I attached this to the aluminum tube by placing a short piece of dowel into the tube so it wouldn't crush and putting a 1/4x20 bolt through the tube. The hanger tool goes onto the end of the bolt. I hang holispheres in trees, but I think this will work for you as well. Make your hooks out of brass welding rod. It's easy to shape to fit whatever you are hanging and then just a big loop on the other end to go over the tree limb. The magic here is when you are taking them down. If you use the right diameter welding rod (nothing too heavy) then you can simply snag it (I snag the holisphere) and just pull. The brass is soft enough to straighten out and down comes the holisphere (or whatever). Works for me. Mikey
  4. Walt I use WS2811s from Ray Wu and PixCon16 controllers and they seem to play nicely. Mikey
  5. Matt, thank you for the response and guidance. I understand how to adjust or disable the tooltip popup. However, I believe this works differently in SE and PE. In SE when the tooltip popup is on the screen, the ctrl keys and mouse wheel are still enabled. In PE when the tooltip popup is on the screen, the ctrl keys and mouse wheel (and maybe others) seem to be disabled. Having used SE a lot up until this year, my vote goes to the behavior in SE. Thanks again, Mikey
  6. I have a simple request based on my observations in PE 4.2.8.. When I'm working in SE, after coping a cell or block of cells, I can left-click a target upper-left cell and then ctrl-V to paste. If I want to do this again, a frequent thing, I can simply left-click the next target and ctrl-V, without having to release the ctrl key. In PE I can't do this because ctrl-left-click seems to be assigned to another function. My vote would certainly go with the way SE treats a ctrl-left-click so that I don't have to press ctrl, release ctrl, press ctrl, releast ctrl, etc... Thanks Mikey.
  7. When I am editing in PE and the "details popup" come up, things stop working. The roller wheel won't scroll up and down. The ctrl-C, ctrl-V, etc. won't work, but you can get a copy and paste by using the right mouse click. There are several other functions that don't seem to work while the pop-up is on the screen. If you move the mouse pointer off of the sequence grid causing the popup to disappear then these functions return and work as expected. So, is this how PE should work? Is this me or my machine? Do others see this same behavior? Can the user turn off the popup? BTW, my bad for not putting my initials in front of the title. I would edit it, but I don't see a way to edit the title. Thanks Mikey
  8. Matt, thank you very much. I went through and cleaned up the redundant effects and now the sequence seems to play as expected and edit as expected. This is really good information to learn. If you don't mind I would like to ask a question to clarify the usage of these features for myself and, probably, for others. In the Effect Generator there is a Left effect and a Right effect that are blended. For an individual prop there is a Top row and a Bottom row that seem to be blended. How should I use these to blend two effects? Can I actually blend four effects by blending two in the EG and placing them in the Top row and then blending two more in the EG and placing them in the Bottom row? Thanks again. Mikey
  9. I have a sequence that is similar to others I have already done using SS/PE/SE. I had completed a significant amount of the work and during a test observed that the meteors effect was simply filling from the top down during playback. It had been working as expected earlier. I went into the Effect Generator and tried a meteors effect - same thing, it just filled the tree from the top down. I tried adjusting the various settings and they didn't seem to make much difference. If I changed colors, it simply used the first color and filled the tree from the top down. When I selected other effects, several were not working as expected. The fireworks effect simply displayed one pixel. The fire effect lit the tree from bottom to top no matter the height setting and there was no 'fire' motion. I have tried rebooting the computer, restarting PE, and all of the other basic things I could think of. I started over and created a new .lms file using SE and then copied pieces of the sequence over using PE. Same thing. If I go to other sequences using PE, everything is as it should be. No problems. So, I'm out of ideas and stalled on this sequence. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Mikey
  10. First, I'm using 4.1.2. I have tried to do my homework - read the help file, looked in the forum, and even tried Google. I can't find what I'm looking for, so I am turning to the forum for help. I have file AA that contains an existing sequence, arranged into 5 tracks and a bunch of channels. I created file BB that contains a new sequence to the same audio file, containing a new set of channels and the sequence entries for them. I would like to "copy" the entire contents of BB, including the channel assignments, into a new track in file AA. I'm sure it is easy, but I just can't find the magic decoder ring. Thanks Mikey
  11. When I look at loading a "picture" effect I find that it accepts .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, and .tiff files. When I look in the PE Help file I don't find any material addressing "picture" effects. What are some of the rules for inserting pictures? What size should the images be? What works? What doesn't work? Is there a way to insert video into the effect? Mikey
  12. Well, I'm answering some of my own questions as I study and learn more about PE. First, I noticed there are more effects missing than just the Circles effect - Tree, Sparkle, etc.. But, I also found the \Light-O-Rama\PixelEditor\EffectPlugins subdirectory, so it looks like you are planning on accommodating new effects in the future. However, the question still remains if any of these will come from the user community. I realized that last year I had the ability to create an effect at the macro level and, when it was converted to XML and imported to the SE, I was able to edit it at the individual pixel level. For those who want to, this would allow another level of customization. Any plans for something like this? Finally, just to make it clear, I really like the things I see in S4. S4 rocks! But like so many, I want it all. So I have to ask. Thanks Mikey
  13. Last year I used RGB Studio to sequence my pixel tree. I got close to trying to alter the Circles effect so that it would have a solid background and could be used to make a classic Christmas tree - a green background with colored circles on it. As I started with the PE I realized that the effects were similar to what I had last year - I think they are open source. Then I found the function that would let me sum two effects and I'm excited thinking I can finally make a Christmas tree. So I made the solid green background and then went to put the Circles effect on top of that. Oops, there isn't a Circles effect. What happened? Will this be added later? Thanks Mikey
  14. I certainly don't feel like the expert here, but I will share what I do. My camera has an audio input jack. I use an old Sony Walkman and plug the headphone jack to the camera input. The audio I get is less than perfect, but it gives me a reference that I can use during the editing. I use the CyberLink Power Director for video editing and will start with a new project. I will add a clean audio track from the MP3 file. Then, as I add the video/audio tracks I have taken, I will align the audio from the clip with the clean track in the editor. This gets me real close, at least close enough for an amateur. You can make fine adjustments from this point.
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