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  1. Is there a website you can go to get simple xmas images to use in the pixel editor for a pixel tree ,800 pixels
  2. Hi James, i would love a copy of AC DC thunderstruck. Please booboo00@bresnan.net Thanks
  3. Sorry,Guess I forgot how to type. Try this booboo00@bresnan.net Thanks Again
  4. Mega i would like a copy if its not to much trouble b00b0000@bresnan.net Thanks BILL
  5. I would like to see what you came up with. Thanks booboo00@bresnan.net
  6. I think you are 100% right,I should see a head specialist. Do you know a good specialist? I dont deal with change very good. I dont have a choice . I ran my Halloween show and I had sit there and baby sit my PC. Every time I would leave it would go down right in the middle of the song on runtime error or crash. Had it looked at twice can seem to fix it. Iam afraid some going to get pissed and throw rocks at my house or somthing. I did get a new PC, Dell- Windows 7 .Still sitting here, I know if I chage it out something wont work right,LOR or the DMX .Look at me know? I flunked out of muisic ,typting and computer class. I should of paid more attention in class instead of the girls.
  7. Thinking about a new PC. I was wondering how windows 8 is working out with S3 and DMX. Any issue? Hard to use?.I hate a big change, I have XP now. Should a guy stay with windons 7 or is windows 8 about the same as 7 in the LOR world
  8. double000

    DMX Testing

    I had the same proplem with my HC controller. Lights would flash fast like morse code,I fought it for about a week,Finally figure out it was a bad connection in the dongle I got from them
  9. The first year I had 32 channels, 6 channel archs.16 channel mega tree. It was perrty good for 32 channels. Just think of a mirror and try to mirror most everything. http://vimeo.com/10023361
  10. double000

    Copy and paste

    Any body know what key on the key board to use or if their is one to select COPY- ROWS -with out going up to the edit and back down to select then rows . trying to copy and paste a row a little faster
  11. I got some at a garage sale for 5.00.I put 2 in the pine trees and 2 in the bushes and the say dry
  12. What lenght tubes did you use in your video
  13. Where did you buy your snow tubes
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