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  1. The LOR protocol is unavailable, however X10 is. X10 serial protocol http://www.smarthome.com/manuals/protocol.txt In the SE Edit => Preferances=>Network preferances and set a X10 comms port You may have to roll your own serial interface though. You could use multiple x10 channels the same way the CCR does for macro/effect/colour
  2. The USB-Serial Adapter may not have enough juice to drive the SC485 Serial adapter. If you have a powered USB hub, using it to drive the adapter may help. Alternately you could try running the SC485 on a hardware serial port if you can find a PC that has it, as I am assuming that neither of your machines has one, hence the USB-serial adapter.
  3. only use -> Fuses 15A Fast Acting Ceramic
  4. Dr. Jones wrote: What if you made a custom cable (CAT5 on one end XLR on other?) Although DMX and LOR both use the RS485 protocol- they are two different languages. You CANNOT just add a XLR connector to the end of an ethernet cable on a LOR network and expect your device to work. LOR does not natively output DMX. If the original language is DMX, LOR will work (with the new firmware) as a dimmer.(no shimmer or twinkle). Yes, LOR does not natively output DMX, but currently speaks Dasher, X10, BSOFT, and Digital IO, that is, it can output to those devices as well as the main LOR network. Now if DMX was added to the list of available languages and output on say the Aux A network to control a small number of DMX devices, that would be handy. Go to the LOR Sequencer -> Edit -> Preferences-> Network Preferences for the screen I am taking about.
  5. LightORamaDan wrote: Will you be able to use a spare USB485 if you need to drive only a couple of DMX fixtures instead of buying a $250 adapter?
  6. I was fine tuning my display and I unplugged the power supply to the CMB16D (DC controller) to change the address, however the network light on the board did not go out. I discovered by experimentation that if either controller upstream (CTB8D 8 chan 240VAC) or downstream (CTB16D 16 chan 240VAC) was powered and connected to the unpowered CMB16D the network light would be on. If the network was active with the HU or SE running, the network light would go from blinking to solid if the upstream cable was connected. It looks like 1: The network power works both ways, keeping the board awake if the normal DC suppy drops out. It would be interesting if you could use the board to control sub 12vdc loads without having to provide the secondary supply. 2: Unplug power and both data lines before working on the board or changing settings.
  7. Use the forum search to look for FM TRANSMITTER. Perhaps browse around the LORWIKI-> http://www.lorwiki.com/en/index.php/LORFAQ:Basics#How_do_visitors_hear_the_show_music.3F
  8. If you connect, say a desk lamp or a light rope, something that is not mounted, basicly something that has its own power cord and lights up, one in channel 6 and one in 7, do you get the same symptoms? If you swap the lights that are currently in 6 and 7 with say channels 1 and 2 does the problem follow the lights or stay with the channels.
  9. I have a mega made up of 24v LED strands, controlled by a CMB DC board. The lights don't dim significantly from 100-40% dim normaly to 20% then go out abuptly. Sometimes the LEDs stay on very dimly during and after the sequence, but extinuish if I close the SE. Usually this happens when I have been running for a while. I am going to try adding an incandesent to each channel as I suspect this is because the LEDs don't let the mosfet gates discharge completely (or something like that). Why the channels do close off when the SE is closed..I don't know.
  10. Steppe Wolfe

    .WAV files

    What I am going to do is make them as a musical sequence then add them to the show.
  11. I sketched this up, basicly an outline in ropelight. Attached files
  12. Shubb wrote: So LED2 on the receiving side extinguishes as soon as the SE is started? "Important Notes Transceivers do not automatically detect the network speed. If you change the RS485 network speed of a transceiver using the Hardware Utility, you must also do this in the Sequence Editor and/or Show Player. If the PC’s or MP3 Director’s network speed does not match the transceiver’s, the transceiver will not recognize and therefore not transmit LOR commands." Does the speed selected in the HU match the speed selected in the Sequence Editor? If you eliminate the ELL units and have everything direct connected, does the sequence play?
  13. Ok Standard Techie checklist: 1. What happens if you connect the transmitter directly to the pc, can you see the controllers on the other side of the link. 2. What happens if you reverse the position of the link units. 3. Do you get the same channel/config with the HU when you connect the units to the computer. ( Disconnect all the other controllers, then connect one unit to the pc with the adapter, repeat with the other unit) 4. What are the status lights doing on the units.
  14. lleibeck wrote: Go to http://www.landruchristmas.com/bbimages/sighelp.html and paste the code to your signature line under "My Account" - "Profile" More into here http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=4394&forum_id=25
  15. billc wrote: There are strings that have 8 mode channel controllers attached to them that can be modded to LOR control, I am doing that this year for my setup. I chopped the controllers off the strings and am going to connect the four channel wires to a DC controller. This will allow a four channel chase (which is what the embedded controllers did) with the versitility of LOR.
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