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  1. Does anyone know why the first 7 lights in an LOR bullet pixel string (powered by a Pixie16) work just fine but the remaining 43 don't light at all? The string has been working fine all season long and 80% of the lights just stopped lighting one day. I'm trying to figure out if this is something I can repair myself or if this is something I need to send back to LOR for repair. Thanks, Jim
  2. I should add that I was attempting to use a secondary display, extending my display to the secondary display (which is a projector) and then show the video only on the secondary display. I could not get this to work using a secondary display but I was able to get this to work when duplicating my display to the projector. I'm thinking I need to upgrade a display driver. Others have suggested this in other forums here.
  3. I am having this same issue. The video plays full screen the first time through the show but then returns to a windowed view the second time through and every time thereafter. Full screen playback is selected in the sequence editor. I running Windows 10.
  4. I agree. It seems lately that the contest results take a very long time to post.
  5. Thanks! That is a huge compliment.
  6. I just opened another ticket with LOR because now another one of my CCF controller boxes (not the one that was replaced) is experiencing this problem. Oddly enough it is exactly the same channel experiencing the problem...channel 6. It's definitely concerning. Like others, I, too, am wondering if it has something to do with moisture. My controller boxes are located under the roof of our front porch but they do get wet when it rains. It rained last night and I noticed the problem today. All my controllers are plugged into GFIs but I wonder if the lack of a ground on the CCF controller box is problematic. LOR support was fantastic for my last problem and I expect the same again...but I'd rather not have to ship controllers back and forth during the holiday season...and I'm sure LOR doesn't want to keep that up either. Thanks LOR for your support!
  7. I run a show with 6 CCF flood heads. This is my first year with RGB and I'll be honest...I love them. Not sure if there are other, similar products on the market that may or may not be brighter...but I am very happy with these. I divided my house up into 6 parts (three on the first story and three on the second story) and there is one CCF per part. They are all placed about 5 feet away from the wall...any further than that and they definitely wouldn't be bright enough. I also have a red brick house which diminishes the observable brightness of these things...here's a link for you:
  8. I would also like to thank Dan and the great folks at LOR....excellent customer service as always and we're also back up and running!
  9. Updating my previous post, I was able to find out that there is a reset button within the controller. If you push this button while powering up the unit it will reset the unit and, while doing so, run through multiple colors on the flood heads. I did that and I'm still having the problem. I also noticed that the red pixels were lit throughout the reset color cycles. I will be opening a ticket with LOR's help desk.
  10. I looked out my front window to check on the display before heading to bed and was distressed to see that, even though the show was off, the three red pixels on one of my CCF flood heads were still on at a low intensity. I shut down LOR on the computer and that did not fix the problem. I also unplugged the controller for 30+ seconds and that also did nothing. I switched the flood head with a different one and the new one had the same problem (which leads me to conclude there is a problem with the CCF controller itself). I don't see any jumpers like on the CTB16PC boxed that I can use to reset the controller. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim
  11. Hey all, I'm trying to upgrade the quality of the video I use in my display this year and bought a projector capable of 720p. As such I am trying to encode my videos at higher resolutions and I'm looking to use MPEG for that. I sequence to an mp3 of my video and then change the media file to the video when finished. However, when I add the video, my sequence, which was perfectly timed to my mp3, now lags behind the video...which implies there's something about the way I'm encoding it that's causing problems. Last year I used AVI files and I never had this problem. Is anyone working with MPEGs that can help me out? I've tried encoding with CBR audio at 128kbps but that doesn't seem to fix the problem. Thanks in advance for the help. -Jim
  12. Now that the CCFs have been available for quite some time, has anyone figured out a way to twinkle a single color with a CCF? I don't understand what the previous poster said about using a color effect. I've got a single RGB channel setup for each CCF I'm using. To date I am unable to figure out how to twinkle a single color other than Red, Green or Blue; I'd like to twinkle white.
  13. Is it possible to use Easy Light Linkers within a DMX universe if you are running S3 and using the LOR RS485B adapter? Maybe something like this: LOR RS485B -> ELL Transmitter -> ELL Receiver -> LOR-DMX CrossOver Cable -> whatever comes next... This DMX stuff is all very new to me and I am trying to make sense of it all. Thanks! Jim
  14. I would be interested in hearing more regarding your thoughts about the color mixing. I also purchased a CCF device during the March Grab Sale and have been playing with it a lot lately. Thus far I haven't been able to produce a purple or orange light to my liking (critical colors for my Halloween display). The purple has been a bit blueish. Perhaps the color mixing I'm using isn't ideal (I am using the pre-established colors proposed by the color fade tool in S3). Are there any color mixing guides out there for the cosmic color devices? Thanks, Jim
  15. When I reset the board, I leave it plugged in without the jumper for at least 30 seconds...usually closer to a minute...but it doesn't change my unit ID either...is it supposed to?
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