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  1. I would like a copy of Happy. Thanks in advance. wlewis1@btconline.net
  2. I would like to see your sequences. Thanks for sharing. wlewis1@btconline.net
  3. I am having a problem with my controllers hanging on and randomly coming on. I checked the cat 5 cables and they are all ok. We are having ALOT of rain, I think it may be moisture in the controllers - I have them mounted on stands in the yard. The rain is suppose to move out tonight - what is the best way to dry out the controllers and will I have to reset them? Thanks.
  4. Last night when my show came on - the music played correctly but the lights did their own thing. Some would come on and stay on, others would flash to the music - it was crazy. Today I unplugged every power source and every CAT5 cable. Left them off for about 3 hours, plugged everything back up, tested and it seemed to work. Well, now it is doing the same thing again. I only have LED and incandescent lights on my controllers. Can someone tell me what I need to do? Thanks.
  5. Earle, I am planning to add a spiral tree this year. I wondered if you still share your sequences. Thanks
  6. I would appreciate a copy - wlewis1@btconline.net. Thanks.
  7. I would like a copy - wlewis1@btconline.net. Thanks.
  8. You are correct William. The car audio was ahead - and it was probably just a fraction ahead - but seemed like forever. Next time I will turn the speakers down. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Last year I used an EDM transmitter for my radio station. I also used an FM radio and speakers for people to listen to as they walked around the display. (We have a sleigh ride through our property, so most people get out of their automobile) If you were sitting in your auto listening to the radio and had your window down where you could also hear the speakers it was an echo effect - the timing was off by a second or so. Any ideas how to correct this? Thanks.
  10. It was the red light on the controller blinking, I changed the fuse and seems to have fixed the problem.
  11. Last night I tested my LOR and everything worked fine. Tonight my show would not work. I use the mp3show director, the red status light blinks constantly - what could be the cause?
  12. I forgot to mention -- it ran the Cat 5 cable, some of the controllers it got were not even plugged into the power outlet yet.
  13. I forgot to mention -- it ran the Cat 5 cable, some of the controllers it got were not even plugged into the power outlet yet.
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