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  1. James, didn't receive. just got 2 emails with a bunch of fwd's. Can you retry?
  2. If you're still sharing would love to get one. New stuff just arrived today from LOR bobwingert@gmail.com Many thanks
  3. Found it, bad comm port. When in panic mode, you miss the obvious things. Thanks anyways for the advise. Life is Good again
  4. Had to reinstall LOR, cannot get it to connect to the boxes now. Issues with USB485 adapter Running windows 7. Used same laptop for years but after reintstall it went kapoop. Ideas?
  5. LORisAwesome wrote: There's not any overload at all (not even close), I plug in a rectifier as the lights were in motion and I felt a shock. That apparantely blew the fuse. I have used those same rectifiers for 2 years with no problems.
  6. Paul Roberson wrote: Blown fuse. Got the 4 pack @ Radio Shack as someone on here mentioned. Problem all fixed. Thanks for the quick responses fellows!
  7. Don Gillespie wrote: Bob before you play with the fuse make sure you unplug the unit you can go to the LOR website and pull up contollers there is a photo of where the fuses are make sure you are using the fast acting fuses normally white in color for micro waves and I can not stress enough to unplug the controller from any power source before changing fuses. thanks Don! I found the diagram and will replace the fuse tomorrow and hope that solves the problem. Nothing like it going out on a Sat night with folks watching.
  8. CTB 16 PC. Would it be housed under a blue wrap?
  9. Don wrote: Check the fuse on the 1-8 side. Check the breaker the 1-8 side is plugged into. The unit has power on the 9-16 side, as that is what powered the board logic. Silly question, where are the fuses?
  10. I have a unit that has power (red light steady on). Channels 1-8 just quit working, 9-16 are fine. Ideas? It just stopped working a few minutes ago during a show. Thanks!
  11. caniac wrote: though I am a big fan of South Park and "pushing the envelope", had never thought of mixing Christmas and it but this is just out and out cool. May have to figure out how to work this one in. Thanks for the compliments ... I have a few songs that typically play after 8pm, even though the kids and parents love it anyways. It definitely makes people laugh and to this day, no negatives
  12. Aaron Maue wrote: Becareful! If you look @ the link it also says: Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible
  13. Aaron Maue wrote: What I think is I want you, Aaron to come build that same bar in MY garage! :cool:
  14. eschlomach wrote: Suggestion? As big as that yard is and with as many parts that could be animated ----- You're GONNA need A LOT of channels! WOW> Have fun...And get started, NOW.
  15. mmais68569 wrote: Thanks! I like these sooo much better than the LED one's I purchased.
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