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  1. 3 CTB16PC LOR Controllers for sale.

    Sale pending.
  2. I have 3 LOR CTB16PC controllers for sale. 2 are fully assembled, 1 is card assembled (I attached the cords). Used 3 seasons. Work great, no problems. All 3 for $250 + Sipping from Charleston, SC.
  3. Well The Time Has Come, Maybe

    This is my first year with a LOR display. It took me almost 3 years to finally do it. I had 2 controllers last year but felt I wasn't ready and time flew by. Bought a 3rd this year and set it up. I had in my mind what I wanted to do since we moved into our new house in Dec.07. I was following another site but left because of all the self-absorbed A$$holes (or at least gave me that impression). I found that on here quite a bit too, but for the most part found good people, good advice, and good fun. After I found this place, I found Wowlights and their setup was almost exactly like what I wanted to do (I think they copied my mind) so that made it even easier. I only have 14 songs, bought half and did half myself. Because of the type I am, it took me a while to do the songs myself. I'm sure I could have asked questions to speed things up, but once I learned by trial and error, I won't forget it. I lurked around and picked up some great advice from several people and some of it worked . William, you are one I did pick up some good tips from, and if that wasn't enough, we could always get a few pictures. Good luck with your descision.
  4. Ordered 10/12. CTB16PC Ready to go. Shipped 11/7, delivered today. Thanks LOR for overcoming all the issues and working through them.
  5. Controller shipping time info

    Don't be a putz again bottomly. Here's what the dislaimer says "Please be advised that it may be many weeks before we can deliver. (orders placed early will be delivered fairly quickly) " Doesn't say we won't give you a staus on your order or we won't return emails. The guy was being nice about it and just tried to get info. And NO, I don't know him. I'm in the same boat. Have lurked around here for a while and if you are a Vet, you give us real Vets a bad name.
  6. sale??

    roknjohn wrote: FYI: Breakers are sized for the wire NOT the load. You should NEVER replace a breaker with a larger one unless the wire is sized accordingly. Thanks. I did know that and would have to pull in new wire anyways. Was going to back out the wire and run it off the sub-panel. Run new wire from the main to the sub.
  7. sale??

    JBullard wrote: Another advantage of using LED lights. Don't have to pay $$ for electrical upgrades. I use two 15 amp outlets for 480 channels and over 40,000 LED lights Thanks J. I will run mostly LEDs. Just picked up 38 more boxes of 100ct on the 24th from HD. The only incadescent lights I have are 9 strings of Icicles and some blow ups. And the rest of my lights are all LEDs. Started changing over for just this reason. Of course the blow ups won't be controlled. I do have two open slots on my pool sub-panel, so that may be enough. Need to get a Kill-o-watt meter and check it out.
  8. sale??

    Bob Wingert wrote: Thanks Bob. I have seen your display and exchanged emails with you. Looking forward to the New year. Great display BTW.
  9. sale??

    JBullard wrote: Have more than enough extensions cords to run to controllers. Plan on using SPT from controllers to the display items/lights. My main problem will be power. I live in a new home (3 yrs old), and we put a pool in right away. The two empty breaker slots I had, went for use on the sub-panel for the pool (70 Amp). Since it is a new community, the power company will not run another service to our home (HOA thing). I think I can replace the 70 AMP breaker with a 100, and run it to a 100 Amp sub-panel, then run the pool sub-panel off it. I never pull more than 20 Amps off the pool sub-panel during the winter. It's too cold to run the Heat pump which draws the most. Any thoughts of running a Sub panel off another?
  10. sale??

    DonFL wrote: I'm sure I will. Just making a point of some hiding behind a keyboard. I have been lurking for almost a year. Bought 2 controllers during the Clearance Sale last year, and plan on at least one more this year. Didn't have the opportunity to sequence this year, so I'm starting now for next. BTW, I spent most of my time on here reading, and filtering. Just as the Newbie Forum Guidelines state, there are no dumb questions.
  11. sale??

    Wow! Thanks for the great insite about this forum. Was hoping to get started for next year, but looks as if I'll have to ask my questions somewhere else. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  12. shipping

    I also saw 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to playing with the new toys.