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  1. Thanks jstorms. I a lot of fun doing it. I will add a little more this year. Budget is a lot smaller this year being I went way way over last year.
  2. Thanks Ron. Yes they are rainbow wall washers there are 3 in the center of the house and 1 on each side driveway shining from the ground up on the over head door. The ones on the center of the house are above the big window. I like them, but I'm looking for something that will cover the wall better.
  3. Hey all, Been sometime that I have been on here. 2010 was my first year and started with 96 channels and 10 songs. This was the last one that I got done the middle of Dec. and thing its my best one and I watch it over and over still. Let me know what you think. Thanks Mike [size=http://vimeo.com/18255022 ]
  4. I have my Laptops networked and just open the files on the laptop that I want to move it to and drop it in the file. I have all wireless laptops. Dont know how you are set up.
  5. testraub. Love the video and the remake song. Need to get that one. All the videos are great. I have one that I took with my iPhone. The volume is low. http://vimeo.com/17248977 This is my first year with LOR 96 Channels
  6. That is too cool. Another thumbs up here. Where is the water coming from? It looks like it is just landing on the lawn. Where did you get the lights for the water jets? I would love to get that song too.
  7. After reading the posts here, it got me looking on youtube at bells and ran across this video. Looks like a good way to ring a bell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fghJgMZunv0
  8. anisworth, I do it the same way you do it, but the animation is gone after in inport the picture of the house. Thanks Mike
  9. I don't think so because of the name that was on the old Laptop. That one didn't have my name. But I was going to see if I can change the name on the old one and copy the file to this one
  10. jimswinder wrote: I was thinking the same thing, But the file was in a folder that I don't think I can't duplicate in Windows 7. I will have to look at it a little closer and maybe change it on the old laptop and move it to the new one. thanks agian Mike
  11. jimswinder wrote: Jim, I have the Channel Configuration on the new Laptop. After tring to add the background picture and it deletes the animation. I can inport the Channel configuraion and the animation is back, but no picture. Thanks Mike
  12. Hi All, I just got a new Laptop with windows 7. I transferred my files with a file transfer cable made for windows 7. After downloading LOR to the new laptop and moving my music and sequences to new folders for LOR, It will not show the background picture in the animation window. It shows all the lights and channels that I created on the old laptop (xp). The Background picture is on the new laptop, but if I add it, it will delete the light animation. Is there a way to link the back ground picture back to the animation file. It also will show the old link of the background picture where it was on the old laptop. Any help would be great, Thanks, Mike
  13. Hi all, Just got my controller back today from LOR. They got it to work. I don't know if I should tell what I did wrong, But I will just to help out other newbies. This is what they found. The U5 (8 bit-flip- flop 20 pin DIP) was put in the wrong way. Now I feel like a DIP . I checked and checked and checked that board to make sure that I had every thing put in the right way. I guess I looked at it for such a long time that It looked like every thing was in the right way :shock:. The best part was that they added, PS nice soldering work! That gave me a warm feeling all over. This was the first board the I have done. So I guess the lessens is, watch what the h**l I'm doing. Mike
  14. jimswinder wrote: I would have to say...beautiful job
  15. Well I guess its time to contact the pros. I sat for a couple hours looking at my solder joints and touching up the ones that may have been bad. Transformer still gets a hot and the LED is not lighting. I tried to take some pictures of it and if I got to close with the camera, you coulded see it very well at all and to far away you can't really see the solder that good. jldavis and Jeff, It was a good idea, but I think I need a better camera for that close of a shot. Thanks for the help. I'm sure I will need more down the road. Thanks all, Mike
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