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  1. On our mega tree we use 16 channels, 8 red, 8 green. We use 500 lights of each color per channel for 8000 lights total. It's 19 ft. tall with a 8 foot base.
  2. We've had rain the past couple of days and the GFI outlets 2 of my boxes are plugged into are tripping immediately. One is my mega tree the other mini trees. What would be the danger of plugging them into non GFI outlets?
  3. If worse comes to worst, you can add time to an mp3 in audacity. go to the end of the mp3 and click on one of the menus on top. One of the has add silence. Select that for how long you need the silence at the end to be. Matt
  4. Two words. Dual Monitor.... With the new software (visual, seq. edit.) You can have the sequence editor on one monitor and the visualizer on the other.... so sweet.
  5. Also, make make sure your transmitter is plugged into the same circuit as your computer.
  6. Next year we are going to add Rainbow floods to light up two-sixty foot trees in the front yard. Also we're adding the shepards and three wise men to the Nativity scene. We'll light them by rainbow spots as well. We may make the Mega Tree into a weber tree as well. Matt
  7. Here are the videos http://vimeo.com/18556515 Baby Please Come Home by Anberlin (Wifes Favorite) http://vimeo.com/18557128 Intro for the show http://vimeo.com/19993968 Mary did you know by Spoken http://vimeo.com/19993577 Linus Speech http://vimeo.com/18152826 WIW - TSO http://vimeo.com/18151995 Soldiers Silent Night http://vimeo.com/18132075 Carol of the Bells - TSO http://vimeo.com/18131425 Brian Setzer Orchestra - Nutcracker Suite (My favorite) Please let me know what you guys think. This years show is much larger from last years. that's last years show for comparison. Now onto this years show!
  8. Hey guys, Planning next years display. My plan is this, you can tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. I have a tree in my front yard that I want to light up with the Rainbow floods. I want to put three floods on the ground equally around the tree. I want to put the rainbow spots around the trunk shining on the trunk of the tree again equally distant around the tree. And I'm going to climb about 20-25 feet into the tree and attach the other three rainbow floods on large branches shining up again equally distant around the tree. On one RGB channel I would like to have on RGB Flood on the ground, the spot on the trunk and one flood in the tree. This would give me three RGB channels to change the tree in colors in thirds around the tree. All the lights would be protected in all weather work light units. I have a 12 volt 12 amp power supply. My question is this. Using the CMB16D DC Controller, could I daisy chain both floods and the spot light on one run? I.E. Board to flood 1, flood 1 to spot, spot to flood 2 in tree. If the cat 5 can't handle that much power could I just use three cat 5 cords and twist the individual ends of all three wires together and then secure them in the screw terminals on the CMB16D and then run each cord plug to the terminal on the floods and spot? Would this create some type of hazard? Or would I have to buy additional CMB16D's and run one Flood on each RGB channel? Thanks, Matt
  9. I'm up and running. Videos posted soon. www.wilmesfamilychristmas.com Matt
  10. Pretty much your solution in a nutshell. You need to connect your cord to the controller you want to be controller 2 and only that controller. Don't connect your cat 5 or phone cord to both, just the one you want to be controller 2. After that open your hardware utility. Have the hardware utility find the unit. Than assign the controller unit 02. Have Fun!
  11. Nice Job! I really enjoyed the Poker Face. I never would have thought of that for a Christmas song.
  12. That tree is a Linden that is probably well over 70 feet tall... I don't think I'll be able to get that all decked out in lights for at least the next few years... But next year the yard will come into play big time. Mega Tree, 10 mini trees and a life size nativity...
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments. The one song I linked was the one I liked the least out of all of them this year. As for next year my neighbors all loved it. One neighbor is making a life size nativity out of plywood. I'm going to paint it white and use flood lights to light it. The house will be color designed next year so the whole house won't be white it will also be green and red. Alongside the nativity will be ten mini trees five on both sides, they'll be white. Also a twenty foot mega tree is being added with eight channels of both red and green, should look nice. It's a lot to add in one year but it'll get done. these two songs were my favorite to program and see. We did lose two candy canes later in the year when a few kids who were playing in the yard tripped over them.... oh well at least I bought extras. Again thanks for the encouragement!
  14. Hey Guys, I've been surfing around this site for a couple of years. This past year I finally put 16 channels on my mom's house. A little over 4200 lights. Already for next year we're expanding by adding 48 more channels and about ten thousand lights. I did have a hard time as I saw most of you did getting those lights post christmas... still need to get a few more strands. Anyways, before you know my whole life story I was wondering what you thought of the show I designed for my mom's house this year. I know I'm not exactly a pro yet. I just graduated college and am absolutely loving this job market but at least I have my humor and my christmas lights... http://www.youtube.com/user/WilmesLighting#p/a/u/1/EiJLlND30PA This is just one of the songs we did for this year. Click on the other videos for the others. We raised over three hundred bucks for a local charity, not a ton of money but hopefully that improves... Constructive criticism more than welcome.
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