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  1. Well have u seen a propane tank explode.................... well if so your lucky i havent yet but anyway:D:D:D just like a computer it may not work agin.
  2. Iam hoping to get one built some time next yr i hope;) if i have the $$$$$$$ but now i am broke as they come. i guess i bought to many lights this year:D Jeff G.
  3. Well my list of songs i have. "The Cowboy Rides Away" by George Strait ................................"not dune yet" "Buy you a new life" by Everclear "God Bless Texas" by Little Texas "Dont Close Your Eyes" sung by Alan Jackson A special tribute to Keith Whitley and got to do this on The Christmas Tree by Rodney Dangerfield well thats all for this year maybe. Jeff G. :dude: Attached files
  4. I know this stuped but what does the mini director do??? and what the heck is it is it like a lor? Jeff G
  5. there are millions ways to buld mini trees all i did to mine is take a tomater cage and turnd it up side down thats all.
  6. :Dgreat i shoud be okay let the show begin in idaho
  7. Just wondering how many Lights can go on a 16 channel LOR because i am planning to put some 2700 lights on it they are mini trees i have programed with music. Jeff G
  8. Congrats to you u are officaly a christmas light nut:} just like us
  9. then i should be okay right with 3000 lights
  10. May sound dum but how many lights can a 16 Channel LOR can Handle?? Iam puting 3,000 lights 100ct lights mini trees on it is that okay??
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