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  1. Mr dibblejr, Are the recordings available for the previous zoom's? And tomorrow's as well? Thanks in advance, for EVERYTHING you do! Keep up the awesome work!
  2. JR -- thanks for your persistence and serving attitude. It is appreciated. I won't be able to take advantage of these training sessions until very late July. This Saturday, 6pm, I'm planning to be in N TX, on the way to a couple college tours for one of my kids. The following Saturday, will be with my aging parents in S TX to help some with their estate. And, it keeps going on like this. So, I may be reserved to getting the after-class recordings, and trying to learn that way. :(
  3. JR, I apologize, but cannot attend on Saturday's, as I'm trying to make that more of a family day with the kids, while they're still at the house. Sorry. And, the next 2 Saturday's, I'll be out-of-town for college visits and house-hunting for my different kids. So, please do not stop, as I'm trying to learn from your recorded lessons. From the post above, I'm assuming there's no video from Week "3". Is that correct? Thanks again!
  4. How awesome is this?! Thank you, for doing this! I REALLY REALLY want to do this, but may be too short of a notice to clear out schedule. I'll work on that part. Also, I haven't looked at S5 since last November. Have to brush up quickly. Based on previous post, is it best to have 2 computers going at once? One with the Zoom, and one with the LOR? Or, is one computer with 2 screens just as good? Again -- thanks for doing this!
  5. Well, I'm too late to second this, so I'll third it. I'm a HUGE fan of wowlight's sequences. I have not found another pay site that has anything better. And, I have looked! I have over 20 of their sequences. I would like to share my sequences with y'all, but those I have worth sharing are bought from wowlights (and modified for my setup), and that's against their policies and my ethics. I was unaware they offered "up to 4 faces" for their sequences. I'll have to check into that. (It's like Christmas for me, when they post up their new songs for the year.)
  6. They don't offer 16-64 channel options for all their songs? I thought they did. I must've missed that. Also, do note, just because they don't have a DEMO VIDEO of a 16-64 channel sequence, doesn't mean they don't offer that sequence in that channel configuration. They don't offer demo videos of all their sequences in all the configurations. But, I think they do OFFER all their sequences in all the configurations. Again, I could be wrong.
  7. rhino


    earlk, I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but if you want a "sparkle" effect with the strobes, you just turn them on in the sequencer. That's the only effect you really need in the Sequencer for strobes -- ON, and for how long do you want them to "sparkle". Then, turn them off.
  8. I'm very interested in a sequence with this song as well. If you you're willing to share, would be very happy to get a copy. (I only have traditional lights, no RGB/pixels/matrix/etc). Thanks in advance! the5prescotts@gmail.com This sequence will be used in our personal display only, and will not be sold. Again, thanks!
  9. V5.3.10, Pro.Windows 10.This started happening while at the show site, testing the display. I was going between HUB (to create an SD card) and the Hardware Utility (to test out specific controllers and networks). When trying to create a quick animation sequence, the Sequencer did not open. Came back home, plugged in laptop, and the same thing is happening here at the house. I can open HUB and HW Utility, but not the Sequencer. I get a "clocking mouse" (if that makes sense) like it's trying to open something, then it just gives up. No error message.I tried Unloading Light-O-Rama and starting it
  10. If this is a traditional light (no RGB/pixel) sequence, I would LOVE 😍 a copy as well. Please. the5prescotts@gmail.com Thanks in advance! I agree to not sell this sequence with anyone. I will not share this sequence with anyone, without prior approval. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my free show only, for the community to enjoy. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
  11. Terpsmurf, If you're sharing, I would like a copy of your star wars sequence(s). I'm only have traditional lights, no rgb/pixel. Do you also have the amazon link of the *.mp3, so I can purchase the exact version of the song(s) that you're using? Much thanks in advance! I've been trying to get a star wars sequence included in the show, as a request from my pastor. This would be epic if I can get yours to work in the display. the5prescotts@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for
  12. I have added a candy-cane pinwheel to my display this year, and haven't had the time to add it to the sequences yet (work and life just gets in the way!). This pinwheel is a 12-channel pinwheel (traditional lights, not RGB/pixel), with a candy-cane on each "hour of the clock", so-to-speak. Can anyone share any sample sequences that include a pin-wheel? I would like to see different examples of it going all the way around (1 o'clock to 12 o'clock clockwise) vs bouncing back-n-forth (9 o'clock to 3 o'clock clockwise to 9 o'clock counter-clockwise). I'm intere
  13. I'm looking for sequences that have a 3-channel (rotating) star on top of its mega tree. I replaced my single-star with the rotating 3-channel star on my mega tree this year, and looking for examples on how to sync it up with the rest of the mega tree, when it "rotates". (The mega tree has 16 channels going around it -- up-n-down, NOT up-n-over). The 3-channel rotating star is done with traditional lights (not rgb/pixel). Any and all help is greatly appreciated! the5prescotts@gmail.com (Your sequences will not be used in my display, just modifi
  14. All, Never mind. Sorry to bother you. Found the solution with... Prop Definition > Channels / Uses the same channels as... This "tells" the Preview that the duplication of elements on the same channel is intended.
  15. I have several channel conflicts, by design, in my preview. S5 detects this as a conflict. How do I "accept" the conflict as is? I want the 3 items on the same channel. Is it safe to assume the "channel conflicts" are not allowing me to perform a playback?
  16. All, In S5 Preview, how does one create a rotating star (3 stars in rotation, aka, "3-channel star")? Thanks in advance!
  17. Never mind, folks. I think I found it. I'm leaving this post in here, in case it helps someone else, or if someone else has a better solution. Shape = Line-Unconnected. # of segments = 7 Traditional Lights; Channel per color; reg, green, blue, white. <Save> Then, move the segments around to "create" a stick tree. One segment is the vertical trunk. The other 6 segments are horizontals, increasing in size from top to bottom.
  18. I'm having problems in finding the method in creating a stick tree in the Preview. What prop should be used? (4-colored, 1 channel per color, traditional lights) Huge thanks in advance!
  19. Again -- thank you for this sp-sheet. Awesome. Can I ask questions about it, which is probably "spiral tree 101" type of things. 1. What is "Total channels"? 2. What is "Strings per channel"? If it's 24 total channels, and 1 string per channel, does that mean there's 24 individual "strands" (or spirals) around the "tree", and each of the 24 "strands" can be programmed (channel)? 3. What is "Length of Support Line"? 4. What is "Support Line String Spacing"? 5. What is "Base Rig Spacing per String"?
  20. Whoa, Nellie! There's a sp-sheet for this?! How cool is that?! THANK YOU! Now, do spirals look good on a 33" mini tree? What's the shortest a "tree" can be, and the spirals still look good? Thanks!
  21. If this question has already been asked, I apologize. Feel free to link me in the right direction. I didn't find it in 2 different search attempts. This is regarding the ELEMENT HARDWARE ONLY at this time -- how to build a spiral mini tree. I see a thread out there regarding the sequences, involving james morris and talley. I'll get to that one after I secure and nail down the hardware of the spiral mini tree. Thinking about adding 20 more mini trees (4 colors each) to my display, which already has 20 minis in it. I'm wondering if I should make these new minis as s
  22. Sysco -- it's all a blur. LOTS of great things. I attended 2 of the 3 pre-show sessions, and those were great. Any chance you get to take something from Drew Hickman -- DO! I wanted to attend a lot of the S5 classes, but failed to due to other sessions going on. They were all great, which really doesn't help you a lot. There was the Moving Heads by Tom Betgeorge, Music's DNA (and sequencing) by Aubrey Kall, the … Holy Grail by Mark Z, Pixels in a Traditional Display by Darren Hufty, Your First Smart Pixel by Matt Brown, Intro to DMX by Kevin Thomas, Intro to Audacity by Jeff Oberst, Trad
  23. Phil -- Zman is correct, unfortunately. However, I got the sense that those presentations done by LOR team members would be posted on the LOR website > Support > Tutorials & PDFs. But, I don't see them up there yet. Also, many of the non-LOR presenters, made their presentations available, either via website or via email request. Zman -- job well done on your presentations. Sorry I couldn't make all 6, but did enjoy the ones I was able to attend. THANK YOU! Education Committee -- Any thought on having some (if not all) of these topics repeated during the s
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