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  1. Again -- thank you for this sp-sheet. Awesome. Can I ask questions about it, which is probably "spiral tree 101" type of things. 1. What is "Total channels"? 2. What is "Strings per channel"? If it's 24 total channels, and 1 string per channel, does that mean there's 24 individual "strands" (or spirals) around the "tree", and each of the 24 "strands" can be programmed (channel)? 3. What is "Length of Support Line"? 4. What is "Support Line String Spacing"? 5. What is "Base Rig Spacing per String"?
  2. Whoa, Nellie! There's a sp-sheet for this?! How cool is that?! THANK YOU! Now, do spirals look good on a 33" mini tree? What's the shortest a "tree" can be, and the spirals still look good? Thanks!
  3. If this question has already been asked, I apologize. Feel free to link me in the right direction. I didn't find it in 2 different search attempts. This is regarding the ELEMENT HARDWARE ONLY at this time -- how to build a spiral mini tree. I see a thread out there regarding the sequences, involving james morris and talley. I'll get to that one after I secure and nail down the hardware of the spiral mini tree. Thinking about adding 20 more mini trees (4 colors each) to my display, which already has 20 minis in it. I'm wondering if I should make these new minis as spiral trees. LEDS. NOT RGBs. Does anyone have experience with mini spiral trees? (LEDS, NOT RGBs) My minis are about 33" tall, and use the 5mm leds Do 33" mini trees still make for a good spiral effect? How many separate strands around the tomato cage are needed to make a good spiral effect? If starting at the top, how many times around the tomato cage should a strand go around? For one "spiral strand" around the tomato cage, what length of lights? 1 x 70cnt? 1 x 100cnt? 2 x 70cnt? Other? Hoping the questions make sense. Thank you in advance!
  4. Sysco -- it's all a blur. LOTS of great things. I attended 2 of the 3 pre-show sessions, and those were great. Any chance you get to take something from Drew Hickman -- DO! I wanted to attend a lot of the S5 classes, but failed to due to other sessions going on. They were all great, which really doesn't help you a lot. There was the Moving Heads by Tom Betgeorge, Music's DNA (and sequencing) by Aubrey Kall, the … Holy Grail by Mark Z, Pixels in a Traditional Display by Darren Hufty, Your First Smart Pixel by Matt Brown, Intro to DMX by Kevin Thomas, Intro to Audacity by Jeff Oberst, Traditional Elements by Jeff Carter, etc. The Vendor Hall was great with LOR, xLights, Novelty Lights, Boscoyo, Christmas Past Sleight Co, Crockett Fantasy of Lights, BigStar Lights, Magical Light Shows, the large displays by Universal Concepts and Christmas Done Bright, Lori's Lighted D'Lites (wired frames), and more. Sorry -- this probably doesn't help you any. I liked what I saw, including many of the features in S5. Not to be overlooked -- I enjoyed making a good number of personal connections with other Christmas enthusiasts, seeing what they do and how they do it, and learning from them. A lot of great tips here and there, big and small. I'm hoping to go through all my notes again this weekend, and formulate a game plan. Anything specific you're looking for?
  5. Phil -- Zman is correct, unfortunately. However, I got the sense that those presentations done by LOR team members would be posted on the LOR website > Support > Tutorials & PDFs. But, I don't see them up there yet. Also, many of the non-LOR presenters, made their presentations available, either via website or via email request. Zman -- job well done on your presentations. Sorry I couldn't make all 6, but did enjoy the ones I was able to attend. THANK YOU! Education Committee -- Any thought on having some (if not all) of these topics repeated during the same Expo? There are MANY sessions I wanted to attend, but couldn't because of other sessions at the same time, and just hoped I chose the right one.
  6. zman… 5 classes?! You must be smart! Which 5 are you doing, and let's see if they're on my radar? Can I heckle you from the back row? -- rhino
  7. AWESOME! I'm swamped at the office, so my memory will not carry this over to Monday, so you'll have to hit me upside the head to remind me! Don't know yet if my wife will be joining me on Monday. Looking forward to seeing you there too!
  8. If the people never go to the Coffee Shop, then I will never know who from the Sequence Sharing forum will be attending the Expo. It's not safe to assume that all users visit all forums. I don't have enough time for that. Does everyone else?
  9. There's already a thread in the Coffee Shop about this (http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/49139-who-all-is-going-to-the-christmas-expo-in-daytona-this-july/?tab=comments#comment-453832)... but thought I would ask the same thing here in this forum since this is my main forum to lurk about. If any of you are planning to attend the Christmas Expo, would like to shake your hand and tell you thanks, face-to-face, for your sharing. Will be in the RGB pre-show class on Monday. And the LOR Immersion pre-show class on Tue-Wed.
  10. Been ignoring too many of these Expos, and biting the bullet this year. Too expensive, but tired of saying, "Next year". So, flying in from CO. I'm not a regular here, but try to keep up in the Sequence Sharing forum. Any of the sequence-sharing folks going to the Expo in Daytona Beach?
  11. Sorry, can't help you. But I'm very interested in doing a walk-thru tunnel also. Can I catch up with you next week or two to figure out how you do this? My mega trees are 16 strands of 70. But these are not pixels so would something like that help you? the5prescotts@gmail.com
  12. I'm looking for any of the Pentatonix sequences as well. Regular LED sequences -- not pixels or RGBs (that's too fancy/costly for me). Thanks in advance!, -- the5prescotts@gmail.com
  13. If there's one out there that's being shared, I would love a copy as well. I don't have the fancy-schmancy stuffs (RGBs, Pixels, etc). Just straight LEDs and normal LOR controllers. But, LOTS OF THEM! 🙂 the5prescotts@gmail.com
  14. Agree, and agree, and agree. I agree early and often! Gotta' love their contributions. Their contributions are directly assisting (impacting) all of us, but can you imagine all the crowds (show-watchers) across the country they have also indirectly touched (impacted) with their generosity?
  15. fireitup, If you're still sharing, I wouldn't mind a lms copy of your Pentatonix's Hallelujah with singing faces. Mucho thanks in advance! -- rhino (the5prescotts@gmail.com)
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