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  1. Looking for a non-RGB sequence for 300 Violin Orchestra. As many channels as possible. Thanks MUCH in advance. the5prescotts@gmail.com
  2. Looking For Light of Christmas

    James, You provided this to me a couple years back, if memory serves me correctly. I have lost it in the transition from one computer to the next. Would you mind a resend at your earliest convenience? the5prescotts@gmail.com Thanks in advance! May your Thanksgiving be meaningful and (the turkey) moist.
  3. S4. Normal lighting (non-RGBs). Sequence is mostly done, but I need to decrease the intensity for a given element, for all it's patterns (on, ramps, fades, twinkles, etc). Is there a quick way to do that without editing each lighting item (on, ramps, fades, twinkles, etc)? Suppose, let's say I want to decrease the intensity for everything on a given element by 40%. How to do that in the SE?
  4. I have 2 networks: Regular (COM5) and AUX A (None). Both set for 115.4K speed. I know the option to set the ports (Edit > Preferences > Network Preferences > LOR tab > ...). However, I do not know what value to use for the AUX A network. What should I set my AUX A port to? For the Premiere Night, the show will be running from a laptop. All other nights, it will be run from a Show Director. There are 17 controllers on the Regular network, and there are 22 controllers on the AUX A. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  5. Whoa! That IS cool! Thanks for sharing that! I'm looking forward to diving into all the different pages on this website. Thanks again!
  6. Shayne, Ah, this is perfect! Thank you, thank you! Your original post got me going in the right direction. This helps too! Thank you! All, Thanks everyone for their ideas, help, and direction. <mcdonald's> I'm Lovin' It! </mcdonald's>
  7. Parkie, Awesome! 12' x 12' ?! 80' lift?! Wow! What is "Christmas Utah"? Can I "see" what you're talking about?
  8. mpageler, Thanks for this. From Shayne's post above, I was leaning this way. But, instead of the flat frame (I'm guessing) you're using for the wreath, I'm thinking of using a more flexible frame, that can wrap around the tree. This way, the face appears to be the tree, instead of something hanging from the tree. That's the dream, anyway. I appreciate your post, as it confirms some ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  9. Perfect! I like it. Now, if you wouldn't mind, what is the size of your singing face here? Just the face (eyes, mouth), not including the tree outline. Thanks again for your help!
  10. C9 Strobes

    Jamills706, Thanks for asking this question. I learned something too. I get mine from 3G Lighting Creations (http://store.3glightingcreations.com/), but have several different types, and haven't taken the time to figure out which I prefer. I'll have to check out christmaslightshow, but I love the customer support, the products, and the pricing at 3G.
  11. Yeah, the tree is the tree; I need to do something with it, and the "singing face" is the best idea I have gotten thus far. There are a couple large trees like this in the very front of the "yard" / display area. Thanks for the tip on the 20 / 35 ct strings. I'll have to stock up on those. Now, does anyone have designs for the singing face? How many channels should be used? Moving eyeballs? Open and shut eyelids? Different mouth configurations? Other?
  12. I like this idea! Don't know exactly what "black landscape fence" is, but I can find out. This is good! Thanks for the tip.
  13. Just upgraded from S3 to S4 (v4.3.14 Advanced). Where do I find documentation that indicates the differences between S3 and S4? Still looking... but figured someone out there is quicker than I am in finding it. TIA!
  14. I've seen the singing faces on coro. Awesome! But, I would like to put my singing faces on a real tree. Non-RGB. Has anyone done this? Any tips & tricks? Is there a design out there someplace? How many channels should be allocated for this? Tree is about 52" in circumference. I'm estimating about 12" across the tree can be used as the width of the face. With that, what should be the length of the face? These are pine and fir trees; thus, thick bark. Staples really don't hold well, and not interested in putting a lot of nails / screws in the tree. Am I being impossible? Thanks in advance!
  15. Never mind. I think I got it now. My bad.