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  1. Appears that was the problem. If I copy and paste the matrix into the sequence that has the pixel tree and then only run that, it works both look good. I see some "noise" in one set of nodes on the matrix, but will work on that. But getting one step closer.
  2. You might have hit the nail on the head. Will have to play with it and let you know.
  3. Do you mean channels like LOR Channels ??? I have imported timing marks from my LOR sequence.
  4. Both the sequence playing on the pixel tree and the animation sequence playing on the matrix were made on the pixel editor. The pixel tree is playing in the musical portion of the show and the matrix is play in the background portion of the show. Both had the intensity file save to their original file.
  5. Dennis, not sure what you are referring to
  6. each 682 has its own address, I am running in unicast and its on a dedicated LAN so there is no other traffic. I believe the pixel tree only is using 9 universes
  7. Hi, I have been running my pixel tree for about two weeks, all running well. Today I added my matrix. Pixel tree universes 1-20, matrix universes 21-25, each on own e682 controller. Both run perfectly fine by themselves. Add them together, the matrix is fine, but the pixel tree almost has a strobe effect. If I remove the sequence for the matrix from the show, tree is again fine. Running through a netgear 10/100 switch.
  8. Matt, I am not talking about the timing grid, but timing marks I make in a channel in the SE - such as beat marks or with the tapper wizard to be in the PE
  9. Is there any way I can take some of my timing marks that I made in the sequence editor and move them into the pixel editor ???
  10. You guys hit the nail on the head !! Thanks sooooooooooooo much I took last year off for a heart problem and got a major delay this year due to a bad back. Hopefully will be up and running by Dec 1
  11. Will check that out, That could be the answer
  12. using E682, setup on color goes fine. Green tests green, red tests red, blue tests blue - so controller is fine. Set everything up in PE and can get effects to work, but nodes are wrong color.... ie. if I use color wash red, some nodes are red, some are green and some are blue. Check to see if prop is set for RGB order and they are. Anyway for individual nodes get set differently ???? Any other suggestions
  13. The extensions I made have been working perfectly for the last week. 16 feet added and have not had a single failure even as temps drop. They look great !!
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