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    Win 10

    I recently upgraded to Win10 and have gone back to Windows 7 on my show computer. When playing a show - 15 minutes AVI file - it would crash. Always at the same spot in the video - no time to fix it this season. The only reason I upgraded on the show computer was because of an issue with the Task Scheduler that I used to turn on the projector automatically. I hoped windows 10 would fix it - but it didnt and caused another issue. So - show computer is running windows 7 with LOR V3.112, no problems. I just have to remember to switch on the projector.
  2. Hi Robert. I don't mean to hijack this thread but.... I have used the same wmv video file for 3 seasons as everybody seems to like it. It runs for just on 10 minutes and then there is a new video that I run straight after it. I have never had any problems with past years - just this years show. It is the same computer and projector running the show for the past years (sits in the cupboard) so the only thing I have changed is this years 2nd video. I am looking at if I have changed a setting or something when I rendered the 2nd video (sony vegas)or if I have inadvertently updated video codecs when I start the computer again and switch it onto my network (which has access to the internet). I have always had the video preferences done correctly. I am about to redo the video's as avi to see if this makes any difference and I will report back in a new thread. Cheers Craig
  3. I run a projector as well using the windows task scheduler. Just tell it to run the bat file at a particular time each day and you should have another bat file to turn it off. I do not use a bat file - just windows powershell. Now if I can only get it to stop running the window in small screen........ Hope this helps Cheers Craig
  4. Coaster Not sure about you guys up there, but if I was to purchase anything from a website - I would want contact details and there is none on that website. Cheers CraigG
  5. CraigG

    Zara Radio

    I use the events button to start and stop Zara Radio. I run the radio all day, it has an event"Stop" about 2 seconds before LOR starts and use "Play" when LOR finishes. I find that is the easiest way to do it.
  6. I have 2 garages, one has been converted to a study leaving about 4 feet of storage(mini tree storage)at the front. This year we are going to put our dancing santa in there so we don't have to bring him in every night. Add a christmas tree, few fake presents, spotlight on santa and you have a ready made stage. If I can just open the door......
  7. Have searched forum but haven't found anything - but I am pretty sure people have done this. Is there a way to automatically open a garage door? Start a sequence - garage door opens - finish a sequence - garage door closes? Is there a way to tap into the button that controls the door? Cheers CraigG Wollongong
  8. I used a simple "sheer" curtain to put all of the videos on and it works brilliantly. I also used the video file from virtual santa, added my audio as a backing track and used video files when sequencing. You can see the effect here http://www.vimeo.com/8186136. Sorry about my poor video skills though. What was funny and great was that I found an identical candlestick in a local 2 dollar shop and as the video changed (no more virtual santa) a "real" Santa came walking out the door with some candycanes for the children. Some of the parents did not know what to do - but the kids just mobbed Santa. It was a huge hit. Cheers CraigG Wollongong - Australia
  9. Can I extend the power cable to the ribbon? 6 feet just doesn't do for me. I was going to use the type of wire used in fairy lights extensions. Can anybody see a problem? Cheers CraigG Wollongong - Australia
  10. I have also been using the free version - it was the only one available when I started using it. I don't think I need to upgrade to the paid version. Have the "88.1 Reindeer Radio" come on around 5pm and play random christmas songs till our show starts at 8.30pm. It has never missed a beat for the couple of years that I have been using it. You will find it works great. Cheers CraigG
  11. I found a site that generates tones for you. I have been using Zara for a few years and find it great - never used tones though. http://www.dialabc.com/sound/generate/ Hope you find it useful. Cheers CraigG
  12. I know some people might laugh at me - but this fix worked for me downunder. I had problems with channels sticking and tried the add load to the channel etc etc. Adding the load worked for 1 night then went back to sticking. What i did notice is if I had no power to the boards throughout the day - they worked without a problem that night. When I say no power - I mean turned off at the power point (source). The show had been running flawlessly until last night - why - because the boards were not switched off during the day - we were at a xmas bbq all day & forgot. I will soon know if this remedy still works (turned off this morning) & I really would like to know if anyone else gets the same results because I cannot understand why this would work - but it does - for me anyway . Cheers CraigG
  13. Karl Email them directly. I got one shipped down under after I emailed him. Also if possible change your reply email to hotmail or gmail. The replies were not coming through my standard email address - very strict with spam blockers etc etc. I am sure if they can send one to Australia, getting one sent to the UK should be easy..... Cheers CraigG
  14. I had a similar problem with mine went I went back to do songs and I had not changed a thing. What had happened was there was a update to Windows Media Player and I believe something went astray there. I backed up all of my sequences, audio files and then uninstalled LOR. Deleted final directories etc - then reboot computer and reinstalled LOR and copied my backup folders across. Everything is now AOK. Hope this helps. Cheers CraigG
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