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  1. I yarn ball them too, but I found I can get 16 strings in a home depot 5 gallon bucket. Tom Straub
  2. I have to deal with all kinds of people and have as a personal outlook that..."People are morons, until proven otherwise". Works for me Tom Straub
  3. I got three days to complete the display. The dang Wind has been a witch here all month long here. Thank the Gods I have Thanksgiving "OFF" (as of now) to get things done Tom Straub
  4. Not sure I understand this method. Can you show and example, or explain so even a dummy like myself can under stand? Tom Straub
  5. Yeah, the home accent lights work okay, but if you get rain fairly often I would suggest using something like "no-lox" on them to prevent corrosion on the bulbs. You may also need a "snubber" on some to make them work properly. Tom Straub
  6. Well I do know a few things. My tree is 15' with 6' base, Galvanized Pipe pole, homemade topper w 4 inner guys and 16 outer. First year attached the 16 strings and stretched them out high enough to walk them around one at a time. Worked okay, but my strings were different lengths. Same 2nd year, but I measured all the strings to within a 1/2 inch of each other, worked a bit better. Last year tipped the tree on it's side and supported top and bottom so I could spin it. Worked okay, but a bit un-wieldy, Just trying to figure out how some other do it to see if there are better ways. Tom Straub
  7. Okay, fourth year doing a spiral tree, and I have tried several ways of wrapping it. Upright, walking the strings around, on it's side, spinning the tree. and STILL wanting to know the best way. I measure all the strings and they are within a half inch on length, and I know the first string is the most important. This year I'm going for three layers of lights, two of multi color strings (32 total) and 8 each blue and white (48 strings total). What is the BEST way to wrap the dang tree? It's driving me crazy! Tom Straub
  8. Setup as you want too. I don't use a "4" plan as I have stuff all over the place. Use the visualizer to get an idea of how things will like. Have fun with your setup! Tom Straub
  9. I personally haven't used any of the washers and have had no problems. I have the retrofit LED's in both c7 and c( and use them on the roof and under the eves. Tom Straub
  10. I have found over the years that "ANYTHING MADE BY MAN, CAN AND WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL!" So a few triacs needing to be replaced is not a big deal to me. BUT, it would be great if they were socketed Tom Straub
  11. Start tonight. Found a couple small problems and fixed. Ready to go (fingers crossed). Tom Straub
  12. I FOUND THE PROBLEM!!! Stupid me had the CTB16 Input Connector in upside down. Well, live and learn. Tom Straub
  13. Well, finally got some lights hooked up to the controller and ran a sequence from the sequence editor and they worked just fine... As I said odd problem. Tom Straub
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