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  1. mcorbo wrote: Thanks for the work you put into this mcorbo.......followed it and now working. It's not said enough, thanks to all on this form for all the time and help they/you give....... Merry Christmas Wayne
  2. This is what I used, it is the white dryer vent hose. I highly recomend it.
  3. Not really cold here, live on the coast. It did get down to -2 couple nights but I would think they would hold up in the cold. I bough the tubes at Home Depot for about $3 for 3 1/2 in X 8 ft....
  4. Very, VERY, nice....love reading stories like this, thanks for posting.....
  5. I used dryer tube for my CCR arches. I think it looks better....here is a video someone took, the arches are on the left.
  6. Good work, looks very nice, I like the musical notes and the white pillars.
  7. Good work, looks very nice, I like the musical notes and the white pillars.
  8. Yes Cracker....Job Well Done!!!!!!! 5,434,281 hits on You Tube... As a second year LOR show and 1st year with 2 CCR's I had lots of questions. On one of my (many) questions, Cracker was one of the first to step up and help out. Its guys/gals like this that make this hobby (addiction) so much fun.....Also, many thanks to all the posts and 1st hand help that I have received on this Forum...... Oh, Cracker, here is some advise......you should think about doing a Christmas show...maybe not this year, but next year......lol......I guess what I am saying is that you can't retire.... Wayne
  9. I have 1-16 channel controller and 2 CCR's. If I purchase the SuperStar Sequence Editor (2 CCRs - 300 Channels) will the auto sequencer run all my channels? or do I have to purchase the 4 CCRs so it will also auto sequence my 16 channel controller. Thanks
  10. I might try this idea this year.....simple and have it hooked up to some flood lights.......the video is at the bottom of the web page, good, simple idea..... http://www.christmasdisplays.net/howtovideos.php
  11. Cracker; Thanks for the help and quick response.....It ended up being very simple.....was set in Legacy.......made the change and all is working.....
  12. Not sure if this will make any sense. I have 1 16 channel lor, and 2 ccr’s, I set the units to 01(lor), 02(ccr) and 03(ccr). I do not use any tracks for my sequence. I made my 16 channels and then added the 2 ccr’s channels. The two ccr’s are made into 4 arches. When I sequence the first set of ccr’s, to say chase red, no problem, they go back and forth in red. When I added the same type of chase to the second ccr, the first ccr’s lights start to act up and the colors are not all the same. This is all new to me, hope this does not sound too crazy...any suggestions?
  13. Well, guess what......THEY ARRIVED, 2 CCR's. Split them into 4 arches......OFF the @%$&!! HOOK, wow,.....If you have not guessed, I am very impressed how they work.....tired to explain it to the wife, but she just shakes her head??? lol. Thanks again for all the help on here, made it pretty easy to set up...
  14. It was what Nick mentioned, I converted the mp3 to a wav file and now i can view the wave form. simple fix, but I was so far away... I ended up using cool edit pro.
  15. Yes, thanks for the help guys....songs are now up and working..... Sure nice to have a form like this to ask these questions, and I have alot of them... Thanks again Wayne
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