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  1. George I think it is amazing how you can capture the mood and feel of the music. It does not matter if it is Rock or Christmas always great work.
  2. Good job, seems like when you are trying to recorded there is always a car or two going.
  3. I myself, and I believe most everybody else has them at the bottom.
  4. Very nice, I take it those are CCR's. I have been thinking about doing something like that only with pixels. Still looks cool. Mel
  5. GREAT SHOW! As always Mike over the top.
  6. Is this what you are wanting if so send me a message. Mel
  7. No matter how long you took I think you have a good knack for using Lightorama. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more in the future . Mel
  8. Thanks for the comments. Were lucky enough not to get much snow {although we have had some} in December. The candy canes I bought at Lowes three years ago and have a metal pointed end. I had to drill a hole near the bottom and pop the end cap off, then pull rope light through it. They came out looking pretty good. Mel
  9. Another great job. George may I ask on those 10 or so trees in the front that you make bounce up and down, is that RGB or regular light string. However you do it, it is a really cool effect. Mel
  10. GREAT JOB George, you always have one of the best. Mel
  11. Here's my 1st Video of the year, I'll try to post afew more.
  12. If you go to opening page of this forum and near the bottom go to 4 of July Shows . The second post is one of mine, at 50 seconds is a good example of one color at 55 seconds two colors.
  13. If you are taking about doing this on a pixel tree in superstar, with 12 pixel strings. I use the Image Action on the tool bar. You can draw in differenrt colors in one scene. Then do two images for same time length, set image set up to, 24, 0 0, 0. second image 0, 0 -24, 0. This makes perfect spin.I will tell you this too many colors spinning at one time and too fast doesn't look very good. Stick to one or two colors and don't spin too fast. I had three or four colors and it look great in superstar but when I set up my pixel tree on the fourth of July and tested it I notice mutil colors where not as neat as they looked in real life. Mel
  14. Brian, I agree with indi's post. I need a little help with the spiral and shockwave tools. I'm pretty good and have figured out the image action. I can tell these are similar. I would like to do some of the effects that were in your video at 50 seconds. I haven't figured it out. I'm sure it is more than 1 or 2 actions. Some type of a demo or tutorial would be very helpful. I know you are very busy this time of year, but any help would be appreciated. Melvin.
  15. Jeff next time you do a show give me a little heads-up and I will try and come by. I did not see your 1st post above until the 3rd and I was committed to staying home. Nice video, good job wish I would have come by. Mel
  16. My second sequence. http://youtu.be/3wdQqwdZJ50
  17. I set up my new pixel tree a few days ago to test it out. Since it was close to the fourth I scrambled to write some sequences. I finished three. This is the first I finally edited. The timing is a little off as I still have not mastered my editing skills. http://youtu.be/j3z2xjovYZg
  18. Brian do you have a timeline on when you will release the shockwave and spiral effects. I would like to use them this year but believe it or not with the number of songs I have I would like to have it soon.
  19. Here is a better link, still cool. http://youtu.be/GnUDSDjg_eA
  20. Great show , I love it. Your video adds a lot, but just your lights are super . The ending is really cool.
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