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  1. Melvin Stoddard

    Pink Floyd time again!

    George I think it is amazing how you can capture the mood and feel of the music. It does not matter if it is Rock or Christmas always great work.
  2. Melvin Stoddard

    Favorite one of the year

    Good job, seems like when you are trying to recorded there is always a car or two going.
  3. Melvin Stoddard

    1st Video of the Year

    This is my first video.
  4. Melvin Stoddard

    Wichita Kansas Halloween Show Now Showing

    And once again I'll be by this weekend.
  5. Melvin Stoddard

    12 CCR tree alignment

    I myself, and I believe most everybody else has them at the bottom.
  6. Melvin Stoddard

    I've got a Buzz (Ramsey FM100B)

    I have a Ramsey's and noticed a slight buzz a year or so ago, I adjusted the choke on plug in a little father away and it fix it. I don't know for sure but that might be your problem Mel
  7. Melvin Stoddard

    Superstar Sequence # 7 for Matrix

    Very nice, I take it those are CCR's. I have been thinking about doing something like that only with pixels. Still looks cool. Mel
  8. Melvin Stoddard

    Lights on Display 2013

    GREAT SHOW! As always Mike over the top.
  9. Melvin Stoddard

    8 CCR Mega Tree Sequences

    Is this what you are wanting if so send me a message. Mel
  10. Melvin Stoddard

    First timer

    No matter how long you took I think you have a good knack for using Lightorama. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more in the future . Mel
  11. Melvin Stoddard

    Second Video This Year

    Thanks for the comments. Were lucky enough not to get much snow {although we have had some} in December. The candy canes I bought at Lowes three years ago and have a metal pointed end. I had to drill a hole near the bottom and pop the end cap off, then pull rope light through it. They came out looking pretty good. Mel
  12. Melvin Stoddard

    Here's a couple more videos

    Another great job. George may I ask on those 10 or so trees in the front that you make bounce up and down, is that RGB or regular light string. However you do it, it is a really cool effect. Mel
  13. Melvin Stoddard

    Second Video This Year

    Another video:
  14. Melvin Stoddard

    Another first video comes trundling in...

    GREAT JOB George, you always have one of the best. Mel
  15. Melvin Stoddard

    1st Video

    Here's my 1st Video of the year, I'll try to post afew more.