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  1. After reading other topics I found out about the enhanced network. Thanks Matt and everyone else
  2. Would love to use this mzimme7911@aol.com Thanks Matt
  3. It looks like the 2 songs do not work when I play it via the computer (SE). Yes to the latest firmware. Not sure about the network being enhanced. I have used the Spectrum Extractor to get a equalizer for the rest of my songs in the show and have had no issues with them. I have the CCR wall on a separate network (AuxA) via the G3 MP3 player. The Prop Definition is set up for Aux A
  4. I have put together a PE effect to two songs of my show for a CCR wall. I have saved the PE file and data intensity. I open the SE file and see the PE info at the end of the last track. When I load it to the memory card for the MP3 player, I do not see any of the show on the CCR wall when the show starts. The rest of the show seems to work fine. I can't figure out what I did wrong.
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