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  1. + 1 on the skeleton . How is it made if you don't mind telling. Very good sequencing on all of the show . It seems that that is the favorite song of all young people this year.
  2. SteveMaris wrote: I beleive dmoore is the owner of holidaycoro.com
  3. http://forums.lightorama.com/forum75/28546.html Look at this post ,Bob, (one of the administrators) posted this.
  4. Joe Rayburn


    I have been researching for information on controlling animatronics. Am I understanding this correctly, that there is software that can sync mouth movements to audio tracks without a lot of sequenceing? If so are you referring to VSA or something else? Thanks for any information anyone is willing to share.
  5. scubado wrote: I am trying to understand this rgb stuff. Will the above referenced lights work hooked directly to an lor dc board without any of the other cheap dmx controllers such as the ones from Holiday Coro or Alli Express? Right now I am interested in the RGB , (whole string rather than each pixel control). Sorry for the interuption of the thread . Would appreciate and help on this. Thanks.
  6. Assuming that all of the following are true, then it should start automatically: (1) You are using version 3.0.0 or above. (2) You are using an Advanced license. (3) The LOR Control Panel is running. (4) You have at least one DMX universe set in the Sequence Editor's Network Preferences screen. (5) You have the DMX listener port set to something other than zero in the Sequence Editor's Network Preferences screen. The fact that you were successfully able to get it to run manually implies that (1) and (2) are true, and you've said that (3) and (4) are true. Was (5) true? I watched Bob's dmx setup video and license level requirment was not metioned but I did find this reply from Bob to another poster so it seems that the advanced license is required . Thanks for the replies.
  7. I read an article about Dmx on another website that said the advanced LOR license was required to output DMX. Is this true? I now have Basic + license. Thanks
  8. First, Thanks for the information. The manual says it can be used to power Vehicle lighting (Bike, Car, Boat, etc.) I assumed that it would work from the vehicle electrial system . I don't know about interference .I also wanted to know what power supply could be used when it was used at home,not on a vehicle. Thanks to all for the information. PS. I usually do a parade or two and thought I could decorate the tow vehicle also.
  9. 1 What power supply are most using for the CMB-16D-QC controller? 2 Can it be operated from a 12 volt automobile battery within the limits of the charging system and battery? Thanks
  10. If anyone is interested I posted a video of the float I used in the Christmas parade using 32 channels of LOr controllers. http://www.vimeo.com/34701467
  11. Thanks Bob ,after some trial and error I got it to work.
  12. I have version 2.9.4 basic+. Is there a way to play a voice introduction at the begining of the show and have it play only once? I have the show to repeat but don't want the introduction to repeat. Thanks!!
  13. That might work for me ,I read an article somewhere where someone had tried that and it seems that one company that makes the UPC I beleive it was APC said that some models they had might work. They apparently have some models that you can change the voltage that it cuts in and out on.One person said that he had tried this and the UPC kept switiching back and forth due to variable voltage from the generator. Thanks for the idea.
  14. Would like to operate lor controllers on a parade float. I already have a generator but it is not an inverter type. I am wondering if there is something that will clean up the power from a non inverter generator that might be cheaper than a honda inverter generator? Thanks for any info.
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