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  1. Thanks Matt! I will see if i can make it work
  2. I have 2 CCRs set up as sideways figure 8's. I tried to add them as wreaths but i can not specify the channels. here is a drawing of how they are setup. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0t7pw1wefn2yt6/2017-11-25 10.14.24.jpg?dl=0
  3. Thank you Matt for looking and trying especially on Thanksgiving. Last night trees 2-5 started working, then a little while later tree 1 kicked in. NOTHING changed between the time i took those screenshots and they did not work, and when the 4 started and when the 5 started. God willing they continue to work.
  4. and 1 more showing the intensity file did come in, and the controllers are correct.
  5. Thank you Matt, i did not see that before, but everything is matching what it said. I've attached a snip of the props and the network config.
  6. Yes, they are enhanced, they are pixie 8 controllers, on a new high speed usb converter just for them. I can control them from sequenced editor if I use sequence editor to sequence them, but no output from the pixel editor or the merged sequence editor.
  7. Hi, using lor 4. I have 5 pixel trees, i can control them from sequenced editor, but when i create a sequence in pixel editor and save the intensity file the trees do not light. I have verified that the controller info is correct in the pixel editor. Also when i check control the lights in pixel editor they do not light either. Any thoughts?
  8. Jim Saul

    new guy

    Welcome to the insanity
  9. Hi TJ, depending on how new you are, you may want to compare the prices to RGB strips, if you are going with LEDS and need to buy lights and controllers, 2 dumb rgb strip will cost you less and give you lots more control.
  10. The wire labels from home depot came off after a year. The first controller I made, i used Duct tape and a sharpie, that is still on there, BUT the silver sharpie is by far the best for durability and visibility. You can buy them in Walmart for i think $3 for the 2 pack.
  11. or How about (2) $1 6' indoor extension cords? the ones with 3 outlets on them, plus one into the other and you will have 5 outlets inside your box, with one wire going out for power, and if / when one of your CCR power supplies goes bad, it is a fast swap.
  12. Hey Matt, the important thing is that you are OK and the fuse did its job. In the process I bet you learned a little more too, that's what counts. Most of us "old timers" learned the same lessons the same way, I don't even want to tell you the things I was sparking and blowing up at your age. Is the controller ok?
  13. Just remember Matt, the fuses are there for YOUR safety. Do not bypass them no matter how tempting, bad things can happen to you and your controller if you do.
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