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    I was challenged by a neighbor to "Up my game" when the Carson Williams Christmas TSO's Wizards in Winter video went viral in 2005. I did some research and in 2006, I too had a similar setup. I've been hooked ever since.
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  1. Thanks for the response! Great info and just what I needed to proceed. So, I went back and looked at the controller board again and I see that it appears to have a common "+" and it regulates the "-" values for each of the colors. This is big news in that it means I don't have to re-solder everything on the LED itself. This, along with them being the type "C" floods that you mentioned, will cut down the time it takes to modify each flood. I will try to use the 18ohm resister on red LEDs and dial down the voltage to 11v and see how that works. Here is a link to the pictures I have taken so far: http://s1057.photobucket.com/user/jjuneman/library/Halloween/RGB%20Floods I should have some of these floods modified and tested by this weekend and will post some more pictures. So far, I have 2 boards and 16 floods to build. Thanks again !
  2. Sorry for the multiple posts... I was also reading that resistors should be used on certain colors to help limit the current so as not to burn out the LED. I tried hooking up the "+" common wire and then tested the individual "-" leads with the negative current and all worked just fine. I used a variable power supply, borrowed from a friend, and tested between 5 & 8 volts. Some colors do burn brighter than others so I guess this is where the resistors come in to play. If I will be using a 12v power supply, what size resistor should I be using on each color? Any help with this is appreciated. Once I complete the first few floods, I will post some more pictures for all to see.
  3. What I found out was that the LED driver inside the back panel had a 110v AC input and the output was +12v common and individual Red, Green & Blue -12v . Since the LOR RGB controller looks like it is set up to control the "+" side by varying the positive voltage, the way these floods are set up will require major soldering to rewire them to a common "-" and individual "+" for each color. Here is how the wires are soldered to the LED inside the lamp:
  4. I was able to get these for $15 a piece, including tax & shipping. Here is what I found inside my RGB floods: Disassembled - All parts included with the flood light:
  5. I just started looking further into LED floods for Halloween 2014 and saw that they were out of stock in the LOR store. So, I bought 2 RGB controllers and decided to hack a few floods myself. here are some pictures of the ones I bought: I'll show pictures of the inside in next post. I wanted to try to fully document this so others can follow along.
  6. Hey, Nice job!. Still working on the finishing touches for mine, sould be done this weekend.
  7. Heres a link to Vimeo. This is just a 1 min teaser of the progress so far. https://vimeo.com/76928884
  8. My kids came up with "What does the fox say?" I guess it's a recent Internet hit. I will work on it and send links to the videos when i am able.
  9. I would definitely like to see it. Jeff@juneman.com Thanks!
  10. What you see in the video is 6 channels for each pumpkin + 5 channels for the spots + 1 CCR. What the video does not show is the yard display with an additional 16 channels. So basically about 45 channels + the CCR. It definitely drew some attention along with the haunted house in the garage and made for another great Halloween night. Finally got my lights from the sale and will try to put some up and shoot another video.
  11. Just got the show running on Sunday night. Below are some links to a couple of quick clips shot from an iPhone. Didn't get my lights from the summer sale in time to incorporate in the show but we went with it anyway. I'll add more videos as I can get to it. Zombie Jamboree: http://vimeo.com/52485179 Gangnam Style: http://vimeo.com/52487014
  12. Such a bummer after all that hard work. I hope that not having the show is the least of your worries. I am too out in California. A few years back we were having great weather but got hit with a power outage at 7pm on Halloween night. It really brought things to a halt quick. I have a generator now, just in case.
  13. Was just wondering about the difference in programming CCR & CCPs. I have 1 CCR to test with and have 5 CCPs on order. If I program my shows and configure and test on CCR will they work the same with the CCPs? What modifications will I have to make if any? Any help is appreciated
  14. That's great! Excellent song choice. I'm going to have to try that one out for next year. Thanks for sharing. Jeff Juneman
  15. That's funny, I used the same handheld Dell Axim as well as my laptop.
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