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  1. I'm a Dropbox convert, previously I used thumb drives, but all the benefits of the cloud have won me over. Having an automated transfer between machines (edit on one box, and it appears on all the others automatically). Having automatic version control so I can back out changes if needed. Plus having a multi million dollar company securing my data, in place of a three dollar plastic thumb drive. Of course sending the data into the cloud does have the risk of being hacked by someone, but then I'm just hoping any hacker would be going for the multi million dollar company's using the cloud, not my layout specific lor sequences. To be honest if someone went to that trouble to get it I'd love to see how theirs turned out come Christmas.
  2. Jerrymac, Cutting was a lot easier than I expected:
  3. Correct 6 ribbons, cut in half to double the lines.
  4. Correct 6 ribbons, cut in half to double the lines.
  5. For cost reasons we decided to do a half-height superstar, I've not seen any other examples of these - are we alone? Here's a poor quality vid of it in operation... .
  6. Very neat job, well done. I'll definately be trying this on my half-height next year.
  7. Here's my cutup sequence... I did make a blunder (short from +ve to data) on one of the ribbons, leading to all lights on after the break. I fixed it by removing a single LED group from the 2nd leg of the cut - with that removed it worked fine again (although a tad short).
  8. I'm using a super cheap tupperware'ish box, sitting on the floor.
  9. Thanks, thats great info, and of course make total sense now. I still think it would be nice to be able to change the track lenght of all tracks at once. But I can't really complain since I've only got a couple of animated tracks. Normally I don't bother with any none audio sequences, as I just put the amplifier on a timer and let the music-sequences play with no sound after 10:30PM. This year I've added a couple more speakers locations (and more amplifiers) so I decided to do an animated track to avoid the timers. Thanks again. Lights going officially live tonight (lots of test runs over the last few days).
  10. I wondered if it was exactly that, however I can't work out how to add the loop to different tracks, since the loop 'row' only appears on the first track.
  11. In LOR3 When you reduce the total time (edit/change total time) for a sequence, I note that only the time for the current track is reduced - all other tracks remain at the old length. For me with 10+ tracks this is a pain - I have to click on each one and change it. Is there some use for having one track a different length than all the others?. I thought (but may be wrong) in LOR2 change-total-time changed the time for everything in the sequence. Thanks
  12. I'd suggest the problem must be to do with having each on seperate networks. I assume you've got all the networks running at the same speed? - if not then that could account for the problem. Possibly the PC USB for AuxC/D is working differently than the USB for AuxA/B (different card/driver or something) - leading to the delay. I'd suggest putting them all on the same network, the documention implies one network should handle 6 ccrs.
  13. I did it with lots of tiny white morphs, one for each snow flake. Once you've done 40 or so you can start copy / pasting to continue the fall. If you look at this sequence 'shopping around' (a work in progress) found here: http://robandwend.com/superstar/ I've got some snow at around 1 minute in. Here's how it looks
  14. Agreed - very nice job, I may have to incorporate some of those falling tree ornaments.
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