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  1. dvc92

    Saving money

    I wrote a Visual Basic program that can do basic color changing with the Phillips Hue lights that I have on the outside of my house. I then have the Light O Rama sequencer call it from a windows command prompt to control those lights.
  2. Can I please get a copy of this. dc929@hotmail.com Thank You in advance
  3. Does any one have a sequence for Too much time on my hands by Styx for the singing trees from Holiday Coro
  4. Here is a link to one of the songs in my show that uses the Demented Elf
  5. The announcements are from thedementedelf.com. I have using him for several years.
  6. Here is a video of the last song each night https://vimeo.com/113360891
  7. I run my light show from the Friday after Thanksgiving until Dec 31st
  8. I want to add a MERRY CHRISTMAS sign to my display next year.
  9. I am willing to share, Where should I send it?
  10. That why I filmed it with my Nikon d7000 and not my video camera
  11. I connected a radio to the microphone input on the camera
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