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  1. Hi Alan.. Thank you very much for your help and valuable tips.. The problem I have and yet to figure out. My entire display will not fit in the current preview size, yes I do know that it can be made bigger, and can be viewed as a separate window. If I did manage to put "everything" in the "Mater preview" it would be so small that I would not be able to see what's happening, hence the reason I created separate S4 visualizer files for each section. But thinking outside the box, the master preview could be used for just a holding area for everything, a place where S5 has all the link data and network connections for the many different controllers and their channel.. Hmm, as the light goes on... I like the idea of "views" and will indeed investigate this. In the past I would create small S4 visualizer files for each section, then sequence just that section, when done, save that sequence, move on to another section with a different visualizer file and sequence file. when I have completed that song with all the sections, I take each sequence file for that song and copy / past into a master sequence file and that master is used on my separate player PC. With this master loaded on my editing PC, I can bring up each visualizer file and see just that section, or I could wait for darkness and run out side and watch the actual show, this is way more satisfying anyway.. Wish their were more / better tutorials on S5, but half the fun of this hobby is play and discover.. Thank Alan.. Have a super great day.. Mikey..
  2. Ok here is an update.. Good news.. Finally got a working S5. Not sure if I like the new Layout, but at least I can see something and start learning this new system.. How did I fix my problem you ask?? I have been using LOR since 2008, not sure what version I started out with. Every update or new Version always gets dumped / installed in the same directory, up until a few days ago I have never actually done a "clean" install, nor have I done a "complete" registry clean out of any LOR software. This Morning I backed up only my stuff that I created. Uninstalled S5 and deleted any and all directories linked to LOR. then used the Light-O-Rama Registry Wiper tool, ( Thanks Alan for pointing me to this) Shut down the desktop, unplug the power for long time ( something I don't normally do) re-started the desktop and proceeded to do a fresh clean install of S5 to a new directory. Before I did anything else, opened up S5 Sequence editor and re-entered my registration number. Then proceeded to create a dummy preview and a dummy animation sequence. all appears to work. closed all files and imported my S4 visualizer file, then opened up an old S4 music sequence, software complained about items in the sequence that were not in the preview ( in the past I had different visualizers files for different section of my display, inside the house, right side of the yard outside, front of house outside, etc. etc.. ) started the play sequence all looks normal.. Many Thanks to Alan for his help.. I will close the helpdesk ticket..
  3. Hi Alan.. Thanks for your reply.. to answer your questions.. I have created two more screen captures. The first is a new S5 animation sequence with my imported S4 Visualizer file. The second is a new S5 animation sequence with a new S5 preview file that has a few test props. Please let me know if you need any more info.. Thanks Mike.
  4. Thank you for your reply.. Mirage driver is used for remote connection / control of computer from internet. Never had an issues with it before, but just to be sure I removed it from the system and tried S5 again.. as I suspected no change. I did update the info from the help about to reflect this .. Might need to wait for a response from the helpdesk unless someone can clue me in on what I can try next.. Mike..
  5. I do have an open helpdesk ticket on this but thought I would throw it in here and see what comes back.. I have upgraded my S4 installation to the S5 suit and when I open the sequence editor, import an S4 visualizer file, then open an S4 sequence, all I get is a blank white preview and a blank white grid/timing marks area. I can play the sequence but unable to see the grid, the grid will move along with the timing marks as the song plays. Preview area remains blank. it looks like the screen is not refreshing as I sometimes get double images. Every thing was working great with the S4 suit. I was reading here that I needed to do clean install of S5, so uninstalled S4 completely, did a regedit cleanup of all Light-o-rama entries. rebooted , did a clean fresh install of S5, rebooted and same situation. Very sure I have a graphics problem, but where to start. I found somewhere that mentions Advanced OpenGL settings for S4, is there something like that in S5?? From the Help about in S5: Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer (32-bit), Version 5.2.4 Pro Edition Copyright 2016-2018 Light-O-Rama, Inc. Registered to: Mike Carlson Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel® Core™ i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz Mirage Driver OpenGL version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 391.35 Not sure how to proceed, other than blow out S5 and go back to S4??? Thanks Mike.
  6. Hey Guys... one of my CCB controllers blew up sometime over the summer, I currently have a help desk in to get it serviced. I was just thinking I should have another one to use while the broken one is away being repaired. Can I just buy the CCB controller by itself with out the bulbs, it not listed on the web store?? Thanks Mike
  7. Hey Thank-you very much Brian... This work great ... I am now able to use the instant sequencer for my one long CCB string ..... Yippeeeeeeee !!!! Now to get back to work... Mike..
  8. Hey Guys.. Here is my situation.. I have two CCB controllers with two strings for each of them, all of the strings are hung as one long continuous string. The first pixel of the first string on the first controller is on the far left, the last pixel on the second string for the second controller is on the far right. In the sequence editor I am able to create a complete chase with all 200 pixels starting at far left to far right.. Now in the superstar software how would I create the simulation of one long CCR/CCB with 200 pixel and use the instant Sequence. It seems the superstar software will not recognize the second string of each controller, so when I go to export from superstar and import to Sequence editor, I only get data for the first string on each controller, no data for the second string on each controller. Any Idea??? Thanks Mike..
  9. Not many Canadians here, somehow I feel a little out numbered, but I will throw my hat in the ring too, one can always use more lights and the price is right.. This is my official “Reply” ….. Pick Me … Pick Me….. It’s just fantastic that you are doing this, being only my second year with LOR products and really the first to put any kind of display together I need all the help I can get, but not expecting any pity :) Thanks.. Cold Canadian Mike..
  10. Check out this thread here.. http://forums.lightorama.com/forum97/26528.html I have one of these units running on my LOR network with no problems, turns a daisy chain network into a star run network.. I did however connect the ground wire as mentioned.. I have two network runs outside and two network runs inside. here is the link to the actual device.. http://oldsite.rcstechnology.com/products/accessories/rs-485_hub.htm Hope this helps.. Mike..
  11. Have you thought of using standard RS485 wireless extenders/repeaters? There are tons of them out there. Here is a link to one that may work with a 3 mile range. I personally have not used these myself but might consider buying a couple to play with.. http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/technologies/semiconductors/wireless-rf/rf-modules-solutions/802154-zigbee/Pages/5799077-SL485K-001.aspx Have a good one.. Mike..
  12. Hi Steven.. No I did not connect the ground wire, since I was not using the power connections I didn’t think I needed the ground. Maybe the ground will reduce line noise, but I believe RS485 is a balance line and grounding is not required???
  13. Hi Guys.. Just to let you all know.. I have tested this RS485 8 port hub on the LOR network, put a CCR on one port, and a CTB16KD on two of the other ports.. all Unit ID found.. I did not connect the power lines as they were not needed.. Everything A ok !! Thanks for all your replies and help.. Have a good one.. Mike..
  14. Hey Guys.. Thanks for the response, sorry about the wrong link, too fast on the cut and past. I kinda thought the LOR network was half-duplex but was not sure. How do you get 4 ends from that LOR repeater, I see one in and only two out?? with the LOR repeater @ $90.00, and only two runs, for aprox $180 I can get 8 separate 4000’ runs, WOW!! I think maybe I will try and take down one of my home automation networks and try this unit on a LOR controller, as for power , this hub has it’s own 12 Volt power supply and will supply power to the device if hooked up.. Thanks.. Mike
  15. Hey All.. Dose anyone know if this will work ?? ( RS-485 8-port expansion hub from RCS ) http://www.resconsys.com/index.htm In my situation I would like to have both indoor and outdoor LOR networks, running two cables ( in and out ) to daisy chain would be impractical, I would like to run a star wired configuration for indoors, one wire to each controller from a central location .. I have used these RS-485 hubs in my Home Automation network with great success. Any thoughts on this??? Thanks.. Mike..
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