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  1. Sqrt(28.27^2+2^2)=28.34 per turn.
  2. A rectifier on an AC power supply will provide pulsed power which is less than ideal for the controller or loads not designed for it. You can add a filter cap, but your 12V supply after rectifier and filter cap will be closer to 20 volts, maybe even 23V if yours is putting out more like 14VAC
  3. You are saying it works in the show for a while, then quits? This could be a bad com chip in this controller. Or it's power supply over heating and shutting down.
  4. LOR has even talked about a E1.31 to LOR network bridge. Probably a bit of a stretch to the standard, but could offload some of the USB adapters, and shorten some of the runs.
  5. I can't remember where the license levels cut off, and I can't find it on the mobile version of the site. What license level are you using?
  6. 2006, there was no PC controller, only the 1602, which is always in a metal enclosure. 2007 was the first year the PC series existed. 2008 was the first (and I believe only) revision to the PC series case.
  7. We are not really in a good place audio license wise to be posting video. But if you search YT for "The Colony Christmas Spectacular" you should find viewer posted video. Your issues sound more like a bad cable or jack to me, or maybe cables too close to power cables. The memory leak would work normally right after a reboot, and then have issues, (possibly not long enough to notice) then crash or lock up.
  8. Advanced has no artificial limits. Just what your computer can handle. Over 60 controllers here. There are threads with the change log for each version that you can evaluate if they are relevant to you. I think 3.8.0 has a memory leak issue, but I think 3.8.2 has it fixed, and is available to anyone licensed to 3.8.0, without any additional license upgrade. We had 60+ controllers well before 3.8.
  9. Launch sequence editor, and look at the window title. It should say the license level.
  10. The LEDs are shorting? They are taking their fuses, or the controller fuses out at the same time? They read zero ohms past the fuse holder when testing after the fact? I do tend to lean towards it being something coincidental outside the controller by the way. I'm guessing these strands are also in close physical proximity, which may be related to the cause.
  11. The strobes have capacitors in their power supplies, and draw their power out of phase with voltage. This may mess up controllers on the same circuit as the strobes, as the controllers may get confused about where zero crossing really is.
  12. Sounds like hot and neutral to your controller is swapped. The controller only switches the hot side, which should be the narrow blade of your outlets/plugs. If they are swapped somewhere, power will always be present on the wide blade, and any leakage to ground will light up the LEDs. You can test with a multi meter, or there are fairly cheap ($10?) outlet testers that usually also have a GFCI test button. These usually identify swapped hot and neutral, as long as ground is not also messed up.
  13. Sometimes it is a symptom of the hot and neutral supply to the controller being swapped.
  14. Several links exist. Before Gen3, all used 16A parts. Now all use 24A parts, and these can be installed on the prior boards as well.
  15. Um, no. Unless you specifically have shielded cable, cat 5, 5e, and 6 do not contain any shielding. The difference is the twist rates, required differences on twist rates between pairs, precision of twist rates, and allowable untwisting at terminations.
  16. Show works fine here in dallas icemageddon. Ran fine Saturday with a couple inches of sleet accumulation, and 1/4 inch of freezing rain on most everything. But we shut down tonight because more people were out driving, and the parking lot was really bad. As above, check your status lights.
  17. I do own three FM30b transmitters. My next one will definitely be an EDM.
  18. There was intent to develop dimming curves for older hardware, but the last update I saw indicated that there was not enough resources in the older versions to pull it off. I keep hoping they find a more efficient way to code it, or offer a plugin module to replace the existing micro controller. But I have not seen anything indicating that they are working on either one.
  19. Will note that in all (roughly 4 or 5) failed triacs I have, not one has visibly damaged its case, let alone left a carbon trail.
  20. The network assigned to each channel? Or the network configuration of which com port? The first one works fine, and I use it all the time. The second one is not part of the export/import configuration process.
  21. One key question, are there any lights getting brighter at the same time? If so, it would point to a poor neutral bond between the service and the panel, which is a bad situation.
  22. Actually, tie them all together, and anchor them, so that they can't come into contact with any of the other wiring.
  23. For control lights not staying on, having any USB adapter com ports defined in network preferences, which are not actually available causes control lights to get unchecked.
  24. First, there really is no need to have the controllers powered through timers, other than as a way to get a mini director to only be powered up from the controllers by a schedule. But there is a jumper inside the mini director that can be pulled to prevent the mini director from being powered by the network. Instead, use an external power supply with just that supply plugged into a timer. Second, open a ticket, or call LOR about the unit loosing its ID. I don't think I have ever seen a solution or even a suggestion on the forum. It sounds like a hardware issue to me.
  25. If your cables really are all good, a bad RJ45 jack, or a bad com chip are the next two culprits I have experienced. But a reset never hurts to try.
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