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  1. Not sure that it ever was posted in here, but my understanding is that these are designed to be water resistant when mounted as a pass through in a case. The pigtail is not waterproof to the body. The heat shrink happily allows moisture between the cat5 and itself, allowing the body to fill. But if that heat shrink is inside the case that the body of the unit is passing through, all is well.
  2. -klb-

    E682 Won't Connect to Gigabit Ethernet

    If you are plugging directly together, even though more and more hardware is auto crossover capable, you may need to be sure you are using a crossover cable.
  3. -klb-

    Electrical Issue/Question

    If it was left and right, how would a double pole breaker supply 220v line to line instead of 0 volts?
  4. -klb-

    Electrical Issue/Question

    Open neutral to the panel may hide behind nearly balanced loads on the two legs. Out of typical loads may push the floating neutral further away from ground and make it more visible. If it isn't an open/loose neutral, or UPS battery, the other option is that you may have more of your controllers on the same leg as the UPS this year than last.
  5. -klb-

    More true words were never spoken.....

    The first modem I used didn't even support Hayes commands. It was a 300bps acoustic coupler. Of course I skipped the 56K modem generation. I think my last modem was 28.8, and my next set up was a 128kps dial on demand ISDN. I think I still have the Cisco router from it around here somewhere.
  6. -klb-

    More true words were never spoken.....

    I used to manage a web server where we allowed a volunteer to host selected archives of a usenet group. I had someone reach out to me demanding that we remove something he posted to usenet from the archive, and threatening action if we didn't remove his post. Never mind that they were his own words he origionally posted to the internet. I told him that while I could remove the copy local to the server, he needed to contact the archive maintainer, because he did not edit the file locally, but simply uploaded a copy of the complete archive periodically, and if he did not reach out and get the archive owner to remove it, it would come back. Sure enough, a few months later, I get the same call threatening legal action. I reminded him that we don't own the content in question, and that I told him to contact the owner for a permanent fix. I also told him I would edit the local copy this one more time only. And that if he did not work it out with the content owner, next time we would be billing him for all our time wasted editing content on our servers to remove this one copy of his own words he posted to usenet himself. Shockingly, I never heard from him again.
  7. -klb-

    Oww... what earphones do y'all use?

    I have a set of Sony studio monitor headphones. Not sure what I will do when they wear out. They have been discontinued for a while now.
  8. It would seem to me that from a 3 phase perspective, your legs are A-B, B-C and C-A. It is somewhat arbitrary which one of these has the center tap and tie to neutral/ground, though there probably is a standard convention from a labeling perspective. But if A-B is the one center tapped, you are using A-n-B for your lighting. You are not using B-C or C-A. You are basically using just a single 240v split phase which is basically residential power. Your pannel has the ability to wire single phase 240 loads on those two legs, but it generally is only used for 3 phase loads. B-C can correctly power 240v loads, as can C-A, but C-n is not really a valid combination to draw power on.
  9. Delta is not that common in new construction. But note that you are only using 1 leg of the delta. And your two inlets are going to be 0 or 180 degrees as long as you are using the same leg that your ground bonded center tap is in.
  10. Exact same cable, used/works for two totally different purposes.
  11. Unless it changed with gen 3 hardware, only the DIO32 product supports multiple zero crossing detection. Both the 1602 and PC controllers presume both inputs (when configured) are in phase, or 180 out. As long as both inlets are on the same leg of a 3 phase service, they work fine. If one inlet is plus 120 degrees, or minus 120 degrees, channels 1-8 will have major dimming curve issues.
  12. Not so much about the input pup as it is about the software. I believe I am using my show interrupting triggers in jukebox mode. When the triggered sequence is done, the show goes forward with the next sequence in the show.
  13. -klb-

    Running 1 DMX device from LOR? NEWB HELP NEEDED.

    None of the methods will impact any of your existing channels or sequences. You could run the LOR controllers in DMX mode, and only need an adapter cable for pinout from your second controller to your fogger. But this has the most impact to your channel configuration. Adding a second USB485, or dedicated dongle like a entec pro is lower risk, as there are zero changes to your existing sequence/config you just add the USB universe on the com port it comes up as, and set up your new channel ad a dmx device on the new universe.
  14. -klb-

    InputPup Controlling DMX Devices

    The input pup on a LOR network, with a PC can trigger any PC based show, which includes DMX ability on other networks.
  15. Pretty much any momentary switch. Normally open is the default it is configured for.