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  1. *SOLVED* - Plug ethernet directly from PC to CCR with issue and they updated fine.
  2. I have 8 CCRs on 1.17 and 4 on 1.07. The 4 older ones will not work on a 500k network so I was trying to upgrade the firmware. Those 4 went fine but two of the 1.17s failed in updating to 1.19. The error is "Invalid Datablock Poll Response". I have not rebooted them yet. Any suggestions?
  3. Ha Probably got them from you. I need to look.
  4. So I have all my CCRs incorporated into my sequences (LMS files). I purchased some Pixel Trees and was able to take the original SUP files for the CCRs and convert to Pixel trees and insert back into my sequences. However I cant find all my original SUP files. Can i take the code from Sequencer and somehow get it back into Superstar to do the conversion???
  5. How do you add a pixel tree to an existing sequence in S5?
  6. So I have my existing songs that I have converted to S5. I also purchased some 16x25 Tree sequences. With S5 being SO different from S4 I am kind of lost with adding this tree to my current sequence. I downloaded and saved the 16x25 Preview but cant seem to figure out how to add it to my existing sequence. I can open the new tree sequence in S5 and see the 8 'CCR' channels and all the data. A quick and dirty solution would be nice. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  7. i have a backup that runs weekly and that file wont open either. I dont believe the file is corrupt. I think something is stuck in LoR. Reboot didnt fix.
  8. I think I have to do that for sure. So this wasn't an upgrade. I took a song from last year and upgraded it to get the correct channels/props in there and then created a new sequence for a different song. So from Manage props, if i selected all it would crash. However selecting a few would work. Did this for a bit until I selected about ten and it crashed again. Now the song wont even open. I get "An item with the same key has already been added" error.
  9. So my entire sequence is archived. 160 channels and 12 CCRs. The inability to play visualizer led me down this path but I feel I have other larger issues with a whole sequence stuck in archive mode. I am not really sure how to fix this.
  10. Does someone have the original grinch sequence to share. Just purchased the CCR version but want something for my house as well. edtrac@aol.com
  11. Ahh I had forgotten the wireless units arent set to auto and they have speed settings as well. Have everything set to 115.4k now and am about to try the sequence that didnt work before.
  12. Hi, I have a few CCR sequences that overload the network so wanted to increase my speed from 57.6 to either 500k or 115.4k. I purchased the high speed usb485 converter and got it hooked up with power coming from the old non-high speed devices I had. I realized all my wireless stuff maxes out at 115.4k so it seems thats the highest I should be able to make this thing run. My computer COM ports are set to 9600 and everything works fine at 57.6k. When I change to 115.4 or 500k nothing seems to work. Is there a trick here?
  13. Jumping on here too. Was looking for a vendor that sells individual candy canes to make this. 2-4' range. Thanks
  14. Hi, I am looking to build one of those 16 candy cane pinwheel devices. They look really neat from the few videos I have seen. Only issue I am having is sourcing the actual candy canes. Most sets come with 4-6 connected canes. I suppose I could cut them and switch out the bulbs for higher voltages but I would prefer just to buy 16 individual ones. Does anyone have a link to a site that sells them like this?
  15. Same issue here. Upgraded and now one new song and one untouched song from last year spit this error a lot. Tonight the whole sequence ran through once. Second time through the 2nd song gave "error starting sequence invalidplaystate..." third time through 2nd song gave "error with sequence invalidplaystate...." while the 4th song gave "error starting sequence invalidplaystate..." 4th time both songs give "error with sequence invalidplaystate...." and this is occuring each time through now
  16. Found an issue where if my sequence is longer than the length of the audio file I can induce a program crash. My visible screen shows 8 seconds. My sequence is 143 seconds. The song is 133 seconds. If i enable play range visible screen and move the sequence past the point of where any audio exists and hit play, the editor becomes unusable. It still allows a save but it is certainly not happy. Obviously operator error, but just wanted to post this in case it can be handled differently code-wise. 3.11.2 but also occurs on latest upgrade I have found out.
  17. I used the simple xlights snowfall algo that has 5 pixels per flake i believe. Looks ok. But if you want to share I would certainly throw it up on my house and see how it looks. I have all my other 128 channels on a low dim with the snowflakes on the CCR tree while a version of Silent Night plays. Are you looking for a scene or morph based solution or maybe an image based solution? I use an image based solution that I really like (actually looks like snow flakes) instead of dots flying around .. Best solution ?? No .. werks fer me solution ?? yepp.. Bob
  18. Finally got this all to mesh together. Haven't tested on a real system yet, but I was able to import my blank 12CCR config from LOR into Xlights, add the nutcracker snowfall effect, export back out to LOR and get it to show up on the Visualizer. Pretty neat. I am probably doing something wrong but I had to copy the cells from the xlights-->lor conversion into my original 12CCR file to get anything to work. The converted file had no channel/ccr data. I reimported the working file back into xlights and exported again but same results.
  19. Has anyone completed a snowfall effect for a 12CCR tree setup and is willing to share? Started working on it today and its pretty straightforward using morphs but just wanted to check here first.
  20. Very nice. Was looking for this but for the boston pops version of the song.
  21. It is standard. It makes sense if it considers CCR's controllers. Thanks.
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