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  1. Same power supply for both sides. If a wire fell off wouldn't also cause channel 13-15 to go out also?
  2. Testing singing pumpkin for this year and I lost channel 16 thru 24. Reset controller no change. Both fuses good. Any ideas?
  3. Earlier this year you were telling people that this could not be done.
  4. KStatefan


    Seems pretty simple
  5. Why will that not work? I have four LOR controllers running off two Pi with a test sequence now. Is this going to give me troubles when I put a full show on it?
  6. The quad core Pi 2 Model B is already out. This chart compares 4 of the models it does not include the pi zero. The only thing you have to purchase is the pi, power supply and micro Sd card. If you want a case I like the Tontec or the Flirk case there are tons of different cases out there. The pies i have in an enclosure I do not have a case.
  7. That makes no sense. I would suggest the OP go by what the manual says.
  8. If you didn't know why would you post that it was not regulated?
  9. Test on the bench 12.08 volts power 5.05 volts out on the 5volt aux power pin More from the manual. Using the Auxiliary Power Connector, J17: J17 is a multi-purpose connector. Typically it is not needed, but it can be used for 2 optional features. If you choose to power the E682 from its own power supply, rather than from the pixel power source, you would connect that power supply to J17. +V to the top pin, and GROUND to the 2nd pin from the top. This power supply should provide from 7-24 volts DC, and be rated at a minimum of 500ma. This supply should be externally current-limited or fused at no more than 2 amps. If the E682 is powered in this manner, Power Select Jumpers must be installed between pins 1 and 2, and 4 and 5. The second use of J17 is to supply a +5VDC output. This would typically be used to power a small Ethernet switch located near the E682. Having a small Ethernet switch near the controller can simplify the network wiring since, when using multiple controllers, it eliminates the need to run an Ethernet cable from every controller back to a remote switch. The ability to power the Ethernet switch from the E682 simplifies wiring, since it eliminates the need for a separate switch power transformer, and the 120VAC wiring to it. You must of course choose an Ethernet switch that runs off of +5VDC, at a maximum of 1 amp. The +5V power output is the 3rd terminal from the top of J17, and ground is the bottom terminal. See the screened legend on the board. Note that J17 can be used for both functions simultaneously, but in that case be sure to use an external power supply rated at a minimum of 1.5 amps since it will be powering both the E682 and the connected Ethernet switch.
  10. I use this switch. I remove it from the plastic case and just mount it to the backing plate in my enclosure. Until you are over 60,000 channels a gigibit switch would not be needed.
  11. • Dedicated +5VDC power output connector to power a small ethernet switch; simplifies network cabling by allowing network cables to be "daisy-chained" from one controller to the next You need a switch
  12. Completed my mock setup in the basement. Everything is working except I had to set up the routing tables in my home computer instead of the router so the home computer is the only device I can use to see the SanDevice controllers.
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