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  1. This turned out to be slightly harder than it should have. Whoever at LoR set the controller for the lights it was supposed to be integrated with not only did not get that right, but they left a jumper on JP5 which told the controller to ignore any new settings sent by the hardware utility. Once I found that and removed it your suggestions worked great. Oh, the second Pixie2/CCR combo I ordered during the Summer Sale worked perfectly out of the box. Now the problem is another Pixie2 that I ordered with (4) 50 pixel strings of square pixels. I got the Unit ID and the number of pixels per p
  2. Thanks for the rapid and helpful responses. Seems like this would have come up before, but I did not see it addressed in the last couple years of posts. I do now see the paragraph on color order in the manual, but it is interesting that the couple page instruction sheet on connecting the pixels to the controller did not mention the need to set color order. Live and learn.
  3. I bought pixels and controllers several months ago and just got around to testing them as I start to build new stuff for this year’s show. This will be the first year running pixels in the show, though I played around with them a bit last season. When I run the hardware utility on my new Pixie 2 controllers with 2 CCRII ribbons (purchased as a set), the colors are not right - I tell it to do red and the lights go blue or I ask for blue and I get green. To do some troubleshooting I got out a string of bullets pixels and connected them to one of the controller plugs and they behave as expe
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